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Wandering down the street, coke flying high, each person a sole grain of sand thrown against the beach, wind blown into infinity.

Greats mingling with the whores, the homeless, the young hipsters, their coats pulled tight against the freezing winds and driving rains.

The street, a micropolis of puss filled wounds slammed against the dying of the earth, she weeps fire from her veins, raped in silence.

The sky becomes a dull gray, dreaming, while you are awake, sinister storms on the horizon, the sky, awashed in vibrant dark colors of misled fortunes.

Does death suit you, oh dear one, in Heaven’s embrace, where the moon holds you, till we meet again?

I could not feel my soul, it felt like it was already gone, my mind was left, somewhat, the body, a meat bag, walking among the other meat bags, eyeless hunks of flesh, crashing on the ground.

What a beautiful day,
The sky was blue,
And the tears were rain.
I didn’t feel pain,
I only felt that rage.

Nobody knows
What the sorrow knows,
Nobody knows
What the feeling is,
Pressed against the flame.

Every eyes,
Every body,
We are too sober to see the world,as it should be seen.

Flesh ripped from our bones,
When we die,
Will they care?
Will there be a memory?

We are the dreamers,
Blinded by madness,
Flesh scarred,
Bones broken,
Minds laid bare
To troubled times,
Against the tides
That is the world
In that last breathe,
To see,
When the time has come,
And to be remembered…


Hello dear reader,

How are you?

Me, apparently cannot sleep, I’ve been tossing and turning and finally, at 3 am, I decided to stumble into my new, furnitureless living room from my new furnitureless bedroom and write my brain into a tired frenzy so it’ll let me fall fast to sleep.

Sometimes, okay, a lot, my brain decides it wants to think, random crap I can’t change, but bam, why not!

The other night, it decided to throw a girl I had a secret crush on back in elementary school as a “walk on” role in a dream.

It also decide, hey, why not throw a couple of friends in there along with my kid who isn’t even a dirty thought.

Great dream but then I wake up and go, WHAT DA HELL BRAIN?

“I don’t know, it seem right!!” It replies, shrugging as only a brain can only shrug with its lack of shoulders.

If it had eyes, it would have rolled them and said, “Thought you’d like it!!” It sighs, again if it had eyes, it would wink, and grin evily if it had a mouth.

My brain does that weird crap at 2 am, conversates with me, keeping me from sleep, it has done it for a long time, random stuff, things I have no control over, people I miss, people I haven’t thought about in 30 years, but there they are, asking how I am.

“Not too good!” I reply.

So here I sit now, legs crossed, my fingers tapping at my phone’s keyboard, writing poems randomly, letting my brain do its muttering, words flying on screen, hopefully I will fall asleep, 3:30 am, hopefully soon.

I write.

Damn brain, why won’t you calm down?

“Provide the link! To our poetry!”


So there, my brain, the link, are you happy now??


Good night my readers, sleep well…..zzzzzzzz


Tonight shared piece comes from my adventures as a homeless grocery store cashier I did back in the summer of 2017.

I kept a journal during those days; was suppose to be a day to day ramblings from that “low point” in my life; but to be truthful, I didn’t keep up and now find myself trying to remember things.

I drank beer and ate chicken I bought at my grocery store.

I sat and talked to folks who wandered into the park; their dogs excited at a chance for a meal of chicken bones and one stealing some of my beer.

“He’s a lush!” his owner, a man named Robert, said, chuckling.

Robert was a 72 year old, half blind man, using the magic of Mary Jane’s girls to keep the peace inside his head, a veteran of the Vietnam War, and peace activist later on.

We’d talk about everything; from politics to landing a sweet young lady who could smother us with a nice soft pillow.

Neither of us would even struggle we both discovered.

Other homeless travelers; looking for work, then moving on, would enter my camp but never stayed as it was just too “Rustic” (no fire pits! It got cold out by the marsh) and they would move on with a wave.


I learned a few things out there; somethings I already knew but till you experience them, you won’t know the truth.

Most people out there, on the streets, do not want to be homeless.

A lot of them have jobs; the cashiers, cart runners, wait staff, etc.

They just don’t make enough money to be able to afford a place to live.

Yes, there are resources for the homeless but there are just too many of the homeless at one time to be helped quickly.

It’s a problem faced everywhere.

I ended up on a “Waiting List” for housing assistance.

A two year (at least) long waiting list.

This is suppose to be the land of milk and honey but there’s not enough milk nor honey.

Everyone is just one stumble from finding themselves in that same situation; without a home.

I was lucky enough to have friends who provided me a place to stay, to shower, etc.

And only found myself for a little over a month living under the branches of a huge tree in a park.

