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I laid there,
Melting there into the carpet,
A dream like trance,
A nightmare in fantasy land,
I felt the world spinning around me,
Jesus was there,
Melting into Heaven’s gate with me,
We were souls,
Drifting through time and space.

The light began to fade,
I still thought I was a shrimp,
In a stormy sea,
Being eaten by Moby Dick,
Oh Henry,
My Henry,
Did you see the dying of the light?
Margie died,
Last night,
Cancer took her brain,
She was only 45.

I tried to stand,
But fell back to my knees,
Wasn’t a prayer I uttered from my dry lips,
Cursed be to any God,
As Jesus swore the same,
We’d never die again!

Take my hand,
Oh drowning man,
To raise you from that pit,
Do not drown,
Oh sacred soul,
In that misery,
Be free,
Spread your wings
And fly,
To that Heaven’s embrace.

The morning after,
Do not regret,
Those life choices,
No return from that place,
The blade across,
Cannot be drawn away,
Suicide is painless,
Except those left behind.

Good night,
My lovely Grace,
See me tomorrow,
At that place,
I shall smile
When I see your face.