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Last night,
As the world burned,
I wandered the streets,
Looking for an honest man,
A fool’s quest,
I shall admit,
But one I partook,
For a fool needs to do,
What a fool must do.

Be careful,
Oh great giants,
As you stumble,
Through those fields of your demise,
A stumble here,
A broken neck there,
It could all end horribly,
Gone wrong,
In one swoop.

Small tiny men,
In large oversize suits,
To hide the fact,
They are not the giants they pretend to be,
These little men,
Pretend to be in power,
The leaders of the world,
A world that is an ocean liner cut in half by an iceberg,
That liner sinking fast,
Faster than the balers can bale,
Those poor bastards, those citizens who think,
They shall not drown,
Since 1900something till today,
Today is the day,
They say,
Tomorrow never comes,
And yesterday has come and gone.

Those bastards,
Those “leaders” of men,
Their swell heads,
Thinking they have the power,
But no,
Oh fools,
Those who control the purse strings,
Those money bags,
They control,
They rule,
The true leaders,
The true puppet masters.

What world have we become?
To be controlled,
To be owned,
In such a way?

Shit for brains,
The entire bunch,
They all should be ground into the dirt,
Their buildings, relics to their insanity, burned to the ground,
To turn the sky red with those flames,
Burn oh might Caesar,
Burn into that dark night,
To have that blood,
To fall for a million years,
Into that field of death,
To cleanse the land of that scent,
That scent of humanity,
Polluter gone,
A billion tears,
Falling from Heaven,
Not sad tears,
But those tears of joy,
Hark, this Earth,
Cured of its leeches,
No more blood suckers at the helm,
No more diseases on that skin,
Good night,
Sweet Earth,
Until tomorrow brings.


I saved the human race,
You didn’t even need to beg,
I wanna see your face,
When I tell you,
Living ain’t for the weak.

Heaven is just,
One breath away,
Living life,
Is just insane,
I am not a robot,
I am alive,
Do you hear me,
Mr. Right?
I am dying inside.

Kill the right,
Kill the left,
Kill em all,
Send them to hell,
Don’t make them wait,