Long day comin’
A long life indeed,
Into the brutal winds,
We see ourselves,
To hear that moaning of the wind,
Blowing through the trees,
The dying inside,
Weeping alone,
Into the sky,
That misery,
In aliments of man,

December 12th, 1983, Mary was dying, cancer.

Doctors only gave her weeks.

Her family, some she hadn’t seen in years, gathered about, tears, were they real?

Probably not.

She passed away in January.

It was a Tuesday, early morning haze, sun barely rising through it all, distant mountains showing their way through that haze, capped in icy crystal snow.

I was dying too, slowly, not as fast, from that day I was born, we all were, some just wouldn’t realize it till it was too late.

Life goes on,
Like a river flowing,
Life goes on,
Like that blue sky rolling,
Life goes on,
Summer breezes,
Through that winter,
Calling me home,
Through those pines,
Up into herald mountains,
To that place I remember,
Like the river that flows below
Those blue skies that roll.

Summer breezes,
Rolling freely like a stone,
Rolling down that mountain,
I am going home.

Long day,
No one comes any more,
See you when the May is done,
And the light is dimming bright,
Sell me oh Lord,
To that ground,
For deep sleep,
Do not weep,
Do not care,
I am no longer here,
But free,
Live like the river flows,
To the sea,
Be free,

When I die,
Do not gather at my feet,
Do not weep,
Do not cry,
Do not lie,
On how I was,
But where I am,
A spirit,
On the wind,
Free, free…



WordPress suggested today some “topics” I could write about in my blog.

Most the time, I use this blog to showcase my poetry or my stories about space wars or my true to life (if I made it up) stories about my love life.

But today, not wanting to break the WordPress’ feelings, I will write about philosophy and its meaning as seen through the eyes of a broken and worn out fellow — aka — me!

Are you settled nicely into your nice comfy chair?


Ben Folds Five describes it as:

Won’t you look up at the skyline
At the mortar, block, and glass
And check out the reflections in my eyes
See they always used to be there
Even when this all was grass
And I sang and danced about a high-rise
And you were laughing at my helmet hat
Laughing at my torch

Which, if you break it down, makes absolutely no sense at all in the reference of this blog but adds to the word count which means absolutely nothing, so I intentionally or unintentionally digress into anarchy.


The Internet could be seen as anarchy or a spoiled 23 year old child trapped in 50 year old body.

Or not.

Nobody is really sure and try to discover themselves in a bottle of Jack Daniels, then, only finding ruin like in the town of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Many a person has asked this question, tried to seek it out only to find pain and distrust and hoobled back home to drink more Jack Daniels.

Love bites.

Love hurts.

Love is a second hand emotion.


(I have no clue!)


Nobody really knows but they do know they want it, they desire it, and sometimes, they get it without even knowing it as in “My boss really gave it to me in the butt today!”

Yes, masturbating to the weather channel is a form of sex and yes, you will go to Hell for it because you made Jesus cry.

So there you go, philosophy in a nutshell, a blog, if you will. I hope you enjoyed and if you didn’t, remember, your mom might kinda sorta like you, but love?


Do you want to run away,
Hide your face inside your pain,
Wear your mask to hide your pain?

Dry your eyes,
Lie in bed,
See tomorrow through glasses of shade,
Hazy eyes, see broken dreams,
Expand into the mind,
To find the world,
Deeply scarred from razor blades.

When you close your eyes,
Do you see the rainbow through the haze?
Do you hear the reason for the life of an angel high above?

Do you see forever?
Hear the angels calling you?
Do you feel immortal in the rain?

Long day dying,
Among the stars floating high above,
In rage inside,
To hear the call from all around,
No one comes around anymore,
To see you,
When the May has come and gone,
To fly away,
To the sun,
And the light is dimming away,
Don’t give me the time,
Live like the river flows,
Down to the shore,
Live like the river lows,
To the morgue…

Standing above a lifetime,
Of lies,
Of diseased minds,
Settled into a muck of misery,
Standing kindly,
Reaching out for a life line,
Failing at this thing called life,
Into the night,
Up above,
Up there,
High into these wonderful moments,
Captured briefly into senile states,
A kiss,
A lie,
Final goodbye,
For that beauty,
To see in God’s eyes,
A flaming arrow,
Into the burning sun,
Through that sky of blue,
To fall gracefully,
To that ground,
Buried into flesh of life,
To kill,
To die,
To live,
To lie,
In time,
It shall be alright,
To be fine,
To survive,
Ah, Melody,
Dear sweet Melody,
How have thy changed thy mind?
Good bye…

She dances on the midnight beaches,
She sits upon the sands of time,
Her arms outstretched,
Enshrined in midnight velvet,
To entrap that unlucky soul,
Within her grasp.

Wandering through the madness
That emanates from her eyes,
She stands on the beach,
Singing into the rainbow flow,
Herald the changing of the times,
The end of the end,
That ultimate time,
We, as mortal beings, must face.

She dances, there, upon the beach,
Her arms reaching towards the heaven’s gaze,
Pulling in the stars, the moon, the sky above,
Enveloping her.

The light dies, that time,
To sleep,
To dream,
To awake,
Still alive,
This time…

Earlier today, I sat and watched the news, there was a story about how the current US government shutdown is affecting those in the United States Coast Guard and their families.

Apparently the Coast Guard, unlike other branches of the military services, are part of the folks not receiving paychecks during this situation.

This got me thinking and I posted the below on my Facebook and decided to post it here.

If we are so worried about border protection, terrorism, all those buzzwords that get thrown around, why aren’t the folks in the Coast Guard or the TSA not considered critical workers and getting paid right now?

Also to those people who say this is like a vacation for these government workers and they’ll be paid at sometime, try this — go to work but don’t receive pay, do this for awhile, fun huh? Try to explain to like your bank, land lord, grocery store, etc. that you’ll give them money when you will finally get paid down the road months from now.

Fun right?

Yeah, now isn’t that a fun vacation?

A good percentage of people in this country live pay check to pay check, one step from being homeless.

Stop playing this game, we need reform in a lot of areas in this country, too bad we can’t throw the effort that has been thrown nto building a wall into building a better United States; better infrastructures, try to help the homeless, the hungry, wouldn’t that be nice?

Instead we do what good for parties.

Sad really.

Good night and have a better tomorrow.

Wandering through the night time misery,
Mind not allowing me to sleep,
Those thoughts of past moments,
Evil lies, showing inside my brain,
To keep the sweet embrace,
Of sleep,

That madness,
Tears in the rain,
Washed away,
Hopefully not to return,
Pray to Heaven,
For that sweet relief,
But alas, the thoughts keep rolling,
100 miles an hour,
Straight into a wall,

I was high,
Feel that wind,
Beneath my wings,
Trying to be high,
But crashing into dark hell,
Dire fire, burning hot, consuming me.

And still,
No relief,
No sleep,
Into the deep.