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I want to bash your face in with a hammer! Die Motherfucker, die!

We were in the boys room,
Drinking gasoline,
Smoking cigarettes,
When I told you,
I wanted to kill you,
Bash in your fascist face,
Kill your mom,
Burn down your house,
Rock and roll,
Dangerous maniacs,
Inside my head,
Screaming out,
Death to death!!!

My dog hates you,
She thinks you’re a commie,
She wants to kill you,
Bash in your commie face,
Kill your mom,
Piss on your grave,
Burn down your house,
Dangerous maniacs,
Bipolar weavers,
Blind with rage,
A horror story,
In a romantic way,
I think I love you,
I still want to kill you.

I want to kill you,
Bash in your face,
With a baseball bat,
Tell the world,
You fell down a flight of stairs,
With that gun up your butt,
But I still love you,
But I kind of hate you,
You fascist commie bastard.
Die Batman, die you fascist zombie,
Go eat a neutron bomb,
Up your butt!!!!!!

Where was I?
I don’t remember,
Probably dying a little bit at a time,
Just like the mothers who said,
Eat and die,
You don’t lie,
To your mother,
The priests,
The politicians,
The guy down the street,
My dog hates your guts,
She thinks you’re a no good,
Commie bastard,
Probably from outer space,
Or Cleveland!

I want to smash your head in with a hammer,
Drink your brains,
Make love to your spleen,
I love you,
I hate you,
Can I kill you,
And make it look like an accidental suicide,
That you fell butt first on that rake?

Fuck you!!!!
You suck!!!
You should die!!!
Die! Die! Die!!!
I wanna smash your face,
You fascist commie mother fucking Nazi waste!!!
I want to slash your face!!!!!
Die! Bitch! Die!!
I think I love you,
Can we go out on a date??


Every day,
Is another day,
To die!!
Tomorrow will never come,
So just give up,
And live for today!
Cause yesterday sucked,
You might as well give up,
Give up and fight!!!

Flying through life,
In an aeroplane,
Everytime you fly,
Is a better way to die!
Flying through the sky,
At a million miles a second,
Took a drag,
And hit a mountain,
The flying through the air,
Doesn’t kill you,
It the sudden stop at the end that does!!

Drinking tequila,
With your congress,
Can be a trip,
If you give up and tell em,
With your congress,
Blame! BAME!!! PLANE!!!!
Flim flam man!!!

Give up,
It ain’t too hard,
Running away,
In my Chevrolet!!!
Tomorrow is just another day,
To die,
In a fiery crash!!!
Killroy was here,
On American Bandstand!!!

Turn on,
Give up,
And fly away,
In the mean time,
Mint julibee,

Talk to the man,
In your snazzy white jacket,
That snaps in the back!!
Drugs are cool,
Something about school!!!
Don’t do recess in your underwear!!!

Tomorrow is just another day to die,
Today is all that matters,
Yesterday is through,
Don’t give up the fight for life,
Cruisin’ in a plane,
Good night!!!!!!