Broken promises by Great Father – a mindless wandering through my mind – FICTION – THE NEXT PROMISED LAND

Posted: December 11, 2022 in fiction
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Does the Earth hear the crying of our young, the old, our broken warriors marching through heated plains, to destination unknown?


The word died many moons ago.

We stood at the hill, our eyes looking towards the sun, we did not see the promised lands, the milk or the honey, just a waste nobody wanted in the Upper Crust, till the gold and silver was found, then new promises to be broken….

We were promised good lands, to raise our lives but we received salted plains where nothing would grow. We grew hungry, our youth grew bitter, rage, we danced for the hope but Great Father took our dances as threats, sent in the soldiers, to murder us, to silence us, this was the way, we did not need to be told.

The moon and the sky tried to keep us safe, but even with the great medicine man, we were not enough, we danced and they came, afraid, raids, burning our homes to that salted earth.

Did their God only love the white man?

We were forced to speak their tongue, beaten if we did not obey. We were forced to love their God even though he seem not to care about us because we were not the right color.

Great father said we shall give you lands then proceeded to take them away as soon as value was found.

The white man came and took it all away.

We were not humans to them, dogs, to be beaten, sent on our way till something else was found, “Go to the next promised land!” Great Father said, “Do not dare dance as we know it is the Devil’s dance!”

We danced for our ancestors, they cried for us, prayed for us, but it did not matter, the living were trapped, marching to the next promised land.

There in the distance stood the bear, the coyote and the crow, each trying to save us, but they could not, their power ran out long ago.

The great bison was a memory, only a story, a legend to our children, who would be taken away from us, to be raised as the white father saw fit.

Our future was blight.

The fire dimmed.

Dreams did not come.

Where did the promised lands go?


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