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Posted: October 12, 2022 in depression, fiction, Suicide
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A silent scream,
Madness inherited into that deep sleep they shall not wake,
We were nothing,
Slight fantasies as they,
The prophets,
Began to sacrifice the sacred cow,
The blood ran like a river to hell,
A memory adrift in a sea of misery,
We have cast the dice,
To land where they may,
A chance of great,
Simple meal with a long dead saint,
A last eternal sleep,
There we shall ride,
Straight to the blade of suicide,
Where the mount shall bound,
To send us to Hell…


Number on the door,
Drunk like water,
To drive that madness away,
Angry young men,
Waiting for the end,
A somber moment,
Oh drifting softly by,
To see,
That sea,
Oh hairy lies,
To feel alive,
In cosmic lights,
Drifting through angels,
Oh beauty,
Oh father,
Oh mother,
On the vine,
A herald,
To hear,
A final sigh,
Angry young fucks,
Crying in the night,
In midnight hour,
To revel,
In made up words,
Of life,
And simple things!

Mock bums, living life, in the eyes of social media stars,
Look towards the world; bright eyes dulled by reality,
Hard life, out there,
Going up,
Into made up names,
Swimming through broken lanterns,
I see impurity,
Beneath the sacred Church,
Called television,
Mother doesn’t know,
She doesn’t care,
She been dead a long time ago,
Cars honking,
God is on the street,
He is one of us,
Near the King of Neon,
Flashing threats,
The streets are dying,
Old hotels burning to the ground,
A toothless hag,
Her name is France.

Joey is dying,
Half past three,
Thrown in the garbage can,
Crawling out from our warm sacks,
Everyone is dying,
Minute by minute,
Hour to days,
Good night sweet night,
See you tomorrow!

There stood in the doorway,
Was the man who would love her,
For her,
I felt her breathing, against my body form,
The world was spinning around us,
As we made love,
Till 5 in the morning,
A lustful sigh,
As our bodies ejaculated,
Filling our souls,
Filling our lungs,
Screams cheered,
Against the dying of the light,
Eyes red,
Is this misery full of lust?

Somebody wrote me a letter,
Making things complicated,
I’d want to hear her moan,
Driving her to Heaven’s door,
A hush affair,
As we made love till the morning aired.

The person
Of distant rage,
Screaming at the dying light,
Felt the motion,
Of the ocean,
Against her hair,
He cried,
As he felt her near,
That time,
Of his blessed life.

To this day,
We shall not sing,
That song,
That misery,
It all right,
I dare not venture,
Into silence,
Where the dark grows near.

Walking down a trash packed alley,
Life breaking up,
A toss of the light,
A twist of the moon,
In a song,
Written for you.

Sea, to see, those breaking waves,
In harmony of life,
Of colored sails,
Blistering in the waves
Of tropical sun,
To see,
Oh that bliss,
On the morning dew,
Before the evening rains,
We fell in love,
Oh serenade,
In hallow name.

No longer matters,
No meaning in that time,
So far away,
A new place,
I cannot travel,
Till the end of days.

Laid broken,
Among the rusted machines,
Of that madness stated,
In works,
Placed at the feet of those ancient statues.

The world seen through sarcastic eyes,
Dreams unfulfilled,
Jesus Christ,
Dying on those railroad tracks,
Why is the bus late again?

Bar men sleeping,
Broken backs,
Too many naps,
Lapse in judgement,
Oh sorry,
My fellow man,
My soul is dead,
Can’t be bothered,
With your petty needs.

Degenerate whores,
Lying there,
Feelings gone,
Eyes drawn back,
That wicked smile gone,
Childhood innocence gone,
Cheap wine,
Smoky room,
Dollar ninety five,
Old bottle busted,
Next to the broken chair,
The bottle’s edge,
Broken glass,
A razor blade,
Cutting into the flesh,
Bringing forth the rains,
To a dusted plain,
Bring forth the summer grapes.

Sad stories,
Read on stage,
By defeated clowns,
Goodbye treason,
Hello reason?
I get confused,
Thanks for the hand shake.

Withering life,
Rotting on the vines,
Cast aside,
Is this the end,
My only friend?

You should see the majesty,
Sunrises over the breaking waves,
Dashed upon the shores of infinity,
Dare to feel the wind,
Upon bended knee,
The body broken,
The spirit still free,
I am dying,
Born to die,
To live,
On some borrowed time,
My friend,
Gets out of here,

Darkness falls,
Embraces me,
In horrible memories,
To feel those dreams,
Made into reality,
Nightmares born,
To become my life,
Tearing me apart,
Ripping my heart,
Into pieces.

Fell from that grace,
A long time ago,
The brain,
A horrible place to be,
Trapped inside,
Falling far into Hell,
To hear the screams,
To see the life,
Like pieces of broken glass
Anger rage,
To break,
To pierce the skin,
Good night,
Oh that night,
Good night!

Do I keep moving forward?
I don’t understand,
These mindless creatures,
Inside my head,
Moving me forward,
Those levers,
When all I wanna do,
Is lay down and die!

Oh why,
Won’t they let me die?

Doing fine,
No complaints,
Is the mask on tight?

The mask,
Once fell off,
Truth revealed,
Shone in light,
To those dark corners,
The rats fled,
Into those dingy mazes,
Just for a moment,
Put the mask back on,
Must not show the world,
That truth,
Those feelings,
Always happy,
And the world laughs with you,
Oh madness,
And the world runs away,
Those tears of pain,
Do not cry,
Big boys do not cry,
Push it down,
All inside,
Father said,
There I laid,
Ha ha,

Standing quietly inside myself,
Hearing those whispers,
Deep inside my mind,
There, in legends,
Lies those fables,
Hear the marching of the drums,
Beating down the walls?

In the land,
The mud lies deep,
Sucking in the feet,
Drowning the souls,
Held deep below,
Desperate to be free,
Can you hear the silent screams?

Climbing towards that freedom,
Unable to release the grip of insanity,
Falling backwards,
Into that brutal abyss,
Do you hear the dying light?

Hear me,
Oh blessed world,
This is here,
And this is now,
Where have all the flowers gone?
Lost my way,
A thousand miles from home,
Do you see,
Do you hear,
Do you feel the wind beneath your wings,
As you plummet to the ground?

I saw her face in unusual places,
Clippings shuffled off to mislabeled boxes,
It was here,
I found the way,
Back up the rabbit hole,
To that bright moon,
She would be standing there.

I was drinking,
Hoping death would come soon,
It wouldn’t,
But there I was on my knees,
Puking to Jesus,
Where he stood,
In a picture,
Over the commode.

On the road,
With a guy,
From Tulsa,
Where have you gone America,
Where have you gone, today,
To lay,
To be laid,
Falling from the sky,
Oh make way.

A million miles away,
Trying to find a way,
To dream,
To sleep,
Where has all the new wine gone?

Fire rain,
Falling from the sky,
Do you see,
Do you see?
I didn’t mean,
To cause you any sorrow,
Any pain,
A million miles away,
And still a lot to gain.