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To strike,
Hard against those howling winds,
Maddening winds,
To rip that flesh from brittle bones,
To expose that soul to that misery,
To never see that brilliant sun rise again,
To dash us,sh
Those the followers,
The leaders,
The brilliant mad men,
Those mere mortals
Against that broken,
Rocky shore,
To tear,
Oh dear life,
Our only life,
From our weary souls,
Does not,
Oh sweet drink of wine from that cup of life,
Lie upon those distant shores?

Oh angel,
We your followers,
Seek that answer,
Troubled waters,
Deep ahead,
We pray,
To make it,


I saw your photo,
The other day,
A memory,
Those good memories,
Replaced by hate,
Glad you are happy,
With your true love,
But I hate how you,
Cut me,
Out of your life,
Like I didn’t exist,
Like I wasn’t a friend,
Who helped through the bullshit.

I know,
I will never see,
Your angel eyes again,
Like I saw,
A million times before,
I don’t even exist,
I didn’t even get to hear those words,
I don’t even exist,
As a memory to you,
I’ve been washed away,
I did love you,
In a breathe,
You broke my heart,
In two,
Without a kiss,

I woke up that morning,
My eyes filled with tears,
A dream,
A nightmare,
The station was filled,
Moving from here to there,
I felt nothing as I crossed the place,
A ghost,
Wandering through the masses,
A hand,
Whispers in the wind,
A distant memory,
Our first meeting,
On this earthly plane,
I felt your presence,
Peeking over my shoulder,
The scent of your perfume,
I heard your voice,
A slight whisper there,
I looked but did not see you,
How I wanted to see you,
Standing there,
Waving at me,
I’m here,
I’m here!

I walked home,
In the rain,
Never feeling it,
My eyes staring down at the ground,
The puddles forming there,
I wanted to skip away the pain,
To hear a joyous song come from your lips again.

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
Sweetness darling,
Carnal delight,
Heaven is missing an angel tonight.

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
I can see you,
In the still of night,
Hold you darling,
Forever tonight.

Love me forever,
Love me tonight,
The light in your eyes,
Making me fright,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight.

Oh darling,
In the night,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight!

I find myself all alone in the darkness,

I feel myself feeling lonely,

Another friend cast alone,

I feel myself getting lower,

A sea drowning me,

A loneliness I cannot unsee,

I wish I could undo,

The things Ive seen,

And done to you,

I see myself falling down,

I cannot hear the falling rain,

I cannot see the darkness fall,

I cannot love the dying days my friend,

I don’t walk away,

I don’t want to see you cry,

It don’t matter what I say,

Or what I do,

It all remains the same,

A tribute to nothing baby,

Nothing will make it right,

I don’t wanna go,

I don’t want to hurt you anymore.

She dances in moonlight,
With stars in her eyes,
And singing outloud,S
The world keeps on spinning,
The world is alive,
She laughs,
As she dances around,
The laughter begins,
Spirals around,
And around,
And around,
She twirls in madness,
A youthful innocence,
As the world spins around,
She is the light,
The moon,
And the stars,
She is everything,
And she is life itself.
She is my everything,
That song in my heart,
That breath in my lungs,
She is my heaven,
And my stars.

Summer Love Dying in Paradise Flying by a Poor Man Lying

Summer begins as winter ends, as a drifting whisper in the wind, a cry into the night, a fall from grace, too many pace, to end, to begin, a new.

We sat there in the night, looking into the stars, wishing upon one, that this night would never end, our arms wrapped around each other, holding on, never to release, even when miles apart.

Her name, a grace upon my lips, drifted into the sky, to fall onto the ears of sweet angels flying up above, looking upon the scene, to hear, to feel, that ancient love, a sweet day, for nothing but that love.

We all must die, but before that time, we all must live, we all must love, to find that love, to hold that love, to keep that love, is what we must strive for.

In that sweet night, making that passion a reality, to sing to heaven, our love, to feel that love, a most perfect way, to kiss, to lie, in the embrace of love, to sing, out, in angelic voices, to heaven’s ear.

Summer begins as winter ends, tis the way, of all seasons, to whisper in the wind, a cry, into that night, graces end, to lie in wait, embrace, to begin, anew again.

Sitting in the dark,
My soul,
My blood,
Slowly slipping away,
Into the dark,
This is the way,
Life should go.

I meant every word I said to you,
In the dark,
In the light of the day,
To feel your skin,
To kiss thy lips.

Here I sit,
At 3 AM,
It seem a fitting time,
To leave,
This mortal world,
That last kiss,
Of steel,
Across my wrists,
Of life,
That day,
That night,
I feel my soul,
These mortal realms,
To see,
That day,
I hear it,
In my brain,
Good night,
And good bye,
Into Angels’ arms I commend my soul,
Do not hate me,
Goodbye my life…..

To die,
Those left behind,
In darkness,
To weep,
To cry.

That pain,
Too deep to reach,
To explain to those outside,
To new loves,
That pain,
Locked away,
Still heard howling loudly,
Buried with thee,
My love.

There are no pills,
No magic elixir,
To make that pain,
Go away,

To forget you,
I have tried to explain it,
But only the rage,
The anger at that bastard death,
To shout it out,
This pain,
Hate myself,
For not being able to help you,
To protect you,
From that hand of death that day.

That pain,
It retreats,
Into that darkness,
From which it came,
Just for a few,
A break of moments,
To come back stronger,
In a fit,
I am pushed against the bricks,
Falling to the floor,
No one outside my shell,
Knows this pain,
That truth of hopelessness that I face.

No one.

To understand this fate,
To know,
They try,
To relate,
But only I,
Know that demon dark place.

Close my eyes,
To see her face,
She smiles,
Shining in that darkness,
Trying to bring me from this hell,
To see her as I sleep,
To dream,
Never wanting to wake,
To keep her from fading,
To leave me,

I want to hold her,
Hoping forever
Never comes,
To break that dream,
For when I awake,
I weep,
That pain,
Even stronger,
Dances its way into me.

Come back,
I cry,
To bring back,
That smile,
My heart,
My soul,
Bring back my life…..