A Letter to the World – A Poem

Posted: March 12, 2021 in poems, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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Riding the high road to Hell again,
My soul drifting through a drunken fever dream,
Lost among the waves,
Hands held up,
Trying to find a way.

Life is just an unanswered dream,
An unsung song,
In that field,
As the disease rolls on,
tLaying in a dimly lit,
Hospital room.

Daddy’s crying,
Mommy’s dying,
Long time ago,
Sweet lies,
We believe,
We dare hope,
Are right.

Born to lose,
Oh why,
In Heaven’s name,
Does God hate me so?

Down into the darkness,
Of that last embrace,
Time stood still,
As the Heaven took them all away,
Memories reappear,
In dimly lit,
Looking through a broken mirror,
A dream,
A memory,
Lies from the mind?

Fuck this world,
I want to get off,
Shit happens for a reason,
Even when we feel like we want to die,
I am still alive,
Cause I didn’t want to die,
Too many people care about me?

Driving down a lonely road,
The wind blowing through my life,
Good night…

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