I was also lucky enough to have a job that paid enough for me to eat; to spend a few days in a cheap motel; where I’d shower, snuggle on the bed, watch cable TV and listen to the hookers next door moan out the song “Give it to me baby!” in D-flat.

(Also thanks to friends who sent me money also!!! Cheap beer is your sleep aide and friend out there on the street sadly!)

Today I am a lucky man; moving into my own place with my lady love, a new adventure, but I will always keep those life lessons learned that summer; never to take for granted those things I have; to cherish my friendship and to aid my fellow man when it comes time.

Yes, my dear readers, there are the career homeless; those who stay out there; for whatever reason but for the most part, the people out there are just like you; they just  stumbled and fell; they had the jobs, the houses.

In a lot of places; the homeless are treated as nothing more than animals; chased away, caged, stomped on, bused away to become other peoples’ problems.

The homeless shelters closed; for different reasons.

Attempts to start another one; up to code, are foiled by NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD mentality.

Sadly, the homeless are already in the neighborhoods.

The screams of “Get a job” coming from the mouths of haters; hot coffee thrown into peoples’ faces as they beg or say nothing.

“Trash!” some folks yell, the same folks who call themselves “Good Christians”

The “Trash” at some point in their life before this new chapter were “Productive Citizens” with good jobs, beautiful homes, now reduced to a beaten dog, trying to find their way out of the mire of this homeless life.

Something needs to be done; no one in this country should be homeless or go hungry.

No child should go to bed with an empty stomach.

Everyone should have a bed and a pillow to lay their head; a basic human need you soon discover being a homeless person.

There is no excuse…..



02/25/2018 – Someplace on the Planet Earth


Dear sirs and madams,


How are you?

I keep waking up breathing, which according to the doctors, is a good thing.

“Yay for waking up breathing!” cheers the nurses who stand by to stick me in the arm, to draw my blood, that life force that keeps me breathing, I guess.

I’m not a doctor though.

I’m barely a human being; just the skin and such, to make me able to walk among the hairless apes unseen by their unintelligent eyes.

If they saw my true form, they would still go about their daily business.


So, after my ordeal of being pricked and prodded, I lay here, half naked, a flimsy robe covering my nakedness, the nurse coming in on the hour to see if I need a sleeping pill.

Oh no you don’t mind sucking demon from the Planet X’Neon!!! I’m on to you.

I’ll stay up and write, to tell the outside world about you, to tell them how you steal minds, put them in jars, to sell to the Martians or trade Iranians for free porn on Craigslist.

I’m on to you!!!


My fingers are registered deadly weapons in 17 universes and 23 alternate universes, including this one.

You just don’t know you’re dead!!

Ha ha!! FOOLS!!!!

Do you know, that, when a cat shows you their belly, you should scratch it?

This tells the Universe, I’M DONE, I’m so gone, I don’t care if the cat kills me!!

And the cat will respond by purring or stealing your wallet and go on a spending spree!!

Stupid cat.

I only have  a $1.95!!

Anyways think it’s time to fall asleep, to meet her there in dreamland.

She knows who she is!!!

Your friend,





2/21/2018 – Somewhere

I’m up for the count, just sitting here in the kitchen, listening to some music, wrote a poem for my other blog, it seem like the good thing to do, another sad, depressing shit random fest I like to do, just sit down, and begin typing, letting the words flow from my mind.

Click here for Broadway and Filth – A Poem

Still sitting here, 1:30 in the am, the darkness is deep and black, no moon.

Thoughts are crossing my mind.

THE ODE TO THE HOMELESS LIFE: Written in the summer, while I was homeless for a few weeks, just a taste of that life, enough for me, to lay down on the ground, to stare into the night sky, the stars my company.


…The ground, your bed,
The sky, your covers.
Live life as you live it,
Not as you wish,
Take each breath,
A gift from God.

In the still of the night,
I lay here,
Wishing to sleep,
To dream,
That of green fields,
A soft bed to lay my body,
A pillow to lay my head,
A quilt to cover me.

I am tired,
But alas,
I cannot sleep!


02/08/2018 – Hello!

So I’ve been trying to revive one of my old blogs; a place just to write, poetry mostly, and hope to make a few pennies maybe in the process.


My newest piece can be found here — A SUICIDE NOTE TO THE WORLD – A POEM

It definitely is not one of my happiest poems but it just kind of came out of me and I wrote it down as quickly as I could.

To note, I’m not really suicidal, more depressed than I’ve been in awhile but not enough to go jump in front of a bus!! 😀

Anyways, it is getting late, almost 1:30 in the morning, and thinking it may be time for a nap.

