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Dearest readers,

It is another night and another piece I have written, which you can find the link to below!

FOR MOTHER LAND: “We deeply regret to inform you…” – A POEM

A lot of my poetry, works of fiction, mostly just arise from me, wanting to be shared, from someplace, and if I feel like it (truthfully, sometimes I just want to hide under my covers and not lift them up till forever, which, sadly, has been happening a lot lately!!) I sit down and begin writing them down either on the old trusty laptop or a note pad.

Most times, when I write these pieces, I’m feeling pretty bright and cheerful but the words are far from that point of view; the words can be dark, almost too dark, but they need to be sent out into the world.

I try to share; sometimes I think there is another world, somewhere, trying to speak and my mind is the only one listening.

If that’s the case, this piece is from some young lad, barely in his twenties, which war, I have no clue, any war will do.

Into madness,
We saw ourselves go,
Propelled there by our might,
Our own will,
Our eyes held closed,
Against the blinding of the light,
Bombs bursting in air,

One of the lines from the poem, it just popped into my mind as I sat at the kitchen table and opened my notebook, the same notebook holding my “Homeless diary” as well, I’ve kept it as a notebook for my life, jotting things down as they come to me.

Someday I hope to get it published.

Someday again, another of those things that very rarely ever comes, like tomorrow, it never comes.

We stand there and wait, someday, tomorrow, echoes from our past, our father’s words,
our mother’s, children, does not matter, tomorrow, that mythical beast, we are forever in pursuit of it, to the grave.

So we should, it is written, live for today, keep the memories alive, but only peek at them sparingly, to live in the here and now, something I need to learn to do myself.

Good night my dear friends, until I speak with you again….


Into the silence of the night,  we went quietly, without delight, our main objectives were to kill; to destroy, that enemy we came upon.

Our mission location: Somewhere, no one was sure except  it was on a distant planet far from Earth, hostile desert, unfit for human habitation.

“Az! Az!” someone whispered.

Az equaling alien zone; behind enemy lines.

We stayed low to the ground; our eyes peering forward into the cold dark night; not a word was spoken, we knew what our actions were, kill and destroy.

Always kill and destroy.

The silence grew deafening; I felt a drop of sweat roll down my face and drop to the ground.

“Watch!” Sarge growled low under the silence, “Where the fuck is our watch?”

I slipped up to where he was crouched.

“Dead sir….”

“Fucking command didn’t send us our replacement?”

I shook my head.

Another growl.

Tyler was our watch; good man, fought bravely in our last fight against the Grogs; nasty creatures, bug like, the only good Grog is a dead Grog, or so they kept yelling at us in boot camp.

This war had been going on for too many generations; one day the truce talks are a go, the next day, we were out in the barren lands, the scrubs, trying to find the dirty bastards.

No one really knew why we were fighting them; we just were, forward march, rifles at the ready, steady forward, kill, kill, move forward again till the heads upstairs in base orbit command say back; new peace talks.

Rinse and repeat.

I peered further past into the darkness, not a thing crept into view.

“Where are the bastards?” Sarge again growled under his breath, staring off as well into the silence of the night.

“Sleeping?” I kidded, smiling, for some strange reason.

Mick, our communication man, slipped beside me.

“We got nothing broadcasting sirs! Not even the usual clicks!”

Somewhere, out there, they were creeping their way towards us, silently making their way to our doom; we knew it, a Grog was never silent unless they were stalking.

I held my rifle hard into my chest; feeling the hard pounding of my heart; Sarge kept peering into the darkness.

“Them fuckers are out there; somewhere!”

Two hours; still not a peep.

Still I held close to the ground.

This was watch, someone had to do it.

“Go to sleep bugger; I’ll take over for watch!” Mick said, creeping up beside me.

I never could sleep out here; in the shit, always kept an eye open, an ear.

“Okay!” I smiled and fell into a semi-slumber.


Rations of beans and crackers for breakfast.

Food supplies were making their way from Earth; be awhile before they arrived.

“Any contact?” Sarge asked settling down beside us.

“Not a thing sir!” Mick replied; shoveling a helping of beans into his mouth. “Do you think they retreated sir, in preparation for the next talks?”

Sarge shrugged.

“They haven’t in the past!” he said.

His eyes still scanning the terrain.

“We’ll move forward; get the men up and lets move out; our stomachs can wait till later!”

And so we moved forward; not even a whisper between us, our eyes scanning the horizon for signs of anything.

