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Dear President Putin,

Hello, how are you?

I hope you are doing well. You seem a bit uptight; I mean, invading a country, then going on TV and stating anyone tries anything, you still got nukes.

That’s like me standing in the middle of a Walmart screaming I am the Lizard King, I can do anything.

You should try that!

I decided to write this letter after drinking some crap beer, I couldn’t buy my usual crap beer, the nice cashier told me it cause you President Putin are causing issues.

Please stop that!

I doubt you will ever read this letter but I did once write a letter to Tom Cruise and apparently he read it and sent me a response; it was called CEASE AND DESIST!

I hope you find this letter! I once wrote Mitch McConnell and he replied! By sending a hit squad after me.

Please don’t do that! I know rumors of your temper and sending your opponents to a nice early “Retirement” are well known.

I understand why you invaded Ukraine, I too would love an busted leaking nuclear power plant too!! And the seaport would be nice too; sit on the beach, drinking good Russian vodka, straight, right from the bottle, as we talk about how Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have allowed you to pull this crap.

He was senile.

Our current president is that too but in the funny; “Look mom!! Him got his pants on backwards!”

Can’t you just ask California to give you some beach front property? They got lots! I could come over, sit on sandy beach with you, drink the good vodka.


Anyways; if you read this, please respond, I could forward it to President Biden; don’t mention that I told you he bad senile.

Your friend;



Fuck! A poem

Posted: May 29, 2020 in poems
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I cannot watch the news,
It pisses me off,
Sends me into angry writes,
Just cause you carry a badge,
Just cause you carry a gun,
Doesn’t make you one of the good guys,
To do as you please,
You are not above the law,
Murder is murder,
No matter the color of your uniform.

I tried today,
To settle down,
To look at the world,
I failed to do so,
Without screaming at the TV screen.

If this is great again,
I’d like to go back to shit,

Is anyone listening?

Earlier today, I sat and watched the news, there was a story about how the current US government shutdown is affecting those in the United States Coast Guard and their families.

Apparently the Coast Guard, unlike other branches of the military services, are part of the folks not receiving paychecks during this situation.

This got me thinking and I posted the below on my Facebook and decided to post it here.

If we are so worried about border protection, terrorism, all those buzzwords that get thrown around, why aren’t the folks in the Coast Guard or the TSA not considered critical workers and getting paid right now?

Also to those people who say this is like a vacation for these government workers and they’ll be paid at sometime, try this — go to work but don’t receive pay, do this for awhile, fun huh? Try to explain to like your bank, land lord, grocery store, etc. that you’ll give them money when you will finally get paid down the road months from now.

Fun right?

Yeah, now isn’t that a fun vacation?

A good percentage of people in this country live pay check to pay check, one step from being homeless.

Stop playing this game, we need reform in a lot of areas in this country, too bad we can’t throw the effort that has been thrown nto building a wall into building a better United States; better infrastructures, try to help the homeless, the hungry, wouldn’t that be nice?

Instead we do what good for parties.

Sad really.

Good night and have a better tomorrow.

December 1st, 2018 — Louisville, Kentucky — Mood: Wha?

Apparently, if something is slightly offensive to a few people, if really any, it’s off the list.

A long time Christmas song has been removed from a radio station’s play list because a few people insist it’s about rape.

In this day and age, anything can be construed as “offensive” and deleted from society because well, we are snowflakes and hurtful things are bad, even the word, “Hello” could be construed as hateful.

Take a look at the make up of the word.


Offensive to me, hurts my feelings, people telling me to go to Hell when I enter a room.

Sinful even.

Frosty the Snowman should be removed as well.

First off, Snowman?  How sexist!!!

Then melting the man? We all know that the snowman represents our religious beliefs and are being melted by the Atheists who wrote this song.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask me, I’ll tell you.

I remember back in the day, there were things that offended society, we dealt with them by not listening to them, they usually went away if they were truly offensive.

We lived with bad TV shows, rotten songs, crap movies, even slutty priests and dirty nurses in Penthouse Magazines.

We lived. 

We actually grew up, maybe a little twisted but that could have been the lead paint.

Nowadays, kids do not know the experience of surviving of being nailed with a lawn dart or hearing the Satanic version of Frosty the Snowman, or seeing a priest and a nun naked in Penthouse Magazine.

A sad day indeed.

On the first strike,
We killed the Press,
On the second strike,
We killed them all.

We were dancing on a neon cloud,
A nation lost,
In the TV screen,
Club girls,
Fucking a machine,
As we flew away,
We dropped the bomb,
We saw the world,
Go aflame,
Like a bad disease
You know what I mean!

