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I laid there,
Melting there into the carpet,
A dream like trance,
A nightmare in fantasy land,
I felt the world spinning around me,
Jesus was there,
Melting into Heaven’s gate with me,
We were souls,
Drifting through time and space.

The light began to fade,
I still thought I was a shrimp,
In a stormy sea,
Being eaten by Moby Dick,
Oh Henry,
My Henry,
Did you see the dying of the light?
Margie died,
Last night,
Cancer took her brain,
She was only 45.

I tried to stand,
But fell back to my knees,
Wasn’t a prayer I uttered from my dry lips,
Cursed be to any God,
As Jesus swore the same,
We’d never die again!


The year was 1997 and everyone was dead.
Welcome to the future kids,
Come on,
Stay awhile,
Everyone driving Buicks through the desert!
Welcome to the madhouse,
Nobody gets out alive,
The world is an oyster,
Flying through a cloud,
Distant memories, stacked,
Like cement blocks on our graves,
I love you Rio,
Cheap sheets on a broken bed,
Mama can you hear me crying in the storm?

The man was a great man,
So the pastor says as he performs the last rite,
He’ll be missed,
He’ll be something.
A writer?
Nah, too fat,
Writers have to be skinny,
Haven’t ate in days,
They should be high,
See the sea?
The waves rolled in,
To the sandy beach,
And we all laughed,
Red balloons falling from the sky,
Jesus ain’t here,
Come on Jack!
Come on back!

Take my hand,
Oh drowning man,
To raise you from that pit,
Do not drown,
Oh sacred soul,
In that misery,
Be free,
Spread your wings
And fly,
To that Heaven’s embrace.

The morning after,
Do not regret,
Those life choices,
No return from that place,
The blade across,
Cannot be drawn away,
Suicide is painless,
Except those left behind.

Good night,
My lovely Grace,
See me tomorrow,
At that place,
I shall smile
When I see your face.

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I want to be,
The one you see,
When you awake,
From that night before.

I want to be,
The one you run to,
When you see me.

I want to be,
The air,
You breathe.

Can’t you see,
What you mean to me?

I want to be,
The one you need.
I want to be,
The one you love.

Dear fly to me,
Be my ecstasy,
Can’t you see,
You are the one I need?

Dare to dream,
Feel me by your side,
Let me be,
The one you need,
Let me be the one you see,
The moon indeed,
Hallow as I breathe,
Come to me,
Be my destiny,
I hope you see,
I love you,
So pleasantly!

Riding the high road to Hell again,
My soul drifting through a drunken fever dream,
Lost among the waves,
Hands held up,
Trying to find a way.

Life is just an unanswered dream,
An unsung song,
In that field,
As the disease rolls on,
tLaying in a dimly lit,
Hospital room.

Daddy’s crying,
Mommy’s dying,
Long time ago,
Sweet lies,
We believe,
We dare hope,
Are right.

Born to lose,
Oh why,
In Heaven’s name,
Does God hate me so?

Down into the darkness,
Of that last embrace,
Time stood still,
As the Heaven took them all away,
Memories reappear,
In dimly lit,
Looking through a broken mirror,
A dream,
A memory,
Lies from the mind?

Fuck this world,
I want to get off,
Shit happens for a reason,
Even when we feel like we want to die,
I am still alive,
Cause I didn’t want to die,
Too many people care about me?

Driving down a lonely road,
The wind blowing through my life,
Good night…

I can’t remember,
Where I went before,
I can’t see,
That memory,
A soft kiss,
Have you ever heard,
The last breathe,
To escape your lips?

Who cares,
Ain’t nobody bringing the game,
Ain’t no life,
Ain’t no death,
Just a spiraling black hole,
The night was a hot mess,
Standing in the middle of a tune,
On the skin of Lucifer,
That ultimate pleasure,
Tears from Heaven,
Pouring down,
Flaming trees,
The end of it all,
To madness,
We go,
Driving down the road,
A stop in Memphis,
Two dollars Pepsi,
A room with a view,
Preaching to the news,
Cut to the bone,
Depressive themes,
A shot rings out,
Everybody bleeds,
Lives on borrowed time.

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Winter moon keeps me dragging,
Ain’t got no time for bragging,
In the summer time,
I ain’t seen the waters,
I ain’t seen the sun,
All I see are my tear drops,
Falling down from eyes.

Ain’t no time,
For a healing,
Ain’t no time,
For appealing,
In the spring,
Don’t got nothing to bear,
The soul is empty,
The angels are clear,
For the time,
It ain’t bragging,
All I can hear is the pain.

All I know is what I am,
All I see is the raging,
The times,
They a-changing,
And I ain’t got no time to live,
And the tears keep a fallin’
And the thunder rolls away,
There ain’t time for the playing,
Might as well go insane!

