Here it comes – Atom Bomb: A poem

Posted: November 1, 2021 in poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Here it comes,
That newest lie,
Falling from the sky,
To the ground,
A new generation lost in space,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!

Two man crew sitting on the flute,
Drinking gasoline,
Like a couple of ace,
The man in the suit,
Saying Hello Root,
Nobody gets out alive,
Don’t believe in the human race,
It’s a lie,
Atom Bomb!!!!

Life’s too short to live in grace,
Hallow be the name,
Trying to find a way to race,
Down the side,
And through the face,
Wait for the end,
The Bomb!!!
The Atom Bomb!!!

You will be the last standing,
High among the stars above,
Jesus says,
Go in peace,
Don’t look back,
Here she comes,
Flying high,
The last resort,
The Atom Bomb!!


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