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Running to the edge,
Please meet me there,
So I can see your face again,
Hold you in my arms,
To feel your kiss on my lips again,
To hear your words again,
Everything is going to be okay,
Don’t give in,
But I feel like giving in,
Giving up,
To run off the edge,
Into the abyss,
Some days,
It feels like I’ve already did.


She don’t cry,
Even when she’s broken,
She just sighs,
And walks away,
She’s alone,
In her heart,
And he sings,
A heart broken lullaby.

He don’t laugh,
And he don’t cry,
He just sighs,
And walks away,
He’s alone,
In his heart,
And he sings,
A heart broken lullaby.

They both know,
They are not alone,
Sitting in the dark,
Crying all alone,
They don’t want,
To fear the sunshine,
They don’t want,
To fell the pain,
They both sing,
A lonely song,
A heart broken lullaby.

They don’t lie,
Within the margins,
And they sigh,
At every word,
And they both sing,
A lonely song,
A heart broken lullaby.

Here I am,
Walking through a field of broken glass,
Of broken dreams,
A symphony of a million memories,
A million lifes,
All mixed into a lie,
Self denial,
Self worth,
An annihilation of that world,
Into a million bits,
Reaching out for heaven’s embrace,
Embracing the truth,
Bitter lies,
A single sigh,
A pace,
Into that night,
We go with peace,
Our eyes wide shut,
A peace,
Into a slumber that we shall never wake.

Life, Love and Decay of Society — Post Modern Love in Sex and Candy: A Biography of Life

We were sitting there; watching the trash cans ablazed in a fire fueled on by society’s refuse.

Broken records;
Reports of failed companies;
Waste and diseases of mankind’s troubled past,
And future,
Mixed into a cocktail of shit and piss,
And drank freely by the masses gathered about.

We were shitface by the time we reached Baltimore;
Freely dying inside,
But happily living,
Taking pills we bought,
Silently contemplating the road as it zipped by,
Lines passing lines,
Lines of white powder,
Freely going up our noses,
Combining with erotic imagery,
Freedom burning in that trash barrel,
Along with some DVDs we found along the way.

Little boys,
With their killing jars,
How precious,
With no problems,
With no moral objectives from the huddled masses.

Burn the bridges,
Burn the masses,
Killing them kindly with kindness,
Greed is a blessing,
A kindness,
Killing them is relief!

Dying on the vines,
Sweating out,
Blood in the water,
Greatly swirling around,
Dying sweetly on the vines,
Turning into wine,
To be drank at their funeral,
Their masses.

When we die,
Will they cry?
Praise us as heroes,
Or deem us traitors?

Here we were sitting,
Our blessings between our knees,
We watched as the fire burned
All our sins away,
The demise of society,
Went without a whimper,
Not even a sneeze.

Rest in peace,
Your broken times,
Your boring speeches,
Rest in peace,
Your rigged elections,
Your boring TV specials,
Good bye long roads to nowhere,
Good bye to your diseases,
Your fueld hatred of nothing,
Rest in peace society,
Your masses need not cry,
Like little children,
Running free,
Into fields of glass,
And broken dreams,

Good bye,
Sweet dreams,
Dare not wake again,
Let us be free,
Let us be at peace,
Nobody will miss you,
Good bye…

Tonight, I was cruising Twitter and noticed a trend; Darkness makes me feel.

I decided to write something; actually a couple of something, one for another site I write on and here on WordPress based off of this trend.

I’m not necessarily sad; not happy, kind of a mixture of both, which can lead to some interesting verse that I’ve decided to share with you.

I hope you enjoy!


Darkness makes me feel;
As if I am alive,
Barely breathing;
Embracing me in its arms,
Held close,
I wish it not to let me go,
Darkness makes me feel,
Like I am flying,
Wings spread wide,
In a cage,
A mix of emotions,
Burning deep inside,
I wish to be in the light,
But it burns,
Keeps me hidden away,
In that dark place,
Eyes closed,
Mind closed,
Wimpering sadly in that sad place,
Darkness makes me feel,
As if I’m not there,
Not breathing,
Just an illusion,
Drifting away,
From everything.

