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The politicians,
And all the rest,
Fuck us in the ass,
And tell us,
It’s for the best!

Wanna get rich?
Start a church,
Tell the people,
You need billions of dollars,
Then build a mansion or ten,
To God,
Or to Bob,
Welcome to the world,
Ain’t it great?

Rock and roll,
Bombs fall,
I hate you,
You hate me,
Fuck the rich,
Eat the poor!

Do you wanna die?

Fuck I don’t know,
Fuck I guess,
Cut myself to see,
If I still have a soul!

Hitting buttons,
Random thoughts,
Do you wanna,
Wanna what?

Why do I feel like this?
Do I wanna fly?
Do I wanna…..
Wanna be alive?

I’m a nothing,
And nobody..




Posted: April 16, 2021 in poems, POETRY, random shit
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Somebody has to give a little,
Somebody has to know,
I’m here,

The soul wanted to die,
But the body kept going,
Entrapping the soul,
Moving dead,
For the friends,
For the family,
Where is the sun?

Music to kill others to?
Too violent oriented,
Too current events,
It would not do!

Music to kill yourself to?
Too depressing,
Too current events,
It would not do!



Hear the bells,
Cheering us on,
Step by step,
We run,
We stumble,
We fall,
We sit,
We say fuck it all!!!!


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I do not want to live,
In a world full of shit,
A world where I have to lie,
Just to keep alive.

Into that darkness,
We go,
Our heads held high,
Wearing that mask of a clown,
To drown,
Dear sweetly,
In our misery.

Where angels,
Go to die,
To see,
A mind,
A lie,

Can you hear me,
Can you hear me scream?

Where are you?
A memory,
Cast in murky waters,
I do not know if I am alive,
Or dead.

What is reality?

How do you know,
If this is a dream,
Or if this is reality?

Tell me lies,
Oh dear Mother,
That everything is going to be alright.

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I was standing,
Near the rail road tracks,
Waiting for a freight train to pass,
Reading the graffiti as it passed by,
Inspired to write madness as it passed by.

White socks,
Blue Ribbon Beer,
When I’m gone,
Oh Mother Dear,
Will anyone remember me,
Except as graffiti on a passing train?

Jack and Coke,
On a cold December day,
Grab your cock and hope to die,
Before the train derails.

Village idiot,
Wandering the streets,
Looking for a suicide,
Is he dead,
Or is this a fucking dream during World War Three?
A nightmare,
Dripped in satin and lace,
Dipped in shit,
For all to see,
Projected on the movie screen?

All aboard the pain,
Fly away,
Is this the way home,
Or is this the way to nowhere fast?

Broken dreams,
On Broken Streets,
Covered in fleas,
Oh my friends,
Will they remember you,
When you are dead and gone?

A neutron bomb,
Straight to the brain,
Out of this world,
To the moon,
Wrapped in a dream,
Dipped in stool.

Riots in the street,
Oh god,
The misery,
The pain,
Tear down the system,
Burn it to the ground,
For fun and games,
Like kids at the zoo,
Watching it live,
Evening News,
Murder goons,
On laughing gas,
Huffing gasoline,
9:05 PM.
Hysterical monsters,
Warped on glue,
Running through the streets.

My mind is gone,
Out of that place,
Fifth and Vine,
Ain’t got no time,
Ain’t got no game.

In a pile of shit,
It’s a fucking mess,
A great disgrace,
A disease of the common man.

I wrote you a letter,
Set it on fire,
I wrote you a song,
To never be sung,
I ran away from Heaven,
Fell into Hell,
Rejected the reason,
That mindless fuck,
In the back of a broken truck.

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You read the sign,
And went on inside,
You didn’t regret the decision made,
You shrugged,
It seemed fine,
A place you’d bring a date?

Hollering over loud clanging knives,
The waitress came,
Her gum snapping in her mouth,
Writing something on a pad,
Even though you hadn’t ordered yet.


They didn’t serve breakfast,
You are dutifully informed,
Not on this cycle anyways.


She says,
Pulling your ear closer to her long alien tongue,
We only serve chicken here.

I’ll have that.

You say, thinking,
Wait, am I allergic to chicken?

I guess you’ll find out!
The waitress coolly hisses,
Slithering back from whence she came.

Is this reality?

I don’t know, it could be.

The life,
My friend,
Of a man,
Is what you see,
Above the ground,
Below the ground,
Turmoil digs,
Buries itself,
Away from sight.

Born to be free,
Dies in chains,
More fucking bills,
Lives his life in misery.

When the worth of a man,
Cannot be seen,
Born in blood,
Forged by fire,
Broken in body,
Spirit to be free.

Lie in the fallow,
Seeking the answers in the mire,
Live to die,
Die to live,
Hoping for nothing,
And dreaming of something,
That dear man,
Is free.

