Posted: June 25, 2022 in poems, POETRY
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I don’t want to feel the shame,
To feel the same,
Don’t want to be in pain,
Inside myself,
Feeling rage,
Against the stage,
Trying to stop the wars,
Inside myself,
A memory,
Of whispers,
A sigh,
In that rain,
Against the broken showers,
In a tower,
A nightmare,
Of dancing metal frames.

I held your face,
In my hands,
A dream of breathing shallow,
It was my decision,
Oh how I kill myself for it,
To pull that plug,
My dear love,
To live with that decision,
I fell to pieces,
That unholy day.

  1. Lucy says:

    So heartbreaking and visceral, I was definitely not expecting the turn in the second stanza and pulling the plug… I can’t imagine the pain one would feel alone. That’s such a tough and emotional decision to make, especially when it’s a loved one.

    I especially liked these few lines:

    “Feeling rage,
    Against the stage,
    Trying to stop the wars,
    Inside myself”

    It resonated with me, and it delineates well the wars in our heads, the trauma and suffering, and inevitably the mental health struggles that persist throughout our lives. It hit me hard. Beautifully, painfully expressed, and I enjoyed the rhyme scheme as well.

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