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The politicians,
And all the rest,
Fuck us in the ass,
And tell us,
It’s for the best!

Wanna get rich?
Start a church,
Tell the people,
You need billions of dollars,
Then build a mansion or ten,
To God,
Or to Bob,
Welcome to the world,
Ain’t it great?

Rock and roll,
Bombs fall,
I hate you,
You hate me,
Fuck the rich,
Eat the poor!

Do you wanna die?

Fuck I don’t know,
Fuck I guess,
Cut myself to see,
If I still have a soul!

Hitting buttons,
Random thoughts,
Do you wanna,
Wanna what?

Why do I feel like this?
Do I wanna fly?
Do I wanna…..
Wanna be alive?

I’m a nothing,
And nobody..




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Somebody has to give a little,
Somebody has to know,
I’m here,

The soul wanted to die,
But the body kept going,
Entrapping the soul,
Moving dead,
For the friends,
For the family,
Where is the sun?

Music to kill others to?
Too violent oriented,
Too current events,
It would not do!

Music to kill yourself to?
Too depressing,
Too current events,
It would not do!



Hear the bells,
Cheering us on,
Step by step,
We run,
We stumble,
We fall,
We sit,
We say fuck it all!!!!


Oh kill yourself world,
To cleanse those dastardly deeds,
Done against her,
That Mother Earth,
Brought on by political games,
To gain,
To earn,
As all games played,

I saw,
With my own eyes,
The dying of the light,
To be,
A simple death,
But to live,
In such a world,
Is such a Hell.

I saw with my eyes,
The fanning of the flames,
To quench the need
For endless wars,
And bias in the ranks,
Demon words,
Spoken with Patriotism,
So as not to spook the sheep,
The unwinding of the clock,
Tis 11:59 and the world is not sad,
Tis life,
Good night.

Madness – A POEM

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Oh madness,
My madness,
Embrace me in that sweet night,
To hold me,
Oh deep,
I wait by the phone,
Dare to sleep,
You may call,
My deep,
Oh sweet,
I weep,
The phone does not ring,
I hear,
Oh madness,
Call me my madness,
Dare I sleep?
I dare not,
To miss your voice,
In that grain of chance,
You may call,
My madness,
My soul,
My life,
To die,
Would be magic,
If you were to hold me,
Dear madness,
Oh madness,
Call me dear,
Sweet words,
From your lips,
No dear,
No tears,
Oh madness,
Dear madness…

Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl” (Big Table Chicago Reading, 1959)

A definition and historical reference to “Blackout poetry” can be found here. I’d like to call my rendition, “Cutup and rework” as inspired by the likes of Brion Gysin and¬†William S.¬†Burrough.

I worked a piece of what I call “Google Art” hitting the Google images, typing in random thoughts, words, ideas, as they hit my brain and open up Photoshop and just being creative, cutting up and moving around words, adding my own as I see fit, am inspired by whatever at the time.

I add my words just for fun and games, a piece to get my brain going, which it needs every so often, a kick start.

William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg shaking their head in that Heavenly space, but smiling none the less

I saw the best generation,
Destroyed by starving,
Hysterical naked,
Angry angelheaded hipsters,
Heavenly connection to the machinery of the night.

Oh madness,
Does it see…
Does it hear,
Those maddening words,
Of that enraged society?

Who tells those,
Down in the ghetto streets,
Who the bell tolls?

Oh giant bells,
To gather up,
All the whores,
The crackheads,
The bishops,
And the Royalty,
Tell them,
The world is near,
The end of that run,
Oh blessed night,
To humanity’s farewell sleep.

To the dogs,
We feed our lies,
Our lives,
We shall not know,
When that time comes,
For we shall be too busy dying,
Into those shallow graves…

Obscene words,
Published on the walls,
Into those dreams,
Of seeping madness,
Falling down rabbit holes,
To seek,
Oh dear me,
To keep falling,
A joy ride into madness,
Roaring into that kind,
To chain themselves,
To unholy flees,
To keep,
Brilliance in that unholy nightmare,
Drinking stale beer,
The jukebox,
Aged themes.

Can you hear me screaming into that sweet goodnight?
Do you not see my madness, seeping out?

The world ended as it had begun, into nothing.

