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The Jester

Posted: September 11, 2022 in Government
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I was homeless once, a jester on the street, the men would walk pass me, they wouldn’t stare at me, was there anyone out there, looking towards me, a tired soul, trying to figure out life, as I slept under a tree, no party on either side would address me.

I voted, only reason I was a number was when it came time for them to care. Either Republican or Democrat, sent me emails asking me for donations when I was working as a union member at $8.50 an hour, I told them, both sides, fuck you, I got not enough to afford an apartment, neither side cared, both sides begged for money.

What could I say, what could I do?

Tears on my shoes, I was a worthless life, not even begging life a congressman or a presidential candidate!


Introduction to the Chaos:

Someone discovering this madhouse would think, “What the hell is this all about?? Is this man on illegal drugs?’ and the answer would be, HELL YEA!!

Just kidding!

Kids don’t do drugs.

Give them to your mommy and daddy and let them do them.

Anyways, I did a series a long time ago, called random love letters to politicians.

I would write a letter, mostly gibberish thoughts with some clever policy questions and then send them off to a politician and hope for a response.

Some would respond.

Mostly with restraining orders.

So tonight, being in a wild mood, I have decided to write a letter to a random senator as picked while glancing through a list on Wikipedia.

Senator Richard Shelby from the Great State of Alabama!

Dear Senator Richard Shelby from the Great State of Alabama,

How are you?

I am well, thanks for asking.

How come politicians, well a lot of them, always seem to have their hands folded in front of them like they’re praying for death?

Are you praying for death?

I hope not. Death isn’t that great, I’ve been told, there’s no beer on the other side and as we both know, you can’t have a majority without beer.

I don’t get it but Mitch McConnell laughed when he told me that.

Ask him what it means.

Right now I’m listening to some German-Swiss techno hard kore Nazi band sing about marching to the sea.

I’m guessing they want to drown themselves for sucking so much.

I don’t know.

Do senators ever feel the need to march to the sea and drown themselves?

I would.

Do senators even have souls?

When you get elected do you give up your soul to the NRA, CPA, the Boy Scouts of America?

Anyways, I don’t know too much about you. I know you switched parties.

I thought about switching parties once myself but I like being Lutheran so, I stuck with them.

Have you ever marched naked down the streets of Alabama for peace and racial equality?

Yeah, me neither, I did march naked down the streets of Butte, Montana but I was very drunk.

I’m now no longer allowed to drink in Butte, Montana.

Stupid laws!

Anyways, I just wanted to write you a letter, hope you get to read it, if you want to respond, you can write to me at the home for the criminally insane in Bug Tussell Missouri.


Your friend,

Victor Harper, PhD and Overmedicated

WARNING – REALLY NSFW, which means if you’re easily offended by the words ejaculation and/or are easily triggered by the thought of a man violating a bathroom mirror as he thinks about some random woman he saw on the street, then click NEXT!!! PLEASE DEAR GOD, TAKE ME AWAY!!

This really isn’t a poem, or a story, or anything but a random set of words thrown onto the computer screen, to just have some fun while providing Google with some x-rated fun (okay, it’s mostly PG-13!! Tarantino probably has better wet dreams, involving killing said woman and then selling her organs on the black market, but I can’t compete with that!

I know a lot of you come and read my poetry, and we’ll soon be back to that, but today is Science Fiction Love Stories!!

Thank you and if you’re still here, HI!! WELCOME!! ENJOY!!!


USERNAME: PhatDaddy69

WELCOME TO SIN.NET – Where your fantasy can become a reality. This is an not monitored by Federal or law agencies channel. Be free!

“What is your gender?” the computer voice sang out, like some sort of robotic villain.

I wasn’t sure, so I checked.

“Gender neutral, possibly liquid. I’ll get back to you later!”

“This does not compute. Gender please!”


“What state do you currently occupy?”

“Madness, complete and utter madness!”


I began to write my lust bot whom I based on some random woman I saw on the street; her ass was the finest ass I had ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few nice asses.

She smiled at me as we passed each other; as if she knew she would be my masturbatory fantasy doll in some Cyberwhorehouse; that name I gave her, Peaches, would be screamed out as I ejaculated onto the floor.

Would it be considered rape by the Thought Police as they quietly patrolled the streets outside, scanning the different buildings for bad, evil, and or indifference?

I hoped they floated by my window, sense my intentions, my lust, as I began to stroke my cock, slowly at first, moaning out her name, thinking of that ass, stripped of its clothes.

I drank two more beers; in preparation of the coming events.

Coming, you have to giggle at that.

