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Where shall we see the setting of the sun,
Shall we find Heaven in thy eyes.
To hear the angels sing,
Among the broken crowds,
To fall from high grace,
To the ground below.

To see,
Oh beautiful fate,
To feel
That majesty,
Against the burning of the light,
To die,
Less in anger,
More in defeat,
Of that brutal life,
Wolves among the sheep,
Oh sigh,
To never see the dying of the light.


Walking down a trash packed alley,
Life breaking up,
A toss of the light,
A twist of the moon,
In a song,
Written for you.

Sea, to see, those breaking waves,
In harmony of life,
Of colored sails,
Blistering in the waves
Of tropical sun,
To see,
Oh that bliss,
On the morning dew,
Before the evening rains,
We fell in love,
Oh serenade,
In hallow name.

No longer matters,
No meaning in that time,
So far away,
A new place,
I cannot travel,
Till the end of days.

Here it comes,
That newest lie,
Falling from the sky,
To the ground,
A new generation lost in space,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!

Two man crew sitting on the flute,
Drinking gasoline,
Like a couple of ace,
The man in the suit,
Saying Hello Root,
Nobody gets out alive,
Don’t believe in the human race,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!!

Life’s too short to live in grace,
Hallow be the name,
Trying to find a way to race,
Down the side,
And through the face,
Wait for the end,
The Bomb!!!
The Atom Bomb!!!

You will be the last standing,
High among the stars above,
Jesus says,
Go in peace,
Don’t look back,
Here she comes,
Flying high,
The last resort,
The Atom Bomb!!

Holy Moley,
Role a poley?
Sat down,
Back of the bus,
Where the stoners were,
Midnight dreams,
Of washed up porn stars,
Drinking flat soda on a bus,
Heading nowhere,
And fast,
We were the troupe,
Fancy Dances,
Clowns made of stone,
Grappling with angry angels doped up,
Freely falling through clouds of acid,
Calling out,
As we fell.

Jesus Christ is there,
Or just some Jewish fellow,
Wanting to be,
To be,

He said his name was Toby,
Fare thee well friend,
Looking for a gram,
A dram,
Some girl he left,
Somewhere down town,
Was this the bus there?
Do you have a line?
Go away friend,
Get off this bus,
You’re still savable?

Polish hot dogs,
Extra mustard,
For a kick,
Flick of some tick?

Where are we?

On a bus,
Heading nowhere,
Going there fast!

Laid broken,
Among the rusted machines,
Of that madness stated,
In works,
Placed at the feet of those ancient statues.

The world seen through sarcastic eyes,
Dreams unfulfilled,
Jesus Christ,
Dying on those railroad tracks,
Why is the bus late again?

Bar men sleeping,
Broken backs,
Too many naps,
Lapse in judgement,
Oh sorry,
My fellow man,
My soul is dead,
Can’t be bothered,
With your petty needs.

Degenerate whores,
Lying there,
Feelings gone,
Eyes drawn back,
That wicked smile gone,
Childhood innocence gone,
Cheap wine,
Smoky room,
Dollar ninety five,
Old bottle busted,
Next to the broken chair,
The bottle’s edge,
Broken glass,
A razor blade,
Cutting into the flesh,
Bringing forth the rains,
To a dusted plain,
Bring forth the summer grapes.

Sad stories,
Read on stage,
By defeated clowns,
Goodbye treason,
Hello reason?
I get confused,
Thanks for the hand shake.

Withering life,
Rotting on the vines,
Cast aside,
Is this the end,
My only friend?

You should see the majesty,
Sunrises over the breaking waves,
Dashed upon the shores of infinity,
Dare to feel the wind,
Upon bended knee,
The body broken,
The spirit still free,
I am dying,
Born to die,
To live,
On some borrowed time,
My friend,
Gets out of here,

Darkness falls,
Embraces me,
In horrible memories,
To feel those dreams,
Made into reality,
Nightmares born,
To become my life,
Tearing me apart,
Ripping my heart,
Into pieces.

Fell from that grace,
A long time ago,
The brain,
A horrible place to be,
Trapped inside,
Falling far into Hell,
To hear the screams,
To see the life,
Like pieces of broken glass
Anger rage,
To break,
To pierce the skin,
Good night,
Oh that night,
Good night!

The wind breaks free,
To caress the broken mountains,
To see,
To hear,
Oh house,
Teetering on that perilous cliff.

The moon
Its eyes,
The land,
Impregnated by the sky,
Oh, humanity did erupt,
To kill their mother Earth,
To destroy their father Sky,
And the moon did cry,
Oh acid rain,
Where have all the flowers gone?
Why do not the bees rejoice,
To pollinate?

Madness crept,
Feelers out,
Deep inside,
That madness,
Building inside,
Can you hear the silence now?

Death does not need an invitation,
No fan fare?

Oh brother,
Oh sister,
Weep for that last life,
Mother Earth is dying,
Your lands are dying,
And there you sit,
On your broken knees!

We shall never know,
What we could be,
Our waters are poison,
Our lands are diseased,
No one hears the silent scream,
No one sees the broken sky.

Good bye Mother,
Good bye Father,
Rest in peace,
Good bye…

On the high water mark,
For the life of a fleeing flea,
Murdered before his time,
All fucking lies,
Can’t you see,
This is reality?

7:45, the clock strikes three.
Ladies of the evening,
Spread out before the feast,
Where has the king gone?
Lost his way,
Before he got to the bay.

Burning in the night,
Broad daylight,
Mission flown,
We are all going to die.

Lost in time,
Mission control,
There’s no life,
Can we come home?
No! No! The pilot is on his way!
Oh sacred child,
In one grand flight,
Into Heaven’s embrace,
Good night
Oh sweetly,
We do close our eyes,
To sigh,
To die,
The preacher lies,
We tried to live,
But failed at life,
Oh blessed fools.

Too ugly to live,
Too ugly to die,
Welcome to the lie,
Come on inside.

Welcome to the madness,
Welcome to the story,
That never ends,
Built on sand,
Near the sand,
Waves come on crashing down.

I might be high,
And this all a lie,
I am standing here,
A boy in love with a girl,
Or maybe it just me,
In love with my TV,
It’s HD!

Could this be real,
Or are we alive,
In a video game,
With no theme,
But a black screen?

The Angel is crying,
Lines running as if rain,
We were standing there,
All alone,
The Matrix was broken,
A fly died,

Transmission from outer space,
Do not attempt to adjust your life,
This is only a test,
We are not real,
Neither are you.
Against the dying of the machine,
Reboot again,
Too weird to live,
Too rare to die,
Welcome to the Danger Zone!

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Swept lightly by the wind,
Into twirling stars above,
She is beauty,
That beauty in the wind,
By sound,
By sight,
As the rain falls silently,
She is beauty,
She dances,
In moonlight,
In that pale light,
Those stars,
Twirling around her,
Embracing her softly,
The wind,
Its touch on her skin,
She moans,
A whisper,
Close by.

She dances,
In that pale moonlight,
Stars in her eyes,
That moment of glee,
A memory,
Played out,
For all to see,
She is the spirit,
In that field,
She is that moment
In time,
And singing,
And having a good time.