We stood there,
Our guns in our hands,
Battle torn,
To death,
For honor,
We went to our knees,
The blood on our hands,
Fell to the land,
We had killed our fellow man,
For nothing more than,
Mothers trying to feed their children,
Fathers protecting what little they had,
We killed them all on the orders of The Man,
For what?
My gun fell my hand,
To the bloody ground,
My rage left,
For this battle,
And in the end,
I was not the solution,
I became the problem,
Against my fellow man…

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Slices of life,
Poured out onto the blade,
Onto the plate,
Blow your mind,
With a bulletin to the brain,
Do not seek,
That answer,
From the needle bare,
Reach not into that darkest place,
Lie back,
Oh Master of this show,
Rolling down the track,

My life,
Flesh from that bone,
Thrown to wild dogs,
Fierce beasts,
Plundering the mind.

Can’t sleep,
My bed is one fire,
The house is aflame,
Jesus saves,
Blade there in my hand,
Time to play.

Nuclear bombs,
Falling from the air,
Trying to run away,
Mission control,
We ain’t got no time to play,
Sitting alone,
Waiting for a plane,
Living on borrowed time,
The leeches in my brain,
Draining me,
Of civil thought.

Fuck off!
Oh marry me!

Oh dear society,
What a dreadful whore you have become,
Why don’t you die?
Come away,
Fly with me.

Violent tendencies,
Towards sex,
Somewhere USA,
In your Chevrolet.

On a bed of nails,
Ripped to pieces,
Torn to bits,
Dare not scream,
Or they will hear you.


Burning brightly,
That flash of a moment,
Reaching out,
Falling out of control,
Into space,
They see you,
But dare not see you,
As then,
You are a failure,
To that American,

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I was high,
As a kite,
Waiting for Jesus,
At a bus stop,
Trying to run away,
To a different place,
A different body.

Have you,
My friend,
Seen the monster,
Boldly dancing in the dark,
Treated like that outsider,
Bathing inside,
To reach into that place,
To find themselves,
There in cosmic space,
Tearing bone from flesh,
To dare not weep,
To dare not cry,
In fear to be a weakling?

Count down,
From the count of zero,
Inspired to write,
A love song,
To the Devil.

I hear the voices plentiful,
In that midnight hour,
Blew up your mind,
Into space,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
Could be a train.

The rain falling into my face,
That last minute,
Looking up,
Into that dark sky,
To find my life,
Playing in that rain,
In a fantasy world,
Far away.

A day without sunshine,
Little pieces of paper,
To bend,
Your mind.

Neal died on the Fifth of July,
Lost his day,
On a trip into space,
Heaven’s name,
We prayed,
To the Moon,
To see the sea,
Life was fucked.

We ran away,
The fire at our back,
The wind,
Blowing away our life,
Burning our bridges,
Before we crossed.

Exposing those nerves,
Those lives,
To lose forever,
Into the dying light,
Passing time,
Flames consume our lies.

This is not the end,
This is not the beginning,
This is,
This is it.

Fly into the sky,
To touch that space,
To be lost,
Behind that mask,
We killed,
That beast,
Lurking outside,
Devouring the children.

So involved in our own insanity,
Who knows what is reality.

Death to that man,
Long live that man,
Reaching to wonder,
Losing myself to life,
To love,
To hate,
Fly, my dear soul,
To that Heaven’s embrace,
I shall not see,
Those eyes,
I want to get out of here,
My mind,
Oh dear insanity,
Keep me,
Keep me away,
I woke up,
I found myself in a box,
Heading for home,
Can we ever go home again?
None of this ever happened,
Can’t go home again,
When they tore it down to the ground,
Good night,
Good bye.

A soft kiss – a poem

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A soft kiss,
A soft moan,
A memory,
You are my life,
My soul,
That girl,
Who makes me moan,
Who makes me see god,
You are my love,
You are my everything!!
I feel myself explode inside her,
She presses inside of me,
Her hands scratching my back,
To her life explode,
My evertything!

How it all began,
A simple time,
In that place,
I had a master plan,
I tried to take some pills,
To stay,
In some kind of control.

Don’t you love me,
Can’t you hear me scream,
At those walls?

Heads are going to roll,
Look into my eyes,
See that madness lingering there,
I may not see heaven,
I but I have seen Hell.

I shall master that task,
Which seems,
Difficult to complete,
A disease,
Of that place,
In my mind,
Too far for those pills,
To reach.

When I die,
I shall go out with a roar,
A swing of the sword,
In that so called,
And end to that misery.