Strange Days: OH how we wept: A POEM

Posted: July 13, 2021 in beat generation, poems, POETRY, random shit, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Too ugly to live,
Too ugly to die,
Welcome to the lie,
Come on