Dying in the rain – A Poem

Posted: February 5, 2019 in poems, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!, Song lyrics
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Sitting on silence,
Feeling blue,
To the sounds of the Melody,
In the pale moonlight,
Tears falling,
From Heaven’s grace,
Feels like,
My soul,
Has gone up and leaved.

In the silence,
Of that moment,
It’s not dark yet,
But we’re already there.

A senseless melody,
A dark light races,
Across the heart,
There ain’t no letter,
To explain,
What is going on,
Inside my mind,
Why should I even care,
The flowers are all dying,
Misstep, into the silence,
Followed the river,
Fell into the sea,
Been on the top,
Been on the bottom,
Been a poor man,
Been a king,
Seen the flowers,
Seen the despair,
Falling from Heaven,
Seeing the gray sky,
Dying in the rain.


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