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She was not particularly pretty, just alone, I heard her as she jogged along, a heartbeat away as I hid in the bushes, waiting for her, smelling her perfume. 

Exotic scent, driving me, the knife in my hand, I felt the handle pushing hard into my skin, would this be an easy kill? 

There she was, running by me, she stopped.   

Did she know this was her day to die? 

I slipped from the darkness and grabbed her, my arms wrapping around her, the knife at her throat, I pulled her into the bushes, she did not scream, a slight whimper escaping her lips. 

“Please…whatever you want, just take it!” she cried slightly. 

I smiled as I smelled her hair, jasmine, just like my sister used. 

I felt my hand pull the blade across her throat, hard, digging into her skin, the blood erupting from the deep wound, splashing everywhere, she tried to scream but all that came was a gurgle, the blood flooding her airway. 

“See you in Hell bitch!” I whispered into her ear, already unhearing, her body grown limp as death took her. It was more for my sake that I said those words. 

My first kill, on record of course, I had killed others, but never discovered, homeless folks, nobody cared about them, another body found in the river, face down in the water. 

The news was alive the next day. 

Woman found dead in park. 

She was twenty-three. 


Sad really. 

No boyfriend to cry at her grave. 

No mother. 

Father left when she was three. 

Very sad story. 

Tragic really. 

They showed her photo. 

High school graduation photo. 

Lovely girl. 

She was going to be a hair stylist. 

She had a few acquaintances. 

A semi-close friend, a boy, just becoming a man. 


“She…I can’t believe…” he mumbled in held back tears at the camera. 

I laughed. 

Cock sucker. 

Now, now, we must not cuss, it is not polite. 

I nodded to myself in the mirror. 

Gleeful smile across my lips. 

There was a police sergeant on the television. 

He looked grim. 

Scowl on his face. 

“We will catch whoever did this!” he almost growled into the camera. 

The reporter held the microphone into his face, catching his words. 

I nodded. 

A game to play, someone to kill for, my mind said. 

Again, I nodded. 

This would be a fun game. 

I turned off the tv.  

I felt myself get hard at the thought of that pretty girl. 

Sarah was her name, I think. 

I laid back on the couch, unzipping my pants. 

I grabbed my cock hard, beginning to masturbate, hard. 

Sarah was there, riding my hard erect penis. 

She smiled at me. 

I smiled back, grabbing her, holding her. 

She moaned. 

I felt myself cum, hard. 

She vanished into the air. 

I cried. 

I was a bad boy. 

Mother would be mad if she saw me now. 

I went into the bathroom and showered. 

The water felt warm, good, against my skin. 

Were there voices coming from the living room? 


Did you take your meds boy? 

There it was, father’s voice, stern, coming from the hallway. 

I scowled. 

He was dead. 

I know he was, I killed him with a hammer to the head, five, no, it was ten years ago. 

Boy, you better talk to me! 

I shook my head. 

No father, I didn’t, fuck you, you’re dead. Buried. Reported missing. 

No more voices. I chased them away. 

I crawled into my bed; comforter pulled up against my chin. 

Good night world, see you tomorrow. 

I giggled as I fell asleep. 



A Poem inspired by lyrics in a different way than could be imagined.

No person is referred directly in this poem.

But it’s for Steve.

You suck Steve!

Hiding my face,
Sick of looking,
For answers,
As you bury the truth,
Inside a pile,
Of that shit,
You call a life.

I disguise myself,
That I’m doing alright
While hating you,
I hate your face,
I hate the fact,
I let you into my heart,
I hate the fact,
Your face still comes up,
I want to rip your eyes out,
Tear your throat out with my teeth,
Like a wild wolf,
Rampaging against a leash,
I wish you nothing but a painful death,
A horrible rash on your ass,
I hope your children are blind,
Who fall from your worthless womb,
And splat to the ground.

I may have lost my way,
I may have lost my mind,
Standing here,
In the middle of broken dreams,
Locked in hateful thoughts,
I try to scream,
But my voice is trapped inside,
I am losing hope,
Trying to find something,
Maybe a way to erase the memories,
Wear a disguise,
To hide my rage,
I will leave your memory,
Out in the sun,
To let the crows eat you away,
A memory lost.

I hope you get a sickness,
Incurable by modern meds,
I hope you live in pain,
I hope your limbs rot and fall off,
Leaving still alive,
Trapped inside that worthless body,
Your mind screaming for death,
But it never comes,
Rot in Hell,
I hope you die,
I hate you,
I want to bash in your face,
I want to rip out your eyes,
I want to be there when you fall,
I want to laugh,
As you cry out in pain!!
I want to bash your head in,
With my fist,
Over and over,
I hope you have a great day.