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Dear world,
Oh blessed,
Beautifully disgusting world,
You gave me everything,
That first breath,
You gave me nothing,
Ripped out that sweet love from my arms,
You gave me that vision of the stars,
High above,
But then showed me that vision,
Hell, to Fall,
From that Heaven’s grace.

That deep pain,
Heartless now,
Filled with rage,
I love you world,
I hate you world,
Fuck you world,
I wish for life,
And you give me death,
Oh cursed,
Blessed world,
Good night!

Note to my reader — New podcast, more focused on my humorous side of the coin, should rename it to Bipolar Express but for now, Random Podcast! Click here — RANDOM PODCAST — available on 6 different sites including Spotify, Google and Radiopublic! No poetry YET! But maybe soon!! ~grin~


You left me,
Soulless and afraid,
My heart ripped out,
Buried in that grave,
And I fell apart,
Into misery,
A broken heart,
Lives apart.

There upon the floor,
I fell down,
Upon my knees,
My tears a river,
Flowing to the sea.

Heaven is just a word,
To clear that misery,
Heaven is just Hell reversed.
Smoke drifting up,
From a midnight cigarette,
Smoked at 3 AM.

I don’t make promises,
I cannot keep,
I do not break the promises,
I made to you,
That night,
That life,
A thousand years ago,
It seems,
A different life indeed.

Here I am,
Trying to live my life,
To keep that promise that I made to you,
To keep on living,
To live,
To watch the stars,
A midnight sky,
A shooting star,
Making a wish that you were still here,
To see you one more time,
That the day would last forever,
One last kiss,
Under that sky,
Here I am,
Wishing on shooting stars.

When you think the world is your oyster,
It is not!
Just when you think you got it all figured out,
You really don’t!
The rules get changed,
The lights go out,
Sitting in the dark,
Wondering where it all went wrong!
Hundred miles an hour,
Stopped by a wall,
Dead in your tracks.

America by Allen Ginsberg

You followed the rules,
Did what was right,
What you thought was right,
But found out,
You just ain’t right!

Sitting on the rail road tracks,
Waiting for the 12:35 to come through,
It is half past two.

Train hasn’t been through,
Since, 1952!
Like you,
Ready to be pulled up,
But still there,
A monument to what was,
But shall never be again.

Words of advice?
None here,
None there,
Go West?
Go here?
Where is here?
Hear the words,
From that promised land,
Give up,
It’s all a recording,
Made in 1973!

Facing that way,
Crossed legs,
Arms folded in defiant motions,
Sitting there,
On the railroad tracks,
Heart breaking,
Heart aching,
The train,
Steaming along,
That train,
Barreling down,
And faster,
Do I dare not pull away,
Sitting there, waiting,

It seems,
Like it was yesterday,
Fine young men,
There in fancy balls,
With their dames,
These men,
One lies dead,
The other,
A walking corpse,
His mind,
The end,
Sitting there,
On the railroad tracks,
Thinking about the day,
Mister! Mister! Get away!!
Run away,
He doesn’t move…