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Slices of life,
Poured out onto the blade,
Onto the plate,
Blow your mind,
With a bulletin to the brain,
Do not seek,
That answer,
From the needle bare,
Reach not into that darkest place,
Lie back,
Oh Master of this show,
Rolling down the track,

My life,
Flesh from that bone,
Thrown to wild dogs,
Fierce beasts,
Plundering the mind.

Can’t sleep,
My bed is one fire,
The house is aflame,
Jesus saves,
Blade there in my hand,
Time to play.

Nuclear bombs,
Falling from the air,
Trying to run away,
Mission control,
We ain’t got no time to play,
Sitting alone,
Waiting for a plane,
Living on borrowed time,
The leeches in my brain,
Draining me,
Of civil thought.

Fuck off!
Oh marry me!

Oh dear society,
What a dreadful whore you have become,
Why don’t you die?
Come away,
Fly with me.

Violent tendencies,
Towards sex,
Somewhere USA,
In your Chevrolet.

On a bed of nails,
Ripped to pieces,
Torn to bits,
Dare not scream,
Or they will hear you.


Burning brightly,
That flash of a moment,
Reaching out,
Falling out of control,
Into space,
They see you,
But dare not see you,
As then,
You are a failure,
To that American,

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Mission to the Sun — Let me caress your skull

Posted: February 19, 2020 in love
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I want to die,
A little longer,
A soft kiss,
In the middle of the night,
To feel you next to my skin,
To see,
To feel,
To live,
To last,
To explode,
In that midnight hour,
To hear you scream,
Out my name,
In that hour.

June 5th, 2019 – Louisville, Kentucky –

HELLLLPS!!! I on Fire!!!!!

Subject: I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? Part Deux.

I’m sitting here, a thunderstorm watch is in effect till tomorrow late evening, I’m not feeling too great emotionally, could be the atmosphere, but it could be my brain, it starts feeling like a loser and sometimes it’s right.

No worries out there, I’m not suicidal, at least not yet, maybe homicidal.

I’m just sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, I went outside, flipped off the world and came back in.

I have a soda pop, diet Coke, with extra artificial sweeteners added by the Coca-Cola Corporation to keep my rage up and my lust down to a minimum.

I decided to put ‘THE PENGUINS – EARTH ANGEL’ on for some reason.


I’m not even sure what to write here, I just feel like writing, even if nobody reads it.

Sometimes it feels like I’m the last retarded monkey on a planet full of intelligent elephants, stomping through the grass where I’m laying low from them.

“Don’t step on me!” I scream at them.

But they can’t hear me, they’re too busy with their thoughts, their ideas, their MTV.


I think we’re alone now, there’s just you, me and this bottle of wine, take my hand, and lets run through the vortex, into the abyss, while singing, ABBA’s dancing queen (It’s the remix version – techno days, why the hell not, I say!! Join me in tribute!!!)

I kid.

There’s no tribute.

But we can still dance.

Anyways, I just wanted to write something, silly, thoughtful, serious, and just so you can enjoy something yourself….


Build up your build,
Blow out your mind.

In 79,
I saw the light,
Felt the lines,
Drifting over the scene,
Of a murderous man,
Dreaming of Apocalypse,
Into the sweet good night,
Reference to,
A Valentine,
A lover,
A lust,
Can see you every night.

To that Devil,
Tommy is dying,
Slowly inside,
Since that day before,
That atom bottom,
Dropped on his heart,
30 percent off,
All the time,
Don’t promise,
More than you can keep,
Like a fleet,
Running away,
Into the sea,
Don’t believe,
Can’t you see?
Can’t you believe?

The summer comes,
Different lies,
Different ties,
Like a dead butterfly,
Wandering through a disease,
Put up with you,
Don’t believe,
Give in,
Got some more,
Heaven ain’t here,
Heaven ain’t there,
Everybody lies,
Everybody dies,
Nobody gets outta here alive,
Good night….
Neutron bomb!

Gin with strangers,
3 AM, in some bar,
Pink champagne,
On ice,
Some other place,
With better people,
But none speak English,
And lift their pinkies when they drink.

Gin with strangers,
Seedy place,
The bouncer is just a broom stick handle,
I don’t care,
Keep pouring em Joe,
My friends here are buying,
I say with a smile,
There ain’t no friends,
Just strangers at the bar,
They forgotten their own names,
Puke on their sleeves,
Wiped across the bar,
Names written on the bathroom wall,
For a good time call Shirley,
Or Maude,
Or Frank.

Two Forty Five,
Time is going backwards,
Like a shitty dance,
The gin is slowly acting,
Breaking a brain cell,
Worse than watching a late night talk show,
While taking sleeping pills,
Chased down with vodka.

4 AM,
The bar is closing,
The bottles are all dry,
The patrons petered out,
Misery loves company,
And all that Jazz,
One last gin,
A drabble in the glass,
Is that even a word?
I don’t remember.

Sins, drinks, flowing through a stream,
Sins, licks, trollops in skin tight jeans,
Juice, a glass, drink, repeat,
Gin with strangers,
Repeat another night!