Jesus died,
For somebody’s sins,
But he sure didn’t
For my fucking sins!

We are the terrorists,
We are the disease,
Everybody here,
Is going to Hell!

Girls in the bathroom,
On their knees,
Sucking in a disease,
The new nation,
The creed,
Born from lies,
We all be dead,
But we just won’t care.


We lost.

The system, built on the backs of the people, visualized but never realized for the people, began to breakdown completely.

It did not go with a bang but a slight whimper, only noticed by a handful of roaches who sat at the bar after hours on 21st Street.

Did anarchy rule?

Not a chance.

It was a school night and all the kids were in bed, dreaming of electronic sheep, virtual drugs coursing through their neurons.


A coma-like state, the sheep, tucked into their shells, lines feeding their brains their preprogrammed dreams, with limited commercial interruptions.

Not thinking, which, seemingly is a good thing in this day and age.

“Look, a shiny!!! Cans I touch it?”

Took a peek at news, too depressing, so turned it back to infomercial TV.

I think our country is based on infomercials.

30 second snippets then on the next day, we forget what we saw the previous day, and are amazed at the same 30 seconds we get, with just a tweak here and there, the next day.

One day, you’re friends, the next enemies, on the third you’re fucking, the fourth you’re killing each other on a TV show on channel 583.

Remember when there was only 3 channels?

We supposedly were suppose to be more intelligent, happier in the increasing access to information age.

We aren’t.

We are getting dumber.

Things we use to question, we no longer do.

The absurd has become the norm.

The right, the just, has become abnormal, a sickness, in this new world order, to be cured.

Being kind, helping each other has become an offense, to be driven off the Earth.

Where did we go wrong?

Can we blame it on TV? Random acts of stupidity that soon become our basis of our world, our laws, our reality?

We are feed horse shit, from our first days till the end.

We begin to believe this crap, and if we begin to question that, we are called traitors.

We are not traitors, you, the blind believers are the traitors, to the better life, a brighter future, without hate, without war.

You are the ones who block progress, true progress, and not just for one section of the population, but for all, to rise up, to become better.

Someday, that day shall hopefully come, and I hope I am alive to see it.


Would the Media really lie to us? A visit to the future world

They launched the nukes, that final solution, on July 10th, 2065, the president’s birthday, a grand day indeed as declared by the media drones.

We had been at war with Eurasia.

We had always been at war with Eurasia.

It was the only solution, the killer of giants, the multi-headed dragon, rising from the sea, Sao Lu, leader and Great Mother of that venomous beast, her true name was Diana Dewitt, of Lutherville, Kansas but at the age of 16, she became a leader.

When she was 23, she was “taken out” by an ‘Agent’ of American forces known only as ‘Black 87’ an organization that’s official mission was classified and even the president was ‘Off the list’ when it came to clearance.

We tried to build a wall, it failed.

It was a planned failure, a trick, to control the opinion of the American brainless twats who were controlled by the talking heads on their touch screens, that ’20 second flash’ of news directed by directors of secret places.

“Sao Lu has nukes! She WILL use them first…..” the talking head of Jane Austen said from the screen to the viewers of Fox News live.

She crosses her silk clad legs, left to write, we watched intently.

“We can be nothing but great….” Charles Anderson smiled.

His peppered gray and black hair rustled in the fan generated breeze.

Both nod.


Sao Lu, standing in front of a parade of military vehicles is shown.

There are the missiles, the fangs of her dragons.

We all gasped in horror

“She must be stopped! We can be nothing but great, the victor in this aggression….” President Alan Franklin, previously a contestant on “So you think you can dance….”, sits at his desk, smiling, bright white teeth shining through a shit fake orange tan.

Lu has been dead for 12 months but by the magic of computers, there she stands, split screen to the President who would send Canada back to the stone age.

“They called my dancing crude and unoriginal!” he screamed at his generals.

Congress had been eliminated.

Deemed “Fake and unneeded” in 2022 by an executive order.

The “Majority” spoke.

The Speaker of the House was publically hanged on pay-per-view.

5 billion people watched.

The swamp was drained.

The President’s approval rating was at an all time high.

273 percent.

“He’s the greatest President we have ever had!!!” the masses roared and cheered.


None were available.

But unemployment was at negative twelve percent.

Would the main stream media lie to us?

They might, you silly rabbit, they might.

And we, standing there, rising over all, watched as the missiles launched, our greatest and glorious feat…

Dear K-Mart,

I know you’re still alive, out there on that web at and in the real world, brick and mortar places, fewer and fewer each time the Sears monsters throw out a new list of closing stores.

Those monsters closed two of the stores I previously worked at; my first job with you was helping to expand a K into a Big K in New Albany, Indiana back in 1998.

