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Winter moon keeps me dragging,
Ain’t got no time for bragging,
In the summer time,
I ain’t seen the waters,
I ain’t seen the sun,
All I see are my tear drops,
Falling down from eyes.

Ain’t no time,
For a healing,
Ain’t no time,
For appealing,
In the spring,
Don’t got nothing to bear,
The soul is empty,
The angels are clear,
For the time,
It ain’t bragging,
All I can hear is the pain.

All I know is what I am,
All I see is the raging,
The times,
They a-changing,
And I ain’t got no time to live,
And the tears keep a fallin’
And the thunder rolls away,
There ain’t time for the playing,
Might as well go insane!

There was a time like the present,
Shiny coins in the fountain,
Playing in the rain till morning,
Singing songs about the flames,
Now I sitting here,
Ain’t got no shiny nickels,
The bill man coming at the doorway,
Trying to get his pay.


She wore a yellow ribbon in her hair,
She was a beauty queen,
She killed a man,
Just to watch him die,
I wrote a song to her,
My senior year,
In high school,
She was going to prison,
Won’t be out till 2052,
Maybe sooner,
She still beautiful,
I write her every day,
A song,
Dedicated to her,
And her raven black hair,
The day they found her,
She was covered in blood,
From the man she had killed,
The yellow ribbon,
Wasn’t touched,
It was still yellow,
Not a stain red,
Not even a hue,
She told the police,
He touched her,

*Guitar solo*

I don’t know why,
But I’m attracted to a killer in the pen!!!
I wrote this song,
For her,
To tell her,
I will,
Wait for,
She’ll be 82!!!

How do you go home,
When you ain’t got a home?
Not even a hole?

How do you know,
When you’ve had enough,
When your watch is stopped?

How do you keep going,
When your feet are broke?

How do you laugh,
When the joke is old,
And you’re bitterly cold?

How can you get happy,
When you can’t afford the happy pills,
The doctor prescribes at the free clinic?

How do you know,
When the rain has stopped falling,
Since the TV is broken,
And the door won’t open?

June 5th, 2019 – Louisville, Kentucky –

HELLLLPS!!! I on Fire!!!!!

Subject: I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? Part Deux.

I’m sitting here, a thunderstorm watch is in effect till tomorrow late evening, I’m not feeling too great emotionally, could be the atmosphere, but it could be my brain, it starts feeling like a loser and sometimes it’s right.

No worries out there, I’m not suicidal, at least not yet, maybe homicidal.

I’m just sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, I went outside, flipped off the world and came back in.

I have a soda pop, diet Coke, with extra artificial sweeteners added by the Coca-Cola Corporation to keep my rage up and my lust down to a minimum.

I decided to put ‘THE PENGUINS – EARTH ANGEL’ on for some reason.


I’m not even sure what to write here, I just feel like writing, even if nobody reads it.

Sometimes it feels like I’m the last retarded monkey on a planet full of intelligent elephants, stomping through the grass where I’m laying low from them.

“Don’t step on me!” I scream at them.

But they can’t hear me, they’re too busy with their thoughts, their ideas, their MTV.


I think we’re alone now, there’s just you, me and this bottle of wine, take my hand, and lets run through the vortex, into the abyss, while singing, ABBA’s dancing queen (It’s the remix version – techno days, why the hell not, I say!! Join me in tribute!!!)

I kid.

There’s no tribute.

But we can still dance.

Anyways, I just wanted to write something, silly, thoughtful, serious, and just so you can enjoy something yourself….


Summer Love Dying in Paradise Flying by a Poor Man Lying

Summer begins as winter ends, as a drifting whisper in the wind, a cry into the night, a fall from grace, too many pace, to end, to begin, a new.

We sat there in the night, looking into the stars, wishing upon one, that this night would never end, our arms wrapped around each other, holding on, never to release, even when miles apart.

Her name, a grace upon my lips, drifted into the sky, to fall onto the ears of sweet angels flying up above, looking upon the scene, to hear, to feel, that ancient love, a sweet day, for nothing but that love.

We all must die, but before that time, we all must live, we all must love, to find that love, to hold that love, to keep that love, is what we must strive for.

In that sweet night, making that passion a reality, to sing to heaven, our love, to feel that love, a most perfect way, to kiss, to lie, in the embrace of love, to sing, out, in angelic voices, to heaven’s ear.

Summer begins as winter ends, tis the way, of all seasons, to whisper in the wind, a cry, into that night, graces end, to lie in wait, embrace, to begin, anew again.

Beautiful people,
Wandering down the streets of the big city,
Awestruck in the beauty of it all.

Of time well spent,
In madness,
How long,
Was I sleeping,
If I was ever born?

Still alive?
Dancing on a pin,
Wandering where we are going,
Someday, we will see,
Dance into the river,
With our souls,
To see that different plane, plain.

Into the night,
We go,
Flying through,
A real time,
Dead on the 4th,
Who has,
Seen the fire in the rain?

The devil,
Plays a song,
To the demons,
The rain,
It stops,
To be consumed,
By the fire!

Beautiful people,
Inside the devil,
Dancing like a fool,
Dancing like the world,
Is on fire!

Time will tell,
What will happen,
To us all,
Dancing on the sidewalk,
Drinking that wine,
Finding that time,
Going insane!