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A couple of weeks ago, I got bored, I didn’t feel like writing poetry, nor did I feel like writing a fictional story from the prospective of my belly button and my sites were feeling left out, so I decided to create a whole new project—– ONLY MOVIE REVIEW SITE YOU’LL EVER NEED!! (Click to go to the general site) So far, there’s four movies, of such greatness, you’ll be amazed that you have never heard of them.

This site has been decreed by Facebook to be abusive so it has blocked me from sharing the links (Dark Web kinda hacker site I guess. I do hit some ‘naughty’ pirate sites to find these movies, there’s no way I’m going to pay hard earned nickels and pennies to share my thoughts and feelings and mockery of said films.

Tonight’s movie fest was called Monster: The Prehistoric Project and it’s a classic from Tomcat Films LLC — a film company that is known for it’s wonderful take on big hit movies with a close enough name to confuse people into thinking they are going to watch Jurassic Park or something.

This film directed and acted in by Lisa Palencia is a masterpiece, a combination of Jurassic Park, Girls gone Wild, Blair Witch Project and X-File.

This should have been picture of the year at the Academy Awards 2016 but Hollywood is fickle pickle and needs its art spoon fed to them.

To read my “Full body synopsis/review” of this film —- click here —- and enjoy.

There’s even a link to the full 1 hour and 20 minutes of greatness that is this movie.

If you can stand the intense action that is!! Buhahahahaha!!!

I kid. The movie is bad.

But the acting is good!

Haha! I kid, just awful!!!

Internet Movie Database gave this movie like 1.5 stars out of 10. But what do they know!!

Go watch with somebody you love.

Like your mom.

She’ll probably hate you and disown you but who cares, you only live once right?