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Death ain’t real
Till you’ve experienced the lost from it,
She was all I had,
Sitting at the bar this night,
Pour me a tall one,
I will tell you the tale,
Weep for you,
A fallen man,
From the grace of Heaven,
Expelled into Devil’s hand,
Took everything I had,
Took my sunshine,
And turned it into darkness,
Dashed me against the rocky shores,
Left me a broken man,
Deemed not fit to pass,
From these mortal bounds,
To wander,
Through those darkened lands,
That are my mind,
Do not cry,
Oh Lord,
You laughed,
And had your fill at my misery,
Dare not care,
I am already in Hell,
Inside my mind.

Close your eyes,
A memory,
A dream,
Is this fucking reality?
A twisted lie,
Ripped from those lies,
Seeping into stages,
Drowning in tears…

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I was high,
As a kite,
Waiting for Jesus,
At a bus stop,
Trying to run away,
To a different place,
A different body.

Have you,
My friend,
Seen the monster,
Boldly dancing in the dark,
Treated like that outsider,
Bathing inside,
To reach into that place,
To find themselves,
There in cosmic space,
Tearing bone from flesh,
To dare not weep,
To dare not cry,
In fear to be a weakling?

Count down,
From the count of zero,
Inspired to write,
A love song,
To the Devil.

I hear the voices plentiful,
In that midnight hour,
Blew up your mind,
Into space,
The light at the end of the tunnel,
Could be a train.

The rain falling into my face,
That last minute,
Looking up,
Into that dark sky,
To find my life,
Playing in that rain,
In a fantasy world,
Far away.

A day without sunshine,
Little pieces of paper,
To bend,
Your mind.

Neal died on the Fifth of July,
Lost his day,
On a trip into space,
Heaven’s name,
We prayed,
To the Moon,
To see the sea,
Life was fucked.

We ran away,
The fire at our back,
The wind,
Blowing away our life,
Burning our bridges,
Before we crossed.

Exposing those nerves,
Those lives,
To lose forever,
Into the dying light,
Passing time,
Flames consume our lies.

This is not the end,
This is not the beginning,
This is,
This is it.

Fly into the sky,
To touch that space,
To be lost,
Behind that mask,
We killed,
That beast,
Lurking outside,
Devouring the children.

So involved in our own insanity,
Who knows what is reality.

Death to that man,
Long live that man,
Reaching to wonder,
Losing myself to life,
To love,
To hate,
Fly, my dear soul,
To that Heaven’s embrace,
I shall not see,
Those eyes,
I want to get out of here,
My mind,
Oh dear insanity,
Keep me,
Keep me away,
I woke up,
I found myself in a box,
Heading for home,
Can we ever go home again?
None of this ever happened,
Can’t go home again,
When they tore it down to the ground,
Good night,
Good bye.

Life advice,
Don’t get uptight,
When you think you can’t take it,
Just don’t break it,
Settle down,
Reach out,
Find your center,
Find your life.

Listen to the music,
Inside your head,
Don’t worry,
Be happy,
Isn’t that how that song goes?

Get high,
On life,
Fly with the butterflies,
Into that darkness that wants to kill us all,
Do not fear that Reaper,
We all must face him someday,
This day,
We live,
We love,
We dance…..