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I was standing on the corner, watching life pass me by, a lady of the evening waltzing by, her dress pressed high against her thigh.

I tried to realize, what a maginificent thing this was, a man in a short coat wandering by, the sounds of the street drifted by, giving me a story, about losers, winners, trapped monkeys in tight suits, halos drifting over tracks of rusted steel, iron gold, flying low.

Where was the high crowd?

Those people in their top hats, lifting high among the seeds, to grow the trees, apples filled the bellies of hungry children, crying for their moms!

Piles of notes rift high among the cities, each one an olden history of microcosmic lustful dreams, Butte, Montana, copper king.

Top hats brimmed on streets of gold, wandering through misery of those poor.

Steam ships moved through the ports of Louisville, whores did try to make a new life, to feel rich inside, who was I to make it so?

History lies, tells stories to make us feel better, to make us proud of our ancestors!!!

Good night!!!