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Sitting here, 11 pm, thinking about you, and those good memories, mixed with the bad, still make me smile.

I wish you were here, to see what I’ve become, the travelling down the road, without you by my side, like we planned on to do, forever and ever, there for each other.

But things happen, death happens, life goes on for the living, you, still young and happy, me, old and okay, I guess, won’t say I’m happy but I’m not doing bad.

Good times, mixed with okay, swirled in with the bad, just to make life exciting, bumps in the road, keeping it real.

I sip life as if it is a fine wine, to savior, in that midnight hour, to feel it with great pride.

Depression, that strange beast, wanders into my life, to kiss me, to embrace, hold me under those waves, trying to drown me in sadness.

I break free for a few minutes and break through, breathing, those greats rush of air, filling my lungs, to be pulled back one more time.



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I am standing on the corner,
High as fuck,
Cough syrup,
Making me sing out,
In Tibetan hymns.

That prayer,
To a Goddess,
Long dead,
I chant,
To grace,
Holy beatings,
Of the holy cock,
To masturbate,
To she,
That long dead Goddess,
Sounds of Life,
Rain on tin ceiling,
Oh main Boy,
We fuck in that rain,
Hard passion
Against the pounding of the thunder,
We fuck,

Jesus Christ,
Here we stand,
Do you hear us say?

A great sage once proposed “The greatest mistake a man can make is to fall in love with a married woman.”

Oh Henry, that man once on top of that gilt gate, fell down to the lowest levels of Hell, once he tasted that forbidden fruit of such a woman, sandy blonde hair, those blue eyes, her way, she held her lips, pressed against his, longingly, forbiddingly, he knew such lust was not right but there he stood, naked and in her room at the Morton Motel, he hands on his cock, stroking it, he was done before he could even resist.

That night, they made love, till that sun rose, breaking through the thin material of the curtains, he had told his friends, that he would be off on business and would not be back till three days passed.

She had told her husband that her mother was sick and she would be gone, they found each other at that motel room, her eyes twinkled, almost as to say, TAKE ME RIGHT THERE, and how he wanted to.

Those sages never had a woman with such grace of tongue upon their cocks, or their fine sex a glistening in anticipation of that hard cock.

“Fuck me!” she growled into his ear and he obeyed, for days, they would partake, till it was time to leave, her scent still upon him, not only on his body but in his mind, to settle there, to own him.

When they were not together, he would spend his days thinking of her, wondering if she was thinking of him, she consumed his every thought, even when he was suppose to be in a business meeting, he was thinking of her.

She was his sickness, driving him to madness, there, in the pale moonlight, he cried to God to bring her to him, to run away from that scoundrel, to him and to him alone, to confess her love to him, as she had done those nights.

She had sent him a message, “Call me ASAP…” was all it had said, he worried for hours, before he could get away to call her.

“Hello…” he heard her voice on the phone.

“Hello…” he replied.

“I’m pregnant.” she barely whispered, almost crying.

He knew it was his without her even saying a word.

She hung up as he heard someone else come into the room with her.

He sadly sighed as he laid his phone on his desk.

This was a happy moment.

This was a sad moment…

Every so often, I get a friend request on Facebook, I know I shouldn’t accept, they always lead to heart break, cut down too soon before they are executed or something.

They always start out the same, I hit accept, and a few minutes later, there’s a message, HELLO! HOW ARE YOU? MY NAME IS ______! I am happy to meet you!

99.9 percent of the time, the conversation soon turns.

“Do you have Hangout?”

I don’t. I should add that to my profile but these folks never ever read the profile, they just want to get to the romance quickly.

Today’s love of the moment is Tsegay Araya.

She and I were destined to be, but Facebook is a jealous monster and well, you shall see in our conversation.

Her messages are in the red, mine are in blue.

Chat Conversation Start 

You’re friends on Facebook 

Lives in Washington D.C. 

8:52 AM 

Hello how are you doing today? 

Just awful. How about you? 

Am fine nice to meet you and where are you from 

The moon. Where are you from? 

Am from Washington Dc 

And you are you happy married with kids? 

Very cool. No kids, or married, I semi-not suicidal. How about? Married with kids? 

Am single never been married? 

How old are you? 


What do you mean 

That’s my age. How old are you? 


I’m old. Like millions of years old. nodding You are cute. 


What do you do for a living? 

I am an assassin. You? 

Am doing my nursing service 

Have you ever been dated online before 

Oh my yes. Met the love of my life online, Banana, but she split on me. How about you? 

You the only person i have meeting here am new person here how long have you been here 

Very long time, I forget, been online for billions of years, since the early days, when chat was pure text and cybersex was orange juice on a stick. So are you looking for dating and more? 

Am looking for a serious relationship 

Me too! Me too! So do you believe in long, prolonged deprivation of the senses? 

Are you on hangout? 

Yes are you on hangout? 

*Her profile was removed because of verification before I could respond – “TAKE ME NOW YOU FOOL!!!” Stupid Facebook* 

And hence ended that love story, it was quick but very sweet. Till next time…I am…..ME!!!!

Love is life, A POEM

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You are my life,
You are my everything,
Even when we aren’t together,
I think of you,
My love,
Do we make sense?
I think we do,
In spite of life’s events,
We still move together,
The stars,
Keep moving,
You are my life,
You are my home,
Some people said,
We wouldn’t make it,
But to those events,
We made it,
Beyond belief,
You are my life,
My love,
Praying to you,
My love,
Like you are Athena,
I hope you know how much I love you,
Even when I’m coming down,
Call my name,
I will be there,
To hold you near,
You are my life,
You are my everything,
I love you more than home,
I love you more than life,
Let us pray!

A Love Poem

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I shall love thee in rain,
Till the end of the days,
I shall hold you in you tender,
Never let you go,
I shall kiss you in rain,
Never let you suffer in pain,
Lay with you in love,
Fly to the moon,
Realize it time,
To move

A love poem to her who passed

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I shall never forget your face,
Nor you voice,
The day you died,
I cried a thousand tears,
Sang a thousand songs.
I wanted to die myself,
Still to this day,
I want to slide into that final sleep.

I have a good life,
But still to this day,
Every day feels like hell,
I want to die.

I shall never forget your kiss,
I shall try to live,
But think I am cheating,
When I find another.

I should have told you,
That day,
How I loved you,
How you were my life,
It too late,
I can’t say it,
Without people,
Saying I just milking it.

If I could hold you tonight,
Make love to you,
It would last me forever,
Just Maybe,
The Gods could make it a reality,

Love is madness – a poem

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I don’t care anymore,
Don’t know what love is anymore,
I want to feel you from the inside,
To hear you moan my name,
To feel your body respond to me,
To hear,
Every mistake I have made,
To hear every apology I have ever made,
Hate me,
Hate me today,
Hate me tomorrow,
Love you forever,
Love you today,
My soul,
My mate,
My everything!!

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My love for you is a treat,
You are my life,
You are my soul,
You are my everything,
You are my train,
Through that tunnel,
They call life,
To spurn the wheels of fame,
For just one kiss,
To feel you,
To hear you,
Moan my name!

A Love Poem

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I feel your heart,
It is beating against my soul,
That night,
Held close in an impassioned embrace,
A soft kiss,
To see that light of day,
Forever in my arms,
Even if it is only in my dreams.