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Take the misery,
Fly away,
Take the pills,
Oh dear god,
Where am I tonight?

Mish mashed into sighs,
There are no lies tonight,
Fly away,
Oh sentry,
Into the deep dark night,
Mindless ramblings,
3 AM,
Half pass nine,
The girls in the back room,
Taking lines,
Seeing fine,
Is this the coming of the glory?

Was it that long ago?
I was living,
Out on the beach,
Whispering pines,
The sun arose,
To the sins of those fallen,
Was this how it was suppose to end?

The nightmare awoke,
To a thunderous applause,
The end was near,
We sensed it,
We could feel it,
Rambling on,
We fought ahead,
A gun in each hand,
Imaginary enemies,
At the door,
Screaming to be let in.

We saw their eyes,
Felt their hot breathe,
Was this the end?
The smell of alcohol,
Poured into a dirty glass,
It was dying, 1993,
Could we be that dumb?

We wandered down the beach,
Holding each others hands,
The light was dying,
As we were lost in a romance,
A wilderness of pain,
All our life,
We were sinners,
Beginning to feel the end,
Waiting for that rain,
The Goddess died,
The world span,
We danced,
Felt it all,
Oh Children of the King,
The Lord has come,
To see the feats of modern man,
Ride the highway,
The west is the rest,

The desert wind blew, a simple tune, aware, we could not see our flesh, pulling into that nightmare, is this peace our end?

Johnny laid in wait,
Rest eternally,
Gone from the madness of this world,
We sat,
We dare not cry,
For the tears would burn our skin,
Was this end of that world?
Our youth flying away,
To be embraced,
By the aged?

Good night,
Good night,
Till we meet again,
I shall say good night…