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In the middle of the night,
The words come to me,
Some bitter rage,
Some love,
A bit of magical madness,
To keep the road bumpy,
The smooth open road,
Worries the tourists,
They aren’t getting their money’s worth.

Where are we,
In reference to time,
Or to space?
Nobody knows,
Nobody cares,
Is this reality?
I highly doubt it,
Not enough bass,
The fish,
Not the sound,
Who here wants to rock?

We were young,
Full of rum,
A flash of brilliance,
Dampened by reality,
We soon discovered ourselves,
Thrown away,
Giving up for dead,
Reality setting in,
The plugs to be pulled,
Not worth saving,
We’re too cynical,
For a happy world.

We gave up,
We died,
Food for the maggots,
Oh feast for a time,
Dripping from my pen,
Good night…

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Oh Dearest,
This, I dare not speak thy name,
Do you not hear the wind?
The silence,
In that darkened room,
Too square,
The light in the hall,
Flickering madly,
As to say,
Here I am!
Here I am!
Oh mother,
Oh madness,
Do you not hear me screaming,
Inside myself?

That sweet embrace,
Of troubled mind,
To sweep that darkness,
From thy life,
Is this the reality,
Or just another delusion,
Of that troubled mind?

I find myself flying,
Hale was there,
As he always did,
Psychotic break,
The doctors say,
He sits there in the corner,
His knees pressed against his chest,
“Maybe! Maybe! Mother may I!”
He repeats.
The nurses sigh,
“Pills!” they chirp.
We devour them,
And I fly,
Just there,
On the ceiling,
Oh Madness,
You are my only friend,
The rest,
Oh dear friend,
I tolerate,
Chirping nurses,
Old lady,
Here since 1963,
I fall from that sky,
The floor breaking my fall,
I skin my knee.

Giants roam the planet,
Taking large angry steps,
Rushing towards me,
Terror I scream,
They run faster,
I try to stand,
To fly away,
They catch me,
I feel that prick,
Falling asleep,
Into a dreamless sleep,
Is this the end?

I awake,
“How are you Mr. Fields?”
I smile,
I nod,
I agree,
To what,
I have no idea,
They leave.
I stand.
Legs weak,
I settle into a chair,
I eat.
I shit.
I die.
But slowly.
Not like Susie,
Who died,
Fell asleep,
Never woke,
July 12th,
It was a dreary day,
Rain was falling,
Today was a bright,
Sunny day,
Oh my head,



I fear.
I close my eyes.
Those eyes,
Oh fright…

Oh morning,
My dear day,
When it finally comes,
That hard rain,
We shall surely,
Be washed away.

Good night…

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I was standing,
Near the rail road tracks,
Waiting for a freight train to pass,
Reading the graffiti as it passed by,
Inspired to write madness as it passed by.

White socks,
Blue Ribbon Beer,
When I’m gone,
Oh Mother Dear,
Will anyone remember me,
Except as graffiti on a passing train?

Jack and Coke,
On a cold December day,
Grab your cock and hope to die,
Before the train derails.

Village idiot,
Wandering the streets,
Looking for a suicide,
Is he dead,
Or is this a fucking dream during World War Three?
A nightmare,
Dripped in satin and lace,
Dipped in shit,
For all to see,
Projected on the movie screen?

All aboard the pain,
Fly away,
Is this the way home,
Or is this the way to nowhere fast?

Broken dreams,
On Broken Streets,
Covered in fleas,
Oh my friends,
Will they remember you,
When you are dead and gone?

A neutron bomb,
Straight to the brain,
Out of this world,
To the moon,
Wrapped in a dream,
Dipped in stool.

Riots in the street,
Oh god,
The misery,
The pain,
Tear down the system,
Burn it to the ground,
For fun and games,
Like kids at the zoo,
Watching it live,
Evening News,
Murder goons,
On laughing gas,
Huffing gasoline,
9:05 PM.
Hysterical monsters,
Warped on glue,
Running through the streets.

My mind is gone,
Out of that place,
Fifth and Vine,
Ain’t got no time,
Ain’t got no game.

In a pile of shit,
It’s a fucking mess,
A great disgrace,
A disease of the common man.

I wrote you a letter,
Set it on fire,
I wrote you a song,
To never be sung,
I ran away from Heaven,
Fell into Hell,
Rejected the reason,
That mindless fuck,
In the back of a broken truck.

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Last night,
As the world burned,
I wandered the streets,
Looking for an honest man,
A fool’s quest,
I shall admit,
But one I partook,
For a fool needs to do,
What a fool must do.

Be careful,
Oh great giants,
As you stumble,
Through those fields of your demise,
A stumble here,
A broken neck there,
It could all end horribly,
Gone wrong,
In one swoop.

