Another inspired Tribute to Allen Ginsberg: A Rambling Poetry about Stuff or HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE SOCIETY AND GET LAID

Posted: October 21, 2021 in beat generation, poems, POETRY
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I saw my mind,
And stewed,
Destroyed by the best
And brightest,
Of that so-called society,
Angry young hipsters,
Burning bright in lined streets,
Pearly gates,
Ripped from sheets of steaming dung,
Oh Jesus,
Where art thou?
Smiling natives,
Huffing gasoline,
Oh Dante,
Oh Inferno,
Oh Death brought on by life,
To search those streets,
Looking for an angry fix,
Oh madness,
Oh silent madness flying through the dream,
Heading to the bottom,
Heading straight to that Hell,
Created by their own device.

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