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She wore a yellow ribbon in her hair,
She was a beauty queen,
She killed a man,
Just to watch him die,
I wrote a song to her,
My senior year,
In high school,
She was going to prison,
Won’t be out till 2052,
Maybe sooner,
She still beautiful,
I write her every day,
A song,
Dedicated to her,
And her raven black hair,
The day they found her,
She was covered in blood,
From the man she had killed,
The yellow ribbon,
Wasn’t touched,
It was still yellow,
Not a stain red,
Not even a hue,
She told the police,
He touched her,

*Guitar solo*

I don’t know why,
But I’m attracted to a killer in the pen!!!
I wrote this song,
For her,
To tell her,
I will,
Wait for,
She’ll be 82!!!

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
Sweetness darling,
Carnal delight,
Heaven is missing an angel tonight.

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
I can see you,
In the still of night,
Hold you darling,
Forever tonight.

Love me forever,
Love me tonight,
The light in your eyes,
Making me fright,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight.

Oh darling,
In the night,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight!


A Poem inspired by lyrics in a different way than could be imagined.

No person is referred directly in this poem.

But it’s for Steve.

You suck Steve!

Hiding my face,
Sick of looking,
For answers,
As you bury the truth,
Inside a pile,
Of that shit,
You call a life.

I disguise myself,
That I’m doing alright
While hating you,
I hate your face,
I hate the fact,
I let you into my heart,
I hate the fact,
Your face still comes up,
I want to rip your eyes out,
Tear your throat out with my teeth,
Like a wild wolf,
Rampaging against a leash,
I wish you nothing but a painful death,
A horrible rash on your ass,
I hope your children are blind,
Who fall from your worthless womb,
And splat to the ground.

I may have lost my way,
I may have lost my mind,
Standing here,
In the middle of broken dreams,
Locked in hateful thoughts,
I try to scream,
But my voice is trapped inside,
I am losing hope,
Trying to find something,
Maybe a way to erase the memories,
Wear a disguise,
To hide my rage,
I will leave your memory,
Out in the sun,
To let the crows eat you away,
A memory lost.

I hope you get a sickness,
Incurable by modern meds,
I hope you live in pain,
I hope your limbs rot and fall off,
Leaving still alive,
Trapped inside that worthless body,
Your mind screaming for death,
But it never comes,
Rot in Hell,
I hope you die,
I hate you,
I want to bash in your face,
I want to rip out your eyes,
I want to be there when you fall,
I want to laugh,
As you cry out in pain!!
I want to bash your head in,
With my fist,
Over and over,
I hope you have a great day.