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I laid there,
Melting there into the carpet,
A dream like trance,
A nightmare in fantasy land,
I felt the world spinning around me,
Jesus was there,
Melting into Heaven’s gate with me,
We were souls,
Drifting through time and space.

The light began to fade,
I still thought I was a shrimp,
In a stormy sea,
Being eaten by Moby Dick,
Oh Henry,
My Henry,
Did you see the dying of the light?
Margie died,
Last night,
Cancer took her brain,
She was only 45.

I tried to stand,
But fell back to my knees,
Wasn’t a prayer I uttered from my dry lips,
Cursed be to any God,
As Jesus swore the same,
We’d never die again!

Somewhere outside of a bottle of a tequila, a monkey decided to grow wings and become a fairy of mass portions.

Little Rock was dying, Tulsa was next, America was a scene, somewhere outside reality, as I sat there, after taking a few edibles of various strength.

“Is this death?” Mary shouted from the top of the tower, leaning towards the right.

I shrugged as the world span out of control into the sun, seconds at a time.

It would seem the world would end in 30 billion years or a month, matters on how fast it could spin, fleeing, into that fiery ball of enraged senators.

Henry Parker, the man behind the illusion of reality, was sitting here too. His hands grasped the bottle of tequila like it was a religious experience.

“I saw Jesus back there!” Mary said as she settled back in the back seat of the car. She was high or so said her agent as he put her into the car.

Vegas, land of the unholy wild chief iguanas was boiling in its own skin.

“Beer!” Mary roared as she fled into the casino.

We never saw her again.

There in the darkness,
A light did try to slay,
The madness swirling around in their heads,
The world was still young in her eyes,
Fly the morning light,
To break that cursed pain,
To be seen,
To be heard,
To know the touch,
Of love,
Boiling deep inside,
There was no time,
Now that father is dead,
That scene,
Took his own life,
I found him there,
Hanging in the attic.

Prayers of Saints,
Do they even hear?
I pray,
I pray again,
Do they even care?

The year was 1997 and everyone was dead.
Welcome to the future kids,
Come on,
Stay awhile,
Everyone driving Buicks through the desert!
Welcome to the madhouse,
Nobody gets out alive,
The world is an oyster,
Flying through a cloud,
Distant memories, stacked,
Like cement blocks on our graves,
I love you Rio,
Cheap sheets on a broken bed,
Mama can you hear me crying in the storm?

The man was a great man,
So the pastor says as he performs the last rite,
He’ll be missed,
He’ll be something.
A writer?
Nah, too fat,
Writers have to be skinny,
Haven’t ate in days,
They should be high,
See the sea?
The waves rolled in,
To the sandy beach,
And we all laughed,
Red balloons falling from the sky,
Jesus ain’t here,
Come on Jack!
Come on back!

Sunday March 6th, 2022 (originally written) PART ONE

Run Jesus! Them peeps wanna eatcha? Inside my head as I sat in church with my lady love; Amber.

It was a social project gone wrong.

There were bats here, buzzing around me, “My name is babble babble fart face!”

It was madness.

The rest of the Church sat and stared at me, wondering why I was there.

Didn’t they see the bats flying overhead?

We were led into the worship.

Oh father in Holy Rome please forgive me for forsaking Catholic Jesus for Methodists Jesus.

It’ll never happen again.

They tried to hand me some crackers, a grape in a baggie. I knew a Fed set up, I’ve seen Good Fellas.

I blacked out at Good morning.

This was too much to handle.

The red tail donkey was speaking.

No one else seemed shock.

But apparently, they had never seen a grown man scream out “waffles! I was promised waffles!”

And kids that’s why we can never go back to Holy Pine Resin, in Puddle Rock, South Dakota!!

Sunday March 6th, 2022 (originally written) PART TWO

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The best time to attend church is just when “the meds” are kicking in. As the ghouls begin to feast on the body and blood of their savior, you begin to realize that the world is going to be okay.

The pastor begins to compare her being lost with her husband for 6 hours up in the woods to that of Jesus, who is literally being devoured by his followers.

I say amen as the teleprompter tells us.

The pastor is reading a script the entire time.

I begin to think I need more meds.

The dare to be weird crowd are sitting across the aisle.

“Hi my name is Dave, it sure is nice weather we’re having, right?”

I smile, nod, say something, maybe yes, I don’t know, my mouth isn’t moving, the natives know, I’m high, oh Jesus, I’m high as a kite right now.

Maybe I’m not.

Maybe I just think I’m high.

It’s all an illusion, put together by Hollywood, to make me want to take more medicine.

The pastor is beginning a new scene.

It’s Lent. Or The Time of The Gathering, there can be only one. PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE begins to play. Swords clash. The end of society inside my head.

Pastor is still reading a script.

She doesn’t want to forget a thing I guess.

People are opening their sandwich bag with Jesus’ body and blood.

I must have missed something.

I say amen twice.

Everyone turns to look.

I turn too.

Damn sinner, who said that?

We sing a hymn. Nearer to thee. I sing loudly. Off key. Someone sighs sadly. We all say amen.