A quick bit of poetry for here just to make this worth the time to hit PUBLISH!! 😀

In the night, she does dance,
Diamonds in her eyes,
Kingdom in the sky,
A glance at the madness,
Her love,
Sweet kiss,
Lay down upon the bed of light,
To awake in as a dream,
Good night…



Into the silence of the night,  we went quietly, without delight, our main objectives were to kill; to destroy, that enemy we came upon.

Our mission location: Somewhere, no one was sure except  it was on a distant planet far from Earth, hostile desert, unfit for human habitation.

“Az! Az!” someone whispered.

Az equaling alien zone; behind enemy lines.

We stayed low to the ground; our eyes peering forward into the cold dark night; not a word was spoken, we knew what our actions were, kill and destroy.

Always kill and destroy.

The silence grew deafening; I felt a drop of sweat roll down my face and drop to the ground.

“Watch!” Sarge growled low under the silence, “Where the fuck is our watch?”

I slipped up to where he was crouched.

“Dead sir….”

“Fucking command didn’t send us our replacement?”

I shook my head.

Another growl.

Tyler was our watch; good man, fought bravely in our last fight against the Grogs; nasty creatures, bug like, the only good Grog is a dead Grog, or so they kept yelling at us in boot camp.

This war had been going on for too many generations; one day the truce talks are a go, the next day, we were out in the barren lands, the scrubs, trying to find the dirty bastards.

No one really knew why we were fighting them; we just were, forward march, rifles at the ready, steady forward, kill, kill, move forward again till the heads upstairs in base orbit command say back; new peace talks.

Rinse and repeat.

I peered further past into the darkness, not a thing crept into view.

“Where are the bastards?” Sarge again growled under his breath, staring off as well into the silence of the night.

“Sleeping?” I kidded, smiling, for some strange reason.

Mick, our communication man, slipped beside me.

“We got nothing broadcasting sirs! Not even the usual clicks!”

Somewhere, out there, they were creeping their way towards us, silently making their way to our doom; we knew it, a Grog was never silent unless they were stalking.

I held my rifle hard into my chest; feeling the hard pounding of my heart; Sarge kept peering into the darkness.

“Them fuckers are out there; somewhere!”

Two hours; still not a peep.

Still I held close to the ground.

This was watch, someone had to do it.

“Go to sleep bugger; I’ll take over for watch!” Mick said, creeping up beside me.

I never could sleep out here; in the shit, always kept an eye open, an ear.

“Okay!” I smiled and fell into a semi-slumber.


Rations of beans and crackers for breakfast.

Food supplies were making their way from Earth; be awhile before they arrived.

“Any contact?” Sarge asked settling down beside us.

“Not a thing sir!” Mick replied; shoveling a helping of beans into his mouth. “Do you think they retreated sir, in preparation for the next talks?”

Sarge shrugged.

“They haven’t in the past!” he said.

His eyes still scanning the terrain.

“We’ll move forward; get the men up and lets move out; our stomachs can wait till later!”

And so we moved forward; not even a whisper between us, our eyes scanning the horizon for signs of anything.

We marched; the unbearable heat of the sun beating down upon us, but still we hunted.

Four hours in; still no signs, we kept marching forward.

There, in the distance, the capital city of the cursed Grogs began to appear.

“There should be….something….anything!” Sarge said, his hands pulling up his rifle.

There was nothing; just the spirals of towers in the distance; a slight haze of smoke drifting over the horizon.

We kept marching forward.


Not even a horn-bug flying over us; not even a chirp of a bird.

“Where the hell…”

We didn’t hear even a shell till it was too late.

A blast of laser fire ripped through Sarge’s chest; cutting his sentence short.

“Fuck!” was thrown out from my lips as I dove to the ground.

Mick was hit next; straight between the eyes.

He never uttered his last words as his body hit the ground.

“Fire! All fire!” I screamed, signaling hard in the general direction of where I thought the alien scums were.

Our rifles flared into the air; I heard a scream, high pitched.

“We got one!” someone yelled.

“Keep it up!!!” I yelled, my rifle firing repeatedly.

15 minutes; the battle raged.

We killed thirty seven confirmed.

We lost four.


It is with great joy that we; the Terra Front; declare new peace talks with the Grogean Alliance in a hope to soon end this war that rages between our two species.  

As of this afternoon, 12:47 Gorgon Time, a cease fire is under order and all units are to disengage any further hostilities and are to report back as soon as possible to their base points of operation for further instructions.

Commander in Chief 

I read the communication; a deep sigh parting my lips.

I knew the drill.

I knew it all too well.

Again, we marched, two days across the heated oven of a desert, to be told that the peace talks folded, once more, but that was our destiny, march, forward, backwards, and if we were lucky, to die a valiant death; our rifle bursting forward, taking a few of them alien scum with us!