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In the night,
I see the fire,
Burning bright,
Among the misery,
In that moment,
All is revealed,
There in the pouring rain,
Sweet misery,
A razor blade across the heart,
Oh Jesus,
Don’t cry,
We have our way to fly,
To kiss the sky,
A dream,
In the field.

Life is a dream,
That you live for,
A diary of memories,
Played out in reality,
A sense of the times
Falling through heaven.

She stands in the doorway,
A glimpse of the past,
The dream is fading,
Too long for a memory,
You feel her touch,
Her kiss lingering,
Where has the time gone,
A fading dream of a life going freely,
How do you know when the time is right?

Clinging the side of boat,
Drowning inside,
Crying for spite,
The world keeps spinning,
And you wish to get off!


Oh readers,
Listen to me,
Beaten to the ground,
With a broken frown,
Old masters,
Those bastards,
In killing free will,
Open minds,
Free thought,
Who needs that?

Broken in half,
With just a frown,
Nobody here wants to read that,
See that!
Go be fruitful,
Be doctors,
Something we can be proud of,
Not a writer,
A dreamer,
Not a thing we cannot bring up,
At cocktail parties,
Be something.

The dream is dead,
Broken on the floor,
We weep,
Try to fly,
But our wings,
Ripped off and broken,
By that reality,
To try,
We jump,
Over and over,

I spent free time,
Hiding in the shadows,
Dare not show the world,
Otherwise to be looked down upon,

We drank whiskey,
Straight from the bottle.

June 6th, great day,
Found myself,
Out there,
Among the lost generation,
Of homeless people,
The addicts,
The loveless,
The criminal types,
Of those glorious whores,
Who gives head,
For a dime a blow!

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She felt the grass,
So softly there,
At her feet,
As she made haste,
Barely moving,
To the moon,
To escape.
That madness,
That tried to make her insane.

She moved with grace,
Felt a spare in her heart,
Could that be love?
Oh shining star?
Don’t let the sun go down,
Before I say I love you.

To embrace,
That once last time,
Before you go,
Into that death,
A kiss,
To last a thousand years,
A kiss to drown
A thousand tears.

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This world is not ours,
This world is not ours to own,
To destroy,
To leave,
To even be here,
To see,
To feel,
That fun house,
To enter,
Those dear worlds,
To know,
The end,
Is near,
To dream,
To partake
In that ancient feats,
That feast.

Promises made,
In darkness grace,
Midnight embrace,
To feel,
To feel that embrace,
To softly kiss,

Salutations to the Human Race,
How are you not into space?
The world collapses,
We are not well,
A fleeing moment,
A song lost,
To memory,
This is not the world we should leave,
Those future generation,
We should not leave them a world at all!

Fellow man,
Women free,
Can you see?
Can you hear me?

There in delight,
We murder ourselves,
So fucking easily,
So fucking delightfully,
We slit our wrists,
And die freely,

We shall meet again,
On that field of Gold,
To embrace,
To hold each other,
As we once did,
To hear ourselves,
As we did that night,
To hear,
To see,
Oh lord, shall we go now?

I love WordPress!

The system actually has a spam comment protector which is nice but every so often I’ll go check the Spam filter for some classic gold, and today I discovered a nice nugget.

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Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News.
Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?I’ve been trying for a while but I neverseem to get there! Appreciate it

Dear Spam Commentor,

Thanks for the compliment, I didn’t even know I was on Yahoo! News.

Pretty sweet.

I guess my tip on how to get listed on Yahoo News is be yourself, stalk some politicians and write neurotic fiction to game show hosts.

Trust me my friend, you’ll get there!!!

Your friend,


How do you? A POEM

Posted: January 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

How do you live when you’re sad?
How do you smile when you’re crying?
How do you dance, when you are dying, inside, slowly?
How do you feel better when you’re sick and dying?

How do you heal a broken heart, when it is shattered?

How do you see the sunshine when it is cloudy?

How do you see, when your eyes are closed?

How do you dream when you are living in a nightmare?

The words you speak, how do you heal a broken heart?

How do you….see?

To Feel Life – A POEM

Posted: January 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

Silently making love,
In the middle of a suicide,
I feel you,
Dancing upon me,
Your moans my song,
Your sighs my life,
I feel your life,
Upon me me,
A signal,
To feel love,
To feel life,
Call out my name,
To feel my sex,
Driven deep inside you,
I love you,
My life,
My sin,
My everything

My love – a poem

Posted: December 4, 2019 in fiction, poems, Uncategorized
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Tonight, I found my love, one last time,
Sitting there,
To see,
To hear,
As if in that first time,
To kiss,
To scream,
Into the Heavens above,
To feel against me,
To love,
For eternity.

We, our love, stood at the mouth of the river, looking into the sun, our eyes closed shut, a distant memory of a sweet kiss hard pressed against our lips.

We were satisfied, a memory, a dream, of you and I, entwined sweetly kissing each other, I dare not wake, from that dream, so pleasant, listen to me, it was too sweet, you and I engaged in sweet love.

God’s name blasphemy did you say in this dream, your fingers digging deep into my flesh, as my lips found your soft flesh, to suck into your sweet scent, I felt your body move against mine, I fell in love a thousand times.

I love you more than life itself, you are my everything, I do not care how far we go down that road, to discover more about you, drives me even crazier for you, my love, my everything!

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
Sweetness darling,
Carnal delight,
Heaven is missing an angel tonight.

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
I can see you,
In the still of night,
Hold you darling,
Forever tonight.

Love me forever,
Love me tonight,
The light in your eyes,
Making me fright,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight.

Oh darling,
In the night,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight!