My life in the two party system

Posted: February 6, 2022 in POLITICS
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I have decided I am neither Democrat or Republican, I am me.

I mean, when I first registered as a voter, they asked me to decide if I was (D) or an (R), I think there might have been an (I) but only commies and traitors to the American Democratic system picked that.

I decided I was a D.

Straight and true, I was for workers’ rights, health for all, even free higher education for all. Republicans were for the rich.

It was in the bible or something.

I got into a fight with my best friend back in the day, before I was old enough to vote let alone just out of diapers.

I was nine.

It was 1980. Carter was running against Reagan.

I was for Jimmy Carter.

He was for Ronald Reagan.

As we all know, Reagan won.

Before the election, me and my friend got in a fist fight.

I doubt Jimmy Carter would have approve.

But I felt good, there, face to face, the right, versus the left. I was the left but it felt right.

By the way, I kicked his butt. I threw up my arms in victory.

He cried and ran off to tell his mom.

Ronald Reagan was the devil. Those nowadays who say Joe Biden is about inflation and killing America, forget that during Reagan’s term, we hit that inflation button.

Jimmy Carter didn’t have an easy administration either, the energy crisis, people lining up, not to get gas. I remember that too.

High prices at the grocery store.

Silver prices went up into the sky; which was awesome, when my dad found a silverware set. He got like $500 for that set. We ate good that month.

Presidents really have a hard job, no matter what they do, it will not be good enough.

Wars, job reports, monkeys in top hats, etc.

But here I am, realizing, neither parties gives a crap about me. I could vote for Johnny Cash and they wouldn’t care, as long as the majority doesn’t vote for the dead.

Before my illusion that the Democrats gave a crap about me was destroyed in a flaming nuke, I worked for the re-election of a senator back in 1996.

A friend of the family was his regional director and they needed somebody stupid enough to revamp their database (a database they paid someone else ten thousand dollars to revamp but they didn’t do their job!!!) for the huge sum of $500 for three months of work that turned into something more than just the database; answering phones, putting up signs, etc. etc.

I worked a zillion hours. I was promised a bonus for my hard work which in 2022 I’m still waiting for.

The head of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign called once, but he called the senator’s line, and then belittled me, for answering it as the senator’s line instead of Bill Clinton.

It was my first look behind the curtain; to see the wizard of Oz naked; behind that curtain. I told the head monkey he had called the wrong number, nobody else was here in the campaign headquarter; he threw a fit, I should be drawn and quartered.

He screamed at me. “You should lose your job!!” I wished.

A year later, I saw him on some show, acting like king of the world, he was now a bigger being of energy and light.

I changed my mind from (D) to (I); I decided I would vote for the person, not the party.

I kid. I was doing that anyways.

Everyone should vote for the idea that is good for the country; not some jackass in a polished turd they call a top hat; an emperor with no clothes; acting like they are dressed.

Senators, Congressmen, governors, whatever should do what is right for the country, the state, etc. rather than what is good for the party.

In 1996, I got to see behind the curtain, as a peon. One of the sheep, being led to slaughter. We as the sheep, should never see behind the curtain, it ruins that illusion, we lose that innocence that our party is the best party!

We seriously need a third party; a party for the people, what is right for the country, not what is right for the party. I hope I will live long enough to see that party form; it won’t start on the grand level of presidency, but at the level of the smaller jobs; mayors and such.

Here is to someday!


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