We marched; the unbearable heat of the sun beating down upon us, but still we hunted.

Four hours in; still no signs, we kept marching forward.

There, in the distance, the capital city of the cursed Grogs began to appear.

“There should be….something….anything!” Sarge said, his hands pulling up his rifle.

There was nothing; just the spirals of towers in the distance; a slight haze of smoke drifting over the horizon.

We kept marching forward.


Not even a horn-bug flying over us; not even a chirp of a bird.

“Where the hell…”

We didn’t hear even a shell till it was too late.

A blast of laser fire ripped through Sarge’s chest; cutting his sentence short.

“Fuck!” was thrown out from my lips as I dove to the ground.

Mick was hit next; straight between the eyes.

He never uttered his last words as his body hit the ground.

“Fire! All fire!” I screamed, signaling hard in the general direction of where I thought the alien scums were.

Our rifles flared into the air; I heard a scream, high pitched.

“We got one!” someone yelled.

“Keep it up!!!” I yelled, my rifle firing repeatedly.

15 minutes; the battle raged.

We killed thirty seven confirmed.

We lost four.


It is with great joy that we; the Terra Front; declare new peace talks with the Grogean Alliance in a hope to soon end this war that rages between our two species.  

As of this afternoon, 12:47 Gorgon Time, a cease fire is under order and all units are to disengage any further hostilities and are to report back as soon as possible to their base points of operation for further instructions.

Commander in Chief 

I read the communication; a deep sigh parting my lips.

I knew the drill.

I knew it all too well.

Again, we marched, two days across the heated oven of a desert, to be told that the peace talks folded, once more, but that was our destiny, march, forward, backwards, and if we were lucky, to die a valiant death; our rifle bursting forward, taking a few of them alien scum with us!




01/18/2018 – Random Writing at 4 AM – Another Poem?

Inside my mind; I do find myself – not against the rage but not in peace either; the waves do crash upon the shore again; it is peaceful even in that storm, to hear the breaks, the rage.


Sometimes I wonder though if this life is even worth that rage.


I wrote a piece tonight; at 3 AM, at a different site – Random Writings at 3 AM(Click! READ!!!) 

My mind is awake; keeping me awake in body and soul, so I write to amuse you; TO AMUSE MYSELF, I dare say, to pull from me that place words, to place upon the screen to let you read that which is inside my head; inside my brain.

Photo0047Here in the world; the darkness of the late night or early morning; I know not what, it matters to your perception; I begin to write, silly things, my words, thrown together quite madly, nothing in design or planning; random words typed quickly before they are lost to that insanity; no rhyme or reason I should say.

A memory interloped into the mess: not THAT far away in time but enough to make me realize, I am old, middle aged.

I was in high school, memorizing the passages of darling buds of May; henceforth a love done lost, to wishes and dreams unloved; is not that reality better to live, to breathe, to see, to feel that heart break then never to have loved before?

Memories trance themselves into view randomly; as if in a dream, I shall sleep soon, I believe, I shall see the faces of those who dance among the cerebral consciousness of myself, in that dream land, peeking out from here and there; tonight my dear readers is but a mess, of randomness.

My English teacher; throwing pages down upon my desk; a composition in my first madness.

‘Unbelievably dull characters; nothing seems alive, dead! Dead! Dead! F!’ she wrote upon it; in red. ‘You’ll never be more than what you are!’

I never understood, I still don’t; it’s impossible to be more than what you are; unless you break the laws of time and space; split the universe in half, rip reality into ninths and shit upon it all!!

But I digress, sweet readers, I do not know where my mind will take us; into madness, into love, into that sweet embrace of timeless wonders; that first kiss, that first date, that moment of first joy of release, though I shall not say that first fuck!

Words do drift out; could this be the end or the beginning?

I do not know; let us begin; said the joker to the king.

We all wears masks; we hide the reality, it is easier that way; the characters do drift in and out of our lives; and make us happy, sad, indifferent, etc. etc. etc.

This is how it shall be; the beginning, the middle and the end.

The holy trinity!

Good night; till tomorrow, I am forever indebted to you, dear reader, as you share with me; this journey through time and space; Good night!!!


dude-wait-what-stoned-kitty-pedro-8122726Today seems like a good day to write about something positive, to skip over such icky subjects like homeless people, Political crap and other misfits trying to rule the world, natural disasters at a seemingly increasing level but we all know that climate change is a myth, and other crap hitting the media door right now.

