Darkness Falls – A Poem

Posted: September 16, 2021 in poems, POETRY
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Notice: Before proceeding into my usual poetry, I have some news (good news). After a few months of attempting, one of my entries into Visual Verse got picked! You can read the poem here if you want called IMAGINARY PET BALANCING THROUGH LIFE.

While there, check it out, try the challenge, it fun!

Every month is a new photo, to be inspired!

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

Darkness falls,
Oh delight,
In misery,
We fight,
We cry,
We shake our fists,
In that moment,
Feeling free,
Falling forward,
Seeing you,
In a memory,
A dream,
I can go on,
Every day a challenge,
Fighting for life,
Digging through the muck,
Give me hope,
That there is a light,
At the end of this tunnel,
Pushing forward,
Towards the end,
Not going to finish,
I gotta finish,
Why have you foresaken me?
At the end,
It all makes sense.


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