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Bodies burning,
To the devil’s delight,
The war machine keeps turning,
Spinning in delight!

We were mad.

Angry young hipsters, wandering the streets of the city, looking for a fix for pain, that vision of Hell burning in our brain, ecstasy of that night’s choice, dry rushing through our blood stream, ripping out our horrid childhood memories.

Dancers in fire,
A wisp of the smoke drifting inside our minds,
Delivering us to hope,
To desire,
To darkness!

We were pulling into Tulsa when the acid took hold.

The blinding moon moon burned our skin. The rat head mutants stared at us as we checked into the hotel, a flea box built of dead and dying masses we talked to on the screen.

The white rabbit took our bags, filled with a variety of pills and booze we acquired through our journeys through time and space.

We were digging our own brains!!


Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
Sweetness darling,
Carnal delight,
Heaven is missing an angel tonight.

Love me sweet darling,
Love me tonight,
Love me forever,
I can see you,
In the still of night,
Hold you darling,
Forever tonight.

Love me forever,
Love me tonight,
The light in your eyes,
Making me fright,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight.

Oh darling,
In the night,
Love me forever,
Love me tonight!

The train goes a hauling,
The barn,
A good place to stay,
To lie,
To drink,
Her memories!

I sit by the fire,
And remember desire,
Drinking my life away,
And crying,
Drinking her memory away.

One more bottle,
Should be enough,
To kill her memory,
Another glass,
My bartender,
Trying to slip away,
From that memory.

I drink,
To keep her away,
Drink another bottle,
Toast away her smile,
Those twinkling desires,
Those eyes,
A pray away,
Another glass,
My friend,
Drinking her memory away.

She told me she’d love me forever,
And then,
She ran away,
Taking my heart away,
She drove me to drink,
And I never thanked her,
Drinking her memory away!

In Kentucky,
There is a place, 
I know, 
Green fields, 
A babbling brook, 
They call The Gooseling Way, 
It seems so far away, 
A childhood place. 

The dew in the morning, 
Clears that heart, 
Even in the remembrance , 
Of that place, 
So dear to me, 
That place where I met you, 
And you broke my heart, 
In Gooseling Way! 

If I should find myself there, 
I shall sit there by the brook, 
Drink a few hits off of the moonshine, 
That little brown jug, 
And remember, 
Those words, 
I told you, 
So long ago, 
I love you. 

Lord have mercy on me, 
I can dream, 
About that wonderful place I seen, 
I know there can be heaven, 
In such a place, 
To be! 

I thought it was a mansion, 
All it was, 
Was a cabin,  
A bed, 
And a pot belly stove, 
We didn’t need much, 
You and I, 
We seemed happy, 
There in Gooseling Way, 
I hope someday, 
To find myself there again, 
With you, 
And that little brown jug.