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There stood in the doorway,
Was the man who would love her,
For her,
I felt her breathing, against my body form,
The world was spinning around us,
As we made love,
Till 5 in the morning,
A lustful sigh,
As our bodies ejaculated,
Filling our souls,
Filling our lungs,
Screams cheered,
Against the dying of the light,
Eyes red,
Is this misery full of lust?

Somebody wrote me a letter,
Making things complicated,
I’d want to hear her moan,
Driving her to Heaven’s door,
A hush affair,
As we made love till the morning aired.

The person
Of distant rage,
Screaming at the dying light,
Felt the motion,
Of the ocean,
Against her hair,
He cried,
As he felt her near,
That time,
Of his blessed life.

To this day,
We shall not sing,
That song,
That misery,
It all right,
I dare not venture,
Into silence,
Where the dark grows near.


Oh magical time,
To feel the wine,
We saw the light disappearing into the windless night.

Oh magical witness,
To a horrible event,
Sprayed across our eyes,
We saw the end of our love foreseen.

Life saw a naked time,
To run away,
To scream in pain,
Is this the end,
My last friend?

Simon lived on a sideway street,
Nobody has seen that crazy beat,
Where are we standing if we’re not standing our ground?

The three sat by the bay, watching the waves,
Dreaming of America,
The Beautiful,
The Ugly,
The in-betweens.

The world,
Was doing,
Just fine,
Unless you asked its mom.

Four minutes to midnight,
The bombs went off,
But nobody realized,
Cause the news wasn’t on.

Everybody has a story to tell,
If anyone cares to listen,
Just sit there,
And learn the lesson well.

So many,
Ejaculating through the Mind,
To cause revelations,
In dreams,
Hello oh lovely dream,
I see you brought your friend,
Detested nightmare!

Good night,
Oh dear reader,
Till tomorrow,
Rest your sorrows!

Ransom slashed,
Half past eleven,
Nobody sees ya,
Man ain’t got no time for that.

Slow ride east,
Left train,
Half past twelve,
On the Eastern track,
Going nowhere fast,
Lost my mind,
To a bottle of Jack,
July 10th, 1953,
In a waste paper basket,
Filled with fleas,

Resume broken,
No jobs,
For two years,
Except shoveling coal,
And other stuff,
Five years to life,
Chasing broken dreams,
Drinking those shattered bottles to dream.

We were waiting on the platform waiting for the booze to hit our brains, to remove us from this horrid dream, trapped in a box car heading for the moon.

The Pope was waiting for bus to Boise, Idaho, appearing as an old man dressed in drag, waiting for a hag. Who told the Man he could relax?

Communist pamphlets, wailing down, trying to find an angry hit, fucked in the ass, screaming with joy, at Christmas time?

Fireworks blew? Flew? Fuck, I don’t know, where were we, in faggish dress, trying to find a car to take us there.

We wrote, letters to the president, congressmen, writing to the moon, letters to our dead parents. How did we make it through childhood traumas, to not kill ourselves with chocolate flair?

In the morning, we woke up hung over, our cocks in our hands, our writings still in our hands, waiting to release, cosmic seed.

Joe flew into the night mare winds, trying to find that bridge, finding that dollar among the booze, a last smile as she screwed me.

Waklking through the streets, looking for a suicidal mood, a girl to fuck, a pregnancy scare, our boys can still swim, even at 82.

I was drinking, drunk at half past two, nightmares, dreaming of better times, listening to sad songs, a reminder of a better life.

Translations misunderstood, words thrown against a bitter sky, a lie, a kiss, a desire misspoken at half past midnight, oh bitter mood.

The doors closed, sealing us into the darkness. The movie wasn’t suppose to start for another twenty minutes, but there we sat, looking into the blackness, mankind settling into the lack of light, a severity of madness gripping our minds since birth.

The movie began, single point of life, the beginning of the end, a trial by a solemn title, thrown up onto a busted screen. Was this the way our innocence would end, not by our own actions, but our own inactions?

Mad men began to preach; bring out your idle hands, dare not be tempted by Demon delights, the fallen life, incoherent words devilishy thrown into a mix of lies, single polarity, that innocence lost, the door wide open to that temptation.

To those still not lost, speak not, of those idle hands, grab up the spade, and till the fertile soil, be that man to stand proudly, without sin, at those Heaven Gates, upon your timely departure from those mortal bounds.

Running through madness
Looking for an angry fix,
Trying to find life,
In a bottle of rubbing alcohol,
Jesus at a traffic light,
At the end of the Universe,
Everyone wearing some kind of reflective mask,
To shine away their reality,
Hidden deep inside.

Dirty lies,
Flowing lyes,
Singing in the world’s shower,
Ninety Eighty Four,
Ripped from time and space,
Listening to the end of the world’s record,
In a crystal bottle.

Flying through a whirl pool,
Trapped in a fly trap,
Ain’t got not wings,
Lost them years ago,
Fellow man,
Here comes the last train,
To the Apocalypse.

I was standing at the corner,
Of Eastern and Arizona,
Waiting for a bus,
When the world began to fall!

Looking at the sky
As the moon began to cry,
Listen to the sounds,
Of the dying of a nation,
Waiting for the fall,
And the world began to die.

I saw the naked lad preaching to the crowd about the coming of the end,
They bowed down,
And prayed,
To the neon god they mad,
The subway prophets,
Preached about the coming of the end,
To see the rivers and the oceans dry,
A pagan rite to the end,
Voting in the end of humanity.

In that lie,
We prophesize,
A new generation
Of a better land,
A place to be,
A place to see,

Dare not fear the coming of Death,
It shall come for all of us some day,
Live life like this shall be your last day,
Feel those emotions,
Do not wait,
For Death to appear,
Live for life,
Enjoy for life,
See the rainbow,
Kiss the rain,
Sing joyously to that night sky,
Dare not wait to feel the embrace of life,
Of love,
You shall meet again,
Those lost in Death,
Once again,
But till then,

Rise into the sun,
The morning of our life,
To see the falling of our misery,
To live,
To see,
To feel the morning mist on our faces.
We took to the skies,
Our throttles,
Our cocks,
We played with them
Till they fell apart,
A siren to that nuclear bomb falling from the sky/

We see the kiss,
That kills us,
To flee,
To feel!