My second job for you was working at the K in Butte, MT as a cashier 2015 to 2016 (a feat the one lady at my next job at Safeway told me was awesome as she thought you were horrible employers. I didn’t. I actually liked you ).

I did get fired from the Butte store for my own stupid mistake but I still cried when I read that my store was shutting its doors.

I wept even more when she shut her doors this April; I still had lots of friends I consider family working there.

2018 was the year the music died for me.

Kmart was my go to place; like that slutty drunken aunty, who isnt your real aunt but you love her more than your real aunt, that bitch Walmart!!

Now, my nearest drunk favorite aunty is nearly 70 miles away one way, in a land known as Indiana (I now live in Louisville, Kentucky)

I know I can log into the website and use my Shop Your Way points to buy some “geniune imitation black leather shoes, $9.95. Buy one get one (BOGO!! I get it now!!!) free!!” but it just isn’t the same as walking into a real-life Kmart, the blue light enticing us to scream in delight.

The store manager chasing us out with a broom. (Yea, the dude at Walmart does the same thing! I think it might be me!)

I know you’re not totally dead yet but it is getting close, like Toys R Us, soon, you’ll be gone, just a memory, something to tell the grandkids about, you and Radio Shack, another of my teen years spent.

Your former stores will be (are) filled with a Peddlers Market or an Adult Erotic Super Warehouse but they still have that Kmart feeling, the service desk still waiting to help you, their garden shops still full of fruits and vegetables, if you go to the peddlers markets.

I won’t say what it is filled with at the Super Warehouse.

Don’t try and guess.

Trust me.

I remember when you made your way into Butte.

Early 90s.

Possibly sooner though my memory is getting foggier as I age too.

You busted through the unions, a major feat in Butte, the first I believe.

This bust through paved the way for Walmart later on, your killer in some way.

You did kill off my Woolworth though, which angered me, but I forgave you.

The blue light was hypnotic.

I miss you K.

Please don’t die Real Time, online just ain’t the same, pushing a cart through your living room naked just isn’t the same as doing it at the K!!

Your loyal Nephew,


2016 – the presidential election year that would go down in history as the biggest circus ever, mostly filled with clowns.

Hillary Clinton was suppose to win, according to polls, everyone was on board the train.

Donald Trump won.

I knew he would.

It wasn’t because I liked Mr. Trump and to be fair disclosure I voted for Hillary Clinton.

It was because he told the right people what they wanted to hear.

“Damn Mexicans! Build the wall!” Etc. Etc.

To the world who ask, no, he did not win the popular vote which yes I knows seems strange, trust me, I am confused too.

But I will also admit I do not like Hillary Clinton and in her run against Bernie Sanders to become the nominee, I voted Sanders.

Yes, my dear friends, I became “one of the sexist assholes” who did not join in line with the idea of our first woman president.

Not that I don’t want a female president, I think we as a country are way overdue in that field, I just didn’t and don’t want Hillary Clinton as president.


She, like all politicians, lie, cheats and steals.

This does not mean I wanted our first game show president to be Donald Trump.

He is our worse president ever and I doubt there could be another as bad as him.

It is possible that he could be our last due to the nuclear doomsday clock striking closer to midnight, that final countdown as portrayed in song.

Would we be in the same muck and mire if it was President Hillary Clinton?


Would she really act differently than Trump if the Russian hacks and bots had swung the votes to her?

We’ll never know.

Do I know without a doubt such meddling happened?

It’s highly likely but in that election year of 2016, it just seemed normal, like part of the process.

Not only the Russians but the DNC screwing the odds against another candidate but again “not proved!” screams the machine but if the tables had been turned, would they have screamed the same?

I do not know.

It just became the norm.

Welcome to the new order… doesn’t matter what you offer but how the TV ratings goes or how much the books sell.

Now I sit here, Trump screaming at NFL players using their freedoms of speech.

And Hillary calling me a sexist as she does her book tour interviews.

I feel shame.

A system I have loved since I was child is becoming a joke.

Both sides should be ashamed.


Fear and Loathing in Louisville, Kentucky


Jason Giecek


I am in the land of Ali, the birth place of Hunter S. Thompson.

I am Dr. Me to Mr. Me to my lover’s preciousness.

She hates me during those phases, here I sit in evil phase, writing about the love of spring in the summer time.

I laugh at that sentence, almost comical, making me want to carve it into my chest.

I stand in fire waiting for life, to die, to dance in star light.

She cringes from human touch, she can’t remember a time that love was real, not a barren place, didn’t have to place her hope onto the back of her baby, life was reality, not just a dream,

A hopeless nightmare….