The Silent Tribute to a Dying Mocking Bird: A poem

Posted: October 21, 2021 in fiction, poems, POETRY
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Random jagged lines sketched into stone,
A merriment,
A moment,
Briefly explained,
In caustic tone,
Be brief,
Be tall,
Never cry,
Breaking free,
Upon shores,
Of broken glass,
And dreams,
Oh merriment of men,
Dashed upon those shores,
Ripped to pieces,
Oh joyous souls,
Dying to be born free,
I sat,
There in the darkness,
Counting dots of light,
Called stars,
Oh Brutus,
You died too young,
My friend,
Upon those shores,
Taken by your own hand,
Too hard,
That road called life,
Too many demons,
Marching through the streets,
Oh mighty Brutus,
We miss you still,
Has it been three years,
Since your passing?


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