Posted: February 14, 2021 in poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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See the scraggy grasses, weeds, broken rocks,
Silently, misplaced, forgotten,
Headstones, long gone,
Range of dates,
Buried in records,
Some no names,
Barely outside that mothers’ body,
Some wanting to be known,
Some even in death,
Wanting to be left unknown,
Eternal sleep,
Unawaken from that forever slumber,
Lost even in name,
That Potter’s Field,
Just a fence,
A boundary,
Few living realize,
That there lies there,
Hundreds of souls,
The suicides,
The poor,
The lost in the world,
All common,
Unchristian burials,
Some not even a blip,
To their own families,
Lost in name,
Lost in memories,
A few fairing a word,
In the local newspaper at the time,
Missed steps,
Stumbles into a deadly world,
Morphine killer,
Shack burned down,
Thrown into a barely there box,
A name, faded away after a few years,
Then lost,
Even the name isn’t real,
Some lost lamb,
A Smith on the records,
But a Jones in spirit!
Died from diseases,
There in the “pest houses”,
Even later,
Their family finding them,
Could not get them released
From that Potter’s grave,
The fear of that disease still engraved,
Into the populations’ brains.
Prostitutes, who came, to find themselves,
A better life,
But found only that Potter’s Grave,
Laid there,
Under their misnomer,
Families wondering,
But never knowing,
To eternal rest,
Some would never find,
Their ghost still haunting,
That Potter’s Field…


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