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In the middle of the night,
The words come to me,
Some bitter rage,
Some love,
A bit of magical madness,
To keep the road bumpy,
The smooth open road,
Worries the tourists,
They aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Where are we,
In reference to time,
Or to space?
Nobody knows,
Nobody cares,
Is this reality?
I highly doubt it,
Not enough bass,
The fish,
Not the sound,
Who here wants to rock?

We were young,
Full of rum,
A flash of brilliance,
Dampened by reality,
We soon discovered ourselves,
Thrown away,
Giving up for dead,
Reality setting in,
The plugs to be pulled,
Not worth saving,
We’re too cynical,
For a happy world.

We gave up,
We died,
Food for the maggots,
Oh feast for a time,
Dripping from my pen,
Good night…

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I was high,
As a kite,
Waiting for Jesus,
At a bus stop,
Trying to run away,
To a different place,
A different body.

Have you,
My friend,
Seen the monster,
Boldly dancing in the dark,
Treated like that outsider,
Bathing inside,
To reach into that place,
To find themselves,
There in cosmic space,
Tearing bone from flesh,
To dare not weep,
To dare not cry,
In fear to be a weakling?

Count down,
From the count of zero,
Inspired to write,
A love song,
To the Devil.

I hear the voices plentiful,
In that midnight hour,
Blew up your mind,
Into space,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
Could be a train.

The rain falling into my face,
That last minute,
Looking up,
Into that dark sky,
To find my life,
Playing in that rain,
In a fantasy world,
Far away.

A day without sunshine,
Little pieces of paper,
To bend,
Your mind.

Neal died on the Fifth of July,
Lost his day,
On a trip into space,
Heaven’s name,
We prayed,
To the Moon,
To see the sea,
Life was fucked.

We ran away,
The fire at our back,
The wind,
Blowing away our life,
Burning our bridges,
Before we crossed.

Exposing those nerves,
Those lives,
To lose forever,
Into the dying light,
Passing time,
Flames consume our lies.

This is not the end,
This is not the beginning,
This is,
This is it.

Fly into the sky,
To touch that space,
To be lost,
Behind that mask,
We killed,
That beast,
Lurking outside,
Devouring the children.

So involved in our own insanity,
Who knows what is reality.

Death to that man,
Long live that man,
Reaching to wonder,
Losing myself to life,
To love,
To hate,
Fly, my dear soul,
To that Heaven’s embrace,
I shall not see,
Those eyes,
I want to get out of here,
My mind,
Oh dear insanity,
Keep me,
Keep me away,
I woke up,
I found myself in a box,
Heading for home,
Can we ever go home again?
None of this ever happened,
Can’t go home again,
When they tore it down to the ground,
Good night,
Good bye.

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I’m a freak,
We’ll go with that.

Too fucked up,
Too far gone,
Pull over,
Side of the road,
Watch the nukes,
Begin to fall.

Oh you waste of cosmic dust,
You had your chance,
We wasted that,
Your chance to be,
Has come and passed,
Let the cockroaches,
Have their chance!

Drinking gasoline,
I bought a gallon,
Just for this moment,
Some magic dust,
It all seems real,
To pass the time away,
Before the cockroaches,
Take their throne.

You don’t see,
Those colors,
Spiraling through the rainbow?

Master, art,
Grime reality approaching,
Death wears the mask,
Of a salesman,
In a blue suit,
Selling encyclopedias,
Door to door.

Strange days,
Falling over us,
Like rain,
Washing away,
Our fears,
That key to salvation,
Burning bright,
A mushroom in the sky,
Can you see God,
Among the clouds?

Or is that,

Good bye,
It been a pleasure,
I will miss you,
And my self.

In the court,
I want a cheeseburger,
The judge,
A burly man,
Does not laugh.

Good bye sweet life,
It been a thrill,
You now know the drill,
Good bye…

City sleeps,
An awaken dream,
The vixens’ wings,
Fluttering in rhythmic motion,
Blurs into cosmic light,
Drifting through the night,
Wandering aimlessly through streets,
Looking for that ultimate fix,
A release into that scene,
A beautiful dream,
On those city streets,
A vision in colors,
Awash through the sky.

Like Venus,
On the fire escape,
For that peace,
To be found,
In a twirl of smoke.

There is no paradise,
Trapped inside the meat pod,
Bones creak,
Vision going,
Silent scream,
Jesus saves,
Except on these city streets.
Damp ground,
Rank and file,
Needle piercing,
Random motion,
A sweep of the hand,
Across the face.

Lights buried,
Under the frosted ground,
A hollow grave,
Beat sensefully into hides,
Far away,
Into that sweet arise of that sun,