Small tiny men,
In large oversize suits,
To hide the fact,
They are not the giants they pretend to be,
These little men,
Pretend to be in power,
The leaders of the world,
A world that is an ocean liner cut in half by an iceberg,
That liner sinking fast,
Faster than the balers can bale,
Those poor bastards, those citizens who think,
They shall not drown,
Since 1900something till today,
Today is the day,
They say,
Tomorrow never comes,
And yesterday has come and gone.

Those bastards,
Those “leaders” of men,
Their swell heads,
Thinking they have the power,
But no,
Oh fools,
Those who control the purse strings,
Those money bags,
They control,
They rule,
The true leaders,
The true puppet masters.

What world have we become?
To be controlled,
To be owned,
In such a way?

Shit for brains,
The entire bunch,
They all should be ground into the dirt,
Their buildings, relics to their insanity, burned to the ground,
To turn the sky red with those flames,
Burn oh might Caesar,
Burn into that dark night,
To have that blood,
To fall for a million years,
Into that field of death,
To cleanse the land of that scent,
That scent of humanity,
Polluter gone,
A billion tears,
Falling from Heaven,
Not sad tears,
But those tears of joy,
Hark, this Earth,
Cured of its leeches,
No more blood suckers at the helm,
No more diseases on that skin,
Good night,
Sweet Earth,
Until tomorrow brings.

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Not my usual take on misery and space, delightful culling,
Of memories, liner notes, tossed throughout the room,
Read viciously but without malice,
Those words, so ripe and ready, written at 12:45 in the morning.

Oh my,
How did we get here?
Can you tell me?
Can you tell me with delight?
Did we get so turned around,
We ended up in some twisted novel,
A broken love story?

Oh dear!

Oh my!

Oh my wretched brother,
If we were in different times,
We would not be foes,
But friends,
Yes, a comrade,
I would call you brother,
A friend,

Who there,
Is knocking at my memories,
To be let in?

The door does not open,
The key is broke inside.


I, one blustery, rainy night,
I turned it too hard,
Trapping us all inside,
Like rats,
Stuck on a sinking ship,
Trying to claw our way out.


The sounds of drums,
Against the howling winds,
Oh misery,
You accursed bitch,
Go fuck off,
You make me thin,
Fuck off.

Fuck this.

Where do we go from here?
Up the downside,
Like some diseased whore,
On Fifth and Vine?

Oh dear sweet memories,
When dark turns to light,
Then reverts as quickly back to darkness,
Oh memories, my sweet love,
Come to me,
In dreams,
And let my mind,
Of what really happened.

We kissed on that moon lit night.

Or did we fuck?

I forget.

I digress.


Dear sweet memories,
Oh joy,
Oh sad tears,
An ode,
A sentence of life,
No chance for parole.

To dream.

To live,
In satin cloth,
To dream,
Oh dear,
Blessed sleep,
That fair night,
That moon,
Swaddling me,
Embracing me,
Till we meet again,
Oh my dear,

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And through the madness,
We saw our fates,
Standing there,
In God’s good grace,
Stood death,
And it rode a white horse.

Perilous journeys,
Through a voyage,
Of Land Mines,
In the Sea,
Of ones own mind.

We were not waving,
But drowning,
In our own misery,
Our saving grace,
Was not there,
In those waves,
Heaven dared not care,
Hell was overbooked,
So there we waved,
Drowning in hypocrisy.

Johnny was alive,
When he died,
Fell off the roof,
On Eastern Street,
Five stories up,
The ground,
Broke his fall.

We were dancing,
In the dark,
When the world begin to fail,
The burning of the light,
In those trash barrels,
Lit our fates,

Sweet voyages,
Across a broken plain,
The sweetness of the air,
How can you tell a dream,
From when you are awake?

The world was exploding,
The madness of the time,
Time slipped into a deathly coma,
One soulless being at a time,
Help me father,
I’m sinking into this pit,
I cannot live like this,
Mother, can you hear me,screaming?

Is this reality,
Or just some fucked up dream?

I would yell for help,
But I have no voice,
I would scream,
Into that madness,
But my mouth is gone.

Where do we go from here,
Oh sweet life?
Where do we go from here?

That morning sun – A Poem

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Into that night we went, our eyes held tightly shut against the darkness, it was as if the Earth had wept, flooding her skin, killing the viruses that made their life there.

The sun would not rise,
To set the plains a glow in rage,
The dying of that life,
Was eternally disgraced,
To see,
To hear,
That moment in time,
Orgasmic release,
To grow,
To be born,
To live,
To love,
To wither,
To die,
To be born again.

We were young,
But dying just the same,
That moment in time,
Our life,
We showed them,
We would not be discouraged,
As we raged,
Against the yokes,
Of great burden,
To live,
To not be burdened,
To weep,
Great joyous tears,
Good night,
Sweet life,
My love,
Till we wake again that day,
To greet the morning sun.