There was a time like the present,
Shiny coins in the fountain,
Playing in the rain till morning,
Singing songs about the flames,
Now I sitting here,
Ain’t got no shiny nickels,
The bill man coming at the doorway,
Trying to get his pay.

She wore a yellow ribbon in her hair,
She was a beauty queen,
She killed a man,
Just to watch him die,
I wrote a song to her,
My senior year,
In high school,
She was going to prison,
Won’t be out till 2052,
Maybe sooner,
She still beautiful,
I write her every day,
A song,
Dedicated to her,
And her raven black hair,
The day they found her,
She was covered in blood,
From the man she had killed,
The yellow ribbon,
Wasn’t touched,
It was still yellow,
Not a stain red,
Not even a hue,
She told the police,
He touched her,

*Guitar solo*

I don’t know why,
But I’m attracted to a killer in the pen!!!
I wrote this song,
For her,
To tell her,
I will,
Wait for,
She’ll be 82!!!

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Not my usual take on misery and space, delightful culling,
Of memories, liner notes, tossed throughout the room,
Read viciously but without malice,
Those words, so ripe and ready, written at 12:45 in the morning.

Oh my,
How did we get here?
Can you tell me?
Can you tell me with delight?
Did we get so turned around,
We ended up in some twisted novel,
A broken love story?

Oh dear!

Oh my!

Oh my wretched brother,
If we were in different times,
We would not be foes,
But friends,
Yes, a comrade,
I would call you brother,
A friend,

Who there,
Is knocking at my memories,
To be let in?

The door does not open,
The key is broke inside.


I, one blustery, rainy night,
I turned it too hard,
Trapping us all inside,
Like rats,
Stuck on a sinking ship,
Trying to claw our way out.


The sounds of drums,
Against the howling winds,
Oh misery,
You accursed bitch,
Go fuck off,
You make me thin,
Fuck off.

Fuck this.

Where do we go from here?
Up the downside,
Like some diseased whore,
On Fifth and Vine?

Oh dear sweet memories,
When dark turns to light,
Then reverts as quickly back to darkness,
Oh memories, my sweet love,
Come to me,
In dreams,
And let my mind,
Of what really happened.

We kissed on that moon lit night.

Or did we fuck?

I forget.

I digress.


Dear sweet memories,
Oh joy,
Oh sad tears,
An ode,
A sentence of life,
No chance for parole.

To dream.

To live,
In satin cloth,
To dream,
Oh dear,
Blessed sleep,
That fair night,
That moon,
Swaddling me,
Embracing me,
Till we meet again,
Oh my dear,

I wear a broken crown inside a broken fairy tale

A BROKEN FAIRY TALE – ACT ONE: I wear a broken crown inside a broken fairy tale, that sweet misery, a cut into my soul, a whisper into the storm, raging inside my head.

I ripped Heaven, that evil place, from my broken mind,
Replace it, so gently with harshest intents, with Hell,
And uncontrolled rage,
Spit from my fingers to the page,
You might, without malicious intent, enjoy my pain,
But, kind people, you will not enjoy my hate,
My fist of rage,
Pounding into your mind.

I, dear friend, have been cursed,
Doesn’t matter how hard I try,
No matter how hard I pray,
To whatever God shall listen today,
A muddle of suicidal tendencies,
Wrapped in homicidal rage,
Madness, oh dear sweet love, hidden behind that mask I wear,
Society does not know,
Showing only happiness,
Oh fucking Joy!

Listen, oh so carefully, to the sound of the dying inside,
To want, oh dear world, to be like that normal person,
But I dare ask, what is considered normal?
I pretend, in spirit if not in mind, to be alright,
But in reality,
I am a false image of that reality.

I try, oh how I try, to run away,
From that place,
Running, madly, screaming, into the blackness,
Trying to escape,
From this reality,
But instead,
Falling further down the rabbit hole.

I want to be in another place,
Maybe in another time,
I’ll be good like you pretend to be.

I hate what I have become,
What was I suppose to do?
Dead inside,
A soulless husk,
A broken fairy tale,
Good bye,
Fuck you cruel world.

There will be no peaceful revolution,
A bloodless resolution,
The resolution shall be televised.

I am not a robot,
I am not a machine,
I feel like shit,
In this meat jacket,
I feel worthless,
Fuck this shit,
Fuck this life,
Fuck you, you piece of shit,
Breathing increases,
The damage cannot be undone,
This life is done.

I am better than this,
I am better than you,
Break the mirror,
There is something inside me,
Wanting to live,
Wanting to die,
Wanting to destroy,
Wanting to create.