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Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 – Louisville, Kentucky

Dear Reader,

I started thinking about this blog post around 4 am this morning, it was a cold start, snowing sprinkles of white dusting, a holiday cheer, apparently, direct from the Weather Gods to cover the piles of dog poop out there on the grass.

I had this vision, the American dream, as directed by a self-deprecating person who was in need of ADD medication as delivered by a drunken clown.

Whatever happened to the American Dream?

Two cars in the garage, a swimming pool that wasn’t filled with disease ridden geese we named Charles in tribute to Prince Charles, and a million bucks a month, tax free, no strings attached except we might have to do a favor for the President of Peru at some time.

Nowadays, we’re lucky to have a roof over our head; a cardboard box, to call our own, to even have a job that pays pennies on the dollars, and questions are asked.

Companies that we grew up with like Kmart, Sears, Toys R Us are closing or are closed.

Car companies, the past back bone of that American Dream, are in dire trouble, cutting jobs left and right.

Those past two cars in the garage are gone; no longer made, because damn it, they too expensive to make, in any country.

Even Walmart, the grandfather of jobs that kinda suck but you still work for them because Fat Burgers doesn’t give bathroom breaks, is cutting hours of their employees in a chase to maximize profits.

“We raised the hourly rate to $10 an hour, what did you expect?” 

Course, being an executive in this “Cut and burn” progression of our country is still a paid out job; even if a company goes bankrupt, these men in black suits, get bonuses.

“What? But they hosed the goose! No money!! No bonuses!! They should pay it all back!!” I can hear you screaming.

They should but they won’t have to.

Millions of dollars are giving to these turds while the worker, the true back bone of the system, get the hose.

“You should have worked harder!!! Like me!!” Some Sears executive says as he takes his golden parachute and jumps from the plane which will soon crash into the mountain top.

It kind of makes sense that we have our current leader, our President, at the helm of this cruise ship named the Titanic, plotting our course.

Some people are upset over the President’s family choice of Christmas decor for the White House.

Not me, I find them appropriate.

Listen, those trees are a representation of what America is, and what is will be for a very long time.

We’re that messed up family on the block, Grandpa is out in his underwear screaming about how taxes are too high, welfare moms are too high, etc. etc.

Mom’s in the basement, huffing gasoline with dad and sis!!

This is “Our America!!”, home of the all you can eat heart killing buffet, $12.95 with a diet coke to make it okay!!!!!

Don’t like it, there’s the door, bring help!!!

Yes, we can get a new Prez in 2 years, but we’ll still have the legacy, the nickname, best family on the block!!! Cause Uncle Don knows how to decorate the house with beer cans!! Amen!!

Even with a new President, the issues of what is causing the downfall, that death of the Dream our forefathers and mothers had for us, their children, is there.

The car companies failing has been coming on for a very long time.

The companies we thought would be there for a very long time, they were killed by greed; executives who shouldn’t have been put in charge of baby sitting an already dead baby, billions of dollars in sales negated by triple or more in interest on debt that was used for God only knows what.

It sure wasn’t used to better the stores or provide a living wage for the employees, it probably ended up some executives’ noses and possibly rumps.

Who knows with those executives!

Is America great?

We sure are.

We still have those buffets; shops that sell sex toys that also double as blenders, for some The American Dream is still alive but that number is decreasing.

People are having to work 3 to 4 jobs just to cover the basics; like a roof, food, it has been coming on for a long time, and even now, the jobs are becoming harder and harder to find.

Both sides of this mess we call politics will tell you, the economy is doing great, but if you dig just a little bit below the surface, you’ll discover, it really isn’t.

Do I have a solution?

No, I do not, except nuke it from orbit, and start over again, this time enabling cheats, like some sort of video game.