Beer and all other alcoholic enjoyments as were most enjoyments except for the conception of new life had been banned in 2092 by the Fifth Council.

“We wish all citizens a nice and fruitful life but without the carnal sins of those barbaric fiends of our ancestral past! Thank you and have a blessed day!”

People who refused to adapt were arrested, detained, etc. etc. and shipped off world to colonial prison units on Mars, to be, “Reprogrammed”, brain chipped with sensors that triggered with the mere thought of deemed bad things.

Mostly sexual but anything that wasn’t “By the book” was triggered.

At first a slight electrical shock was felt.

That increased until the final blow; execution and vaporization of the offender’s corpse.

I heard it was a most unpleasant death.

My brother, an accountant by trade, was one of the first tests.

He was anti-government, drug using pervert and when he finally went, we could smell the burning flesh from five housing units over.

I was on my last step away from the off world; I had two offenses already “on the books” by Justice Central; the first time I was caught in “Carnal” ways with a prostitute on 5th street in New Chicago.

She wasn’t really a prostitute; just some sweet girl of 23 I had met at the bar and offered to buy her drinks; at 2 am, we found ourselves at some seedy hotel, doing awful things to each other without the benefits of marriage nor the intent to reproduce.

She had been on third offense and was soon off world.

I saw her awhile back; she was happy, smiling, not an evil thought in her head, with her husband of 1 year, and a new born baby in a carriage.

She wore the regulated uniforms of the “Ascended’, loose fitting long skirts, as not to show anyone, not even your chosen by the state mate.

They possibly had erased her memories of any events before she had met David, her husband, as was the norm of 3rd offenders.

I was sent to some classes, mostly religious nonsense which I repeated, “I will not sin, in the name of the Holy Fathers, the District, or Myself…” and then giving a gold badge that deemed me a ‘follower’.

Two days later out from the program, I was caught in a den of liquor and whores trying to weed my way between a young lady’s legs.

For that second offense, the ‘Devil’s tool’ offense, I was sent off to some colony settlement in Old Zone, somewhere in North Dakota.

During the day there, I was forced to work on a farm unit, harvesting soy beans to be processed into food items.

I was giving high marks by the supervisor there.

“He’s an asset to the order and would make a fine addition to the priesthood upon his final ordination in a few weeks.” he had remarked in my report to the higher ups.

Final ordination was where you were giving your second badge; a silver one, that denoted you were a 2 time offender but were reborn and ready to begin a new life in the order.

I had come close to my 3rd offense a few days ago; I sensed outside my window a ‘Watcher’ was performing its duty, small robotic drones that flew between buildings, keeping an eye out for sinners, reporting back to Central.

I pushed the cocaine back between the cushions of my couch and reflex on my bible studies.

But today, I could not handle it, here I was, logged into an uncensored virtual reality site, the girl of my dream was on her knees, sucking my cock, stroking it harder.

I knew I would be caught.

I heard the drone outside my window; relaying back everything to Central, soon, the Guardians would be busting down my door, pulling me away from that scene, thrown into a van, to be carted off to the Center’s processing command.

A few days later, I was there, on Mars, my last hope of reform, to become a better citizen, a sinless being.

My chip was implanted; I was deprogrammed from the sins; no more ejaculating onto the ground, not even into the belly of a whore.

No more drugs.

No more alcohol.

I would be a good citizen.

Right up until I ejaculated on that mirror and my body exploded….

Earlier today, I sat and watched the news, there was a story about how the current US government shutdown is affecting those in the United States Coast Guard and their families.

Apparently the Coast Guard, unlike other branches of the military services, are part of the folks not receiving paychecks during this situation.

This got me thinking and I posted the below on my Facebook and decided to post it here.

If we are so worried about border protection, terrorism, all those buzzwords that get thrown around, why aren’t the folks in the Coast Guard or the TSA not considered critical workers and getting paid right now?

Also to those people who say this is like a vacation for these government workers and they’ll be paid at sometime, try this — go to work but don’t receive pay, do this for awhile, fun huh? Try to explain to like your bank, land lord, grocery store, etc. that you’ll give them money when you will finally get paid down the road months from now.

Fun right?

Yeah, now isn’t that a fun vacation?

A good percentage of people in this country live pay check to pay check, one step from being homeless.

Stop playing this game, we need reform in a lot of areas in this country, too bad we can’t throw the effort that has been thrown nto building a wall into building a better United States; better infrastructures, try to help the homeless, the hungry, wouldn’t that be nice?

Instead we do what good for parties.

Sad really.

Good night and have a better tomorrow.