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I want to hurt you,
Make you cry,
Make you bleed,
Like you did to me,
I want to tear up our love,
Flush it down the toilet,
See it flee,
A memory,
Even if I find some one to love me,
I want to see you bleed,
In misery,
You will hurt,
Want to see you die,
Just to die again,

August 14th, 2019 – Rapid City, South Dakota – Mood: Fucked up!

I’m sitting here, happily numb to the world’s news, could care less about anything going on in the world of politics, sports, or even the morning news, that news which is happily digested with the random peoples’ coffee and eggs and burnt toast.

I’m starting to watch the movie Howl – 2010 – the story based on that famous work by Allen Ginsberg, Howl, I decide to write, quickly jot down my thoughts, before they escape into the fogs of my mind, where they will disappear into the slowly fading mist.

I don’t know what the say, what to write, I just type, best minds of my generation died before they were even born.

My generation, who almost killed themselves on lawn darts, good thing the parents of the next generation stopped that madness, that fuckery, before their kids died.

My parents didn’t care.

They were like, here’s a sharp pointy thing, go play outside and leave us alone, go die, your generation will probably be the last.

We weren’t the last.

We had a generation and that generation is close to having theirs if they haven’t already.

We were drinking wine; tall glasses, broken glasses, in places where madness reigned, and the girls were pretty.

We died in paradise, our dreams worthless, pouring tall glasses of wine, topping them off with gin and singing songs about Mary and Sue, in June, in fields of green grass, we laid, and laughed and told stories about lost love.

This was were the world would die, not in a loud scream, but in silence, to die, in bitter haste of silent rage, a new day.

Dear world, in God’s name, we pray, to cum into bottles and throw them away, our seed wasted, blasphemy.

We were white, black, Jews, we were dying just the same.

Fuck you screamed the man in the black robes, trying to find himself, in a mindless place, losing his mind, wishing to slit his wrists, to let the blood flow free, to die, a winner, not some loser, trying to find a fix on the corner of Sixth and Elm, to dream, impossible dreams, to see, that fixture in the glory of a world built on nightmares and ledges, razor blades on crank, snorting it all up our noses, to waste away in that madness.

Jesus saves,


Glorify that, word, masturbation with sand paper and lye.


Pick your fights.

Pick your nose.

Glory! Glory! Oh fucking Glory!

Good night!


Slammed in life,
Slammed in death,
Slammed every where,
Down here,
Over there,
Freak out,
Reach out,
Seemingly fucked up,
Can you even use that word?
Fuck it,
Who cares,
Slammed for using a word,
Generations full of fucked up fuckers,
Shitfaced liars,
Sitting on broken dreams,
Fuck you,
Fuck you,
Go fuck yourself,
There in the midnight madness,
I saw,
Yes I saw,
That generation,
Taken away in chains,
By cocksuckers.

Dreams die,
Washed away in terrible waves,
So long,
Fare well,
Fuck off…


A Poem inspired by lyrics in a different way than could be imagined.

No person is referred directly in this poem.

But it’s for Steve.

You suck Steve!

Hiding my face,
Sick of looking,
For answers,
As you bury the truth,
Inside a pile,
Of that shit,
You call a life.

I disguise myself,
That I’m doing alright
While hating you,
I hate your face,
I hate the fact,
I let you into my heart,
I hate the fact,
Your face still comes up,
I want to rip your eyes out,
Tear your throat out with my teeth,
Like a wild wolf,
Rampaging against a leash,
I wish you nothing but a painful death,
A horrible rash on your ass,
I hope your children are blind,
Who fall from your worthless womb,
And splat to the ground.

I may have lost my way,
I may have lost my mind,
Standing here,
In the middle of broken dreams,
Locked in hateful thoughts,
I try to scream,
But my voice is trapped inside,
I am losing hope,
Trying to find something,
Maybe a way to erase the memories,
Wear a disguise,
To hide my rage,
I will leave your memory,
Out in the sun,
To let the crows eat you away,
A memory lost.

I hope you get a sickness,
Incurable by modern meds,
I hope you live in pain,
I hope your limbs rot and fall off,
Leaving still alive,
Trapped inside that worthless body,
Your mind screaming for death,
But it never comes,
Rot in Hell,
I hope you die,
I hate you,
I want to bash in your face,
I want to rip out your eyes,
I want to be there when you fall,
I want to laugh,
As you cry out in pain!!
I want to bash your head in,
With my fist,
Over and over,
I hope you have a great day.

I want to bash your face in with a hammer! Die Motherfucker, die!

We were in the boys room,
Drinking gasoline,
Smoking cigarettes,
When I told you,
I wanted to kill you,
Bash in your fascist face,
Kill your mom,
Burn down your house,
Rock and roll,
Dangerous maniacs,
Inside my head,
Screaming out,
Death to death!!!

My dog hates you,
She thinks you’re a commie,
She wants to kill you,
Bash in your commie face,
Kill your mom,
Piss on your grave,
Burn down your house,
Dangerous maniacs,
Bipolar weavers,
Blind with rage,
A horror story,
In a romantic way,
I think I love you,
I still want to kill you.

I want to kill you,
Bash in your face,
With a baseball bat,
Tell the world,
You fell down a flight of stairs,
With that gun up your butt,
But I still love you,
But I kind of hate you,
You fascist commie bastard.
Die Batman, die you fascist zombie,
Go eat a neutron bomb,
Up your butt!!!!!!

Where was I?
I don’t remember,
Probably dying a little bit at a time,
Just like the mothers who said,
Eat and die,
You don’t lie,
To your mother,
The priests,
The politicians,
The guy down the street,
My dog hates your guts,
She thinks you’re a no good,
Commie bastard,
Probably from outer space,
Or Cleveland!

I want to smash your head in with a hammer,
Drink your brains,
Make love to your spleen,
I love you,
I hate you,
Can I kill you,
And make it look like an accidental suicide,
That you fell butt first on that rake?

Fuck you!!!!
You suck!!!
You should die!!!
Die! Die! Die!!!
I wanna smash your face,
You fascist commie mother fucking Nazi waste!!!
I want to slash your face!!!!!
Die! Bitch! Die!!
I think I love you,
Can we go out on a date??