So today, my friends, I decided to write about happy butterflies but apparently Google thinks happy butterflies equals stoned kitties and why not.

I wish I was stoned right now.

It would help in my writing, like:


I don’t really feel like writing poetry or a serious posts, though, those do get hits from my general followers and Google searchers alike.

Hi Google searchers, how are you?


Awesome!! Me too!!!


Yes I am!! I overdosed my diet Coke with many shots of energy stuff at the soda fountain and am feeling awesome.


Course, I made the mistake of turning over to the news and well, my buzz is still going, thank you very much!!!

So anyways, glad you’re still breathing and I am too!!!

Good night and have a better tomorrow, your friend,


In Hell we build, to death we give in dishonor.

Universal Date:10,500,000 DC(During Crisis)
Location: Earth Reflection – After Mission 2.7 – Earth is filled with slutty dolphins

Captain D’Xalare – Mission Commander Reporting –

The Earth was dead, the only thing left, humanity, the parasite, still suckling on its mother’s tits angrily,  still draining its life as she laid dead on the blackness of the universe.

Humanity, an evil race, killing each other in the name of love and peace, over such silly details as the color of their skin or their worship of an imaginary deity, some even worshiped the same God but their words were translated differently.

Worthless reasons to kill each other, the Vogons only kill over the huckleberry found on this otherwise worthless planet.

We, the True Race, found this planet on a routine mission to study its true ruling specie, the pigeon when we discovered this lovely treat, its jam being a elixir of sexual delight.

The inferior of our species, the Moron, tried to mate with the berry directly staining their antenna blue.

Stupid Morons.

We, the Galaxon, ate of the berry and was amazed, delighted, then aroused and mated right on the spot with what the “Earthlings” call a “Dolphin”.

A very wonderful trip I had to say and noted it so in my diary of said mission.

Recommendation to Counsel: I truly recommend that this planet be stripped of the wonderful berries and the dolphins be saved.

The rhinoceros and elephants of this world are a nasty breed and have been known to charge and kill other species who intend to mate with them in a peace keeping mission such as ours.

The humans of this world will enjoy the process for awhile then becomes angered in a short order.

We recommend further that the world be destroyed as it has been declared “Hostile” and therefore ready to be demolished to be replaced by an on ramp to Worm Hole 789!


Heaven be her name – The Story of Destiny

I keep thinking I’m making headway in this thing called life but then the waves come crashing down.

I come up for a breath, feeling the blessed air coming into my lungs, but there, again, the monster waves hit me, hard, pushing me to the bottom, scraping my body against the coral reef, where am I?

Nowhere, going fast, up one minute, kick to the face, down, counting, 1, 2, 3, do I wanna get up again or stay down for the count?

The bets are coming in, I’m staying down, but nope, my dumb ass gets back up.


I’m a winner!

I laugh at that, my inner demon does, I’m no winner, I’m a big fat loser!

I’m trying to stay alive, well enough, I think, until I look in the mirror, standing there, bloody, broken, ready to give in.

“I love you!” she, the one in my corner, even though I’m insane.

I keep going because and for her.

“What’s her name?”


Heaven be her name….

How I love thee, in a previous life even,
I whisper thy name during those times,
I think I can not go on,
There you are,
A shimmering light against the encroaching darkness…

The dragons invade my sleep, the crazy, hello insanity, you try to keep me sane, I am slipping into madness…..hello dear friend, how are you this fine and wonderful evening?

I am dead inside.

Opening old and new wounds!

What is reality?

A dream placed into real life?

Is that the definition?

Dear one, I shall keep walking till the end, tomorrow shall never come!

Cheap beer and steel guitars,
Whiskey and lonely hearts,
Broke down in San Antonio,
Drinking time in old down towns,
Looking for a good time,
Finding nothing but a broken heart,
Cheap perfume
And lonely eyes,
Living the honky time life,
Bar flies and worn out trucks,
Drinking time,
Pull up a stool and shoot the breeze,
Closing time is far away,
Don’t mind ole Montana,
He down on his luck,
Found a woman,
She did a buck,
Run away with a rodeo clown,
Broke his heart,
And now he sits at the bar,
Trying to find a replacement heart,
Drinks his lonely heart beer run,
Texas born,
Down on his luck,
He hears the jukebox play,
Ole Same is on his way,
Lonely hearts
And cheap motels,
Only wine can heal it fine,

Beer makes it televised!!