Chaotic moments in Time and Space – A poem to you, Dear Reader

Posted: August 22, 2020 in beat generation, poems, POETRY
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In the middle of the night,
The words come to me,
Some bitter rage,
Some love,
A bit of magical madness,
To keep the road bumpy,
The smooth open road,
Worries the tourists,
They aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Where are we,
In reference to time,
Or to space?
Nobody knows,
Nobody cares,
Is this reality?
I highly doubt it,
Not enough bass,
The fish,
Not the sound,
Who here wants to rock?

We were young,
Full of rum,
A flash of brilliance,
Dampened by reality,
We soon discovered ourselves,
Thrown away,
Giving up for dead,
Reality setting in,
The plugs to be pulled,
Not worth saving,
We’re too cynical,
For a happy world.

We gave up,
We died,
Food for the maggots,
Oh feast for a time,
Dripping from my pen,
Good night…


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