At the end, there are no pancakes. I sadly leave. “At my church back east, we get pancakes!” Im asked to never attend again. An Easter miracle indeed.

I woke from a fright,
A dream I thought was just a dream,
Turned out reality, was not such right,
I tried not to cry,
But failed that night,
Sitting there, in a waiting room,
She decided to pass,
In the afternoon,
Oh God,
What did I do,
To deserve such a curse,
To be punished so bad?

I left my heart,
Buried in a tomb,
Couldn’t find the road back to the truth,
Merry life, swept by me,
Other went on,
And I fell by the wayside, to see,
A burning lie,
A morning in mourning,
A life moving forward,
But seemingly dreary.

To live to be old,
Is sometimes a treat,
And sometimes it’s not,
To see those who you love,
To be buried,
To rot.

Life goes on,
We try to move on,
But sometimes we find,
Ourselves in the muck,
We’re drowning, you see.

Good night,
Old lovers,
And friends,
Remember to tell your heart felt lovers,
Goodnight and love you,
Will see you tomorrow,
For that tomorrow might not bring!

Simon lived on a sideway street,
Nobody has seen that crazy beat,
Where are we standing if we’re not standing our ground?

The three sat by the bay, watching the waves,
Dreaming of America,
The Beautiful,
The Ugly,
The in-betweens.

The world,
Was doing,
Just fine,
Unless you asked its mom.

Four minutes to midnight,
The bombs went off,
But nobody realized,
Cause the news wasn’t on.

Everybody has a story to tell,
If anyone cares to listen,
Just sit there,
And learn the lesson well.

So many,
Ejaculating through the Mind,
To cause revelations,
In dreams,
Hello oh lovely dream,
I see you brought your friend,
Detested nightmare!

Good night,
Oh dear reader,
Till tomorrow,
Rest your sorrows!

Running through madness
Looking for an angry fix,
Trying to find life,
In a bottle of rubbing alcohol,
Jesus at a traffic light,
At the end of the Universe,
Everyone wearing some kind of reflective mask,
To shine away their reality,
Hidden deep inside.

Dirty lies,
Flowing lyes,
Singing in the world’s shower,
Ninety Eighty Four,
Ripped from time and space,
Listening to the end of the world’s record,
In a crystal bottle.

Flying through a whirl pool,
Trapped in a fly trap,
Ain’t got not wings,
Lost them years ago,
Fellow man,
Here comes the last train,
To the Apocalypse.

Here it comes,
That newest lie,
Falling from the sky,
To the ground,
A new generation lost in space,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!

Two man crew sitting on the flute,
Drinking gasoline,
Like a couple of ace,
The man in the suit,
Saying Hello Root,
Nobody gets out alive,
Don’t believe in the human race,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!!

Life’s too short to live in grace,
Hallow be the name,
Trying to find a way to race,
Down the side,
And through the face,
Wait for the end,
The Bomb!!!
The Atom Bomb!!!

You will be the last standing,
High among the stars above,
Jesus says,
Go in peace,
Don’t look back,
Here she comes,
Flying high,
The last resort,
The Atom Bomb!!

I know most of you read me for my poetry and I thank you.

Today though, I feel the need to talk about something that effects all of us in some way; The Facebook Jail.

Facebook is known for their “You said no no word, you get 30 days” without reason and once again, today, I got sentenced to 30 days but the other bot said 7 days ,so who knows, who cares, I appealed but might as well have asked the wall for a second chance.

“So Random Writer who writes the poems that make people cry, what got you busted?”

I used the term “pew pew pew” and finger gun, a childhood replacement for the fancy cap guns the rich kids had as we played cops and robbers.

“You animal!!!! They should throw away the kw

I know!

The even funnier part of this story is, Facebook has in their Gif sections 100s of “Pew pew pew”.

The official charge for the banning was violence or incitement.

I’m not sure when this happened, this rule that pew is a violent term but apparently awhile back as a friend of mine got thrown into jail for using the term pew as in “Pew! Your feet stink!”

Good times.

I have been thrown into jail numerous times, a few maybe correct, but most well, the one time I called someone a codsucker.

As in the fish.

30 days for hate speech or threat of bodily harm.

I should have punched the douche who threatened to kill me.

Facebook did nothing to that person.

Facebook has an appeal process –

  1. Appeal first time when the charge of violating terms of services. Chance you’ll succeed: maybe 1 out of 10,000. Seriously. You’re more likely to win the major lottery 27 times in a row then you are to win a Facebook appeal.
  2. After denial of appeal, you will be told of this independent council, a different company, that you can submit a case to for them to review. This is worthless for two reasons (a)they only take on very few cases, like President Trump’s case, which they denied as well. (b)Even if they take on your case, and agree you were banned for no just reason, Facebook doesn’t have to adhere to the judgement. They can say, nope still banned.

I don’t know what to say but going pew pew pew with finger guns is apparently a bad thing, right up there with killing babies.

Children at school grounds, little kids, have been suspended from their elementary school for going pew pew pew.

Where are we heading and should I just pew pew pew my brains out now?

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