A life generated in technocolor – a poem

Posted: December 6, 2021 in beat generation, poems, POETRY
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The doors closed, sealing us into the darkness. The movie wasn’t suppose to start for another twenty minutes, but there we sat, looking into the blackness, mankind settling into the lack of light, a severity of madness gripping our minds since birth.

The movie began, single point of life, the beginning of the end, a trial by a solemn title, thrown up onto a busted screen. Was this the way our innocence would end, not by our own actions, but our own inactions?

Mad men began to preach; bring out your idle hands, dare not be tempted by Demon delights, the fallen life, incoherent words devilishy thrown into a mix of lies, single polarity, that innocence lost, the door wide open to that temptation.

To those still not lost, speak not, of those idle hands, grab up the spade, and till the fertile soil, be that man to stand proudly, without sin, at those Heaven Gates, upon your timely departure from those mortal bounds.


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