Checks and balances,
Running free,
To that deep purple sky,
A freedom,

The city, silent, 3 am,
Morning on the horizon,
Still far away,
A fat cat,
Sitting on the side,
Waiting for a meal,
To slide by.

He was dying,
Would take his last breath,
In 25 to 30 years.
No easy way out,
Nobody gets out of here alive,
The hands of fate,
Fighting for,
That release.

She was flying,
Her body lying on the floor,
A needle at her hand,
That last breath,
A miracle of that life,
Wasted away,
In a corner apartment,
That sigh,
That release,
That end,
To see,
To the sea,

Giving up,
To the world,
An ode,
To live,
To live with each rising sun,
To die,
To die with each setting sun!
Good night…

A planetary puked,
A society nuked?
The world doesn’t give a shit,
About your name,
About your face,
About your fate,
With barely a foot in the grave,
A hundred million voices exploding inside your brain,
Erupting into space,
Born to die,
Learn to live,
A legion of a billion marching away,
To that final day.

Where are we,
Oh brother?
Where have we found ourselves,
In this mire and muck?
Can we see through such heavy fog?
Fire falling from up above,
The leaders call it rain.

Can we not stand here,
And have our own place?
Can we not scream out our frustration,
And have our own gain?

Playing in Hell – The Hard Sound of Jazz

Standing on the street corner, half past midnight, a late show screaming inside my head, the sounds of a Jazz band playing, somewhere, couldn’t be slow?

Make a million dollars, put on a show,
Kill a million souls, let it rain on your soul,
Play the song I know,
That soul,
Deep down,
Sound of the midnight train,
Powering through the night,
Nowhere to go,
Only a fast slow gin,
Going down,
Send me home.

Kill a dollar nine,
Flying low,
Flying low,
Seems kind of slow,
But then you realize,
Make a million dollars,
Start a show,
Go with the flow,
See everything,
Tonight’s slow!

Reach up,
Don’t flow,
Don’t go,
Good night,
See ya tomorrow,
Goooooooddddd night!!!!!!!

A RAT FUCK was giving — or not?

Neon lights,
Flying bright,
Over the city,
Sleeping right?
Hardly waking,
In a scene,
A delight?

Life time memories,
In a cage,
Down into flames,
A second,
A lifetime,
Lost to the pain,
Life is,
What life is?

20 minutes into the future,
30 seconds back into the past,
The present,
Just a cluster fuck waiting for a bus.

Merry Mary,
Where do you go?
Time to tell our souls,
Where in time do you go?

Drinking gasoline,
On the side of the road,
A misery?
A silent T?
Five minutes to live?
Give up,
Be free!
Stop the world,
I wanna get off,
Fracking in the mind,
Of the world,
Fifty feet,
To a mile down,
Fleeing into space,
In a worn out automobile?

Flying through the stars,
A last huff,
Before we go,
Into that great goodbye,
See you tomorrow night,
Fleeing from…

To be continued…

Every day,
Is another day,
To die!!
Tomorrow will never come,
So just give up,
And live for today!
Cause yesterday sucked,
You might as well give up,
Give up and fight!!!

Flying through life,
In an aeroplane,
Everytime you fly,
Is a better way to die!
Flying through the sky,
At a million miles a second,
Took a drag,
And hit a mountain,
The flying through the air,
Doesn’t kill you,
It the sudden stop at the end that does!!

Drinking tequila,
With your congress,
Can be a trip,
If you give up and tell em,
With your congress,
Blame! BAME!!! PLANE!!!!
Flim flam man!!!

Give up,
It ain’t too hard,
Running away,
In my Chevrolet!!!
Tomorrow is just another day,
To die,
In a fiery crash!!!
Killroy was here,
On American Bandstand!!!

Turn on,
Give up,
And fly away,
In the mean time,
Mint julibee,

Talk to the man,
In your snazzy white jacket,
That snaps in the back!!
Drugs are cool,
Something about school!!!
Don’t do recess in your underwear!!!

Tomorrow is just another day to die,
Today is all that matters,
Yesterday is through,
Don’t give up the fight for life,
Cruisin’ in a plane,
Good night!!!!!!