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I started to drink; 5:45, I shouldn’t drink but nobody here, all by myself, worst and best time to drink, Bar fly is findable online but I’m listening to Angerfist Hoax, it makes sense, all our heroes are fake, the truth did not set us free, we didn’t find Jesus and when we did, his representatives, molested us, made us feel ashamed, like we were the ones who did wrong and not the other way around.

It’s the same with politicians.

They lie, cheat, steal, etc. etc. and they make us feel like we are whores leading them down the road to Satan.

Fuck the world, I want to get off, find myself, lose myself, give up, let go, what place are we in?

I try to call my therapist.

Her messages are full.

Society never disappoints, I knew from day one society was full of shit.

We, the people, voted for this shit, congregated into our own thoughts, we are cowards, thinking They are doing what is right, they aren’t.

They take bribes to keep themselves rich.

Are we not mad?

No, we hide in our basements now, fearing some sickness, as the politicians keep breathing.

Mother can you hear me?

I want to die, and never come back.

Good night….


Oh blessed rain,
Onto the ground you fall,
To wash the tears away,
To cleanse the soul.

In that dream,
We fled,
Behind us,
Drifting away,
To be torn to shred,
To not be read,
Oh soulless,

There in silence,
We screamed,
Into darkness,
We did see,
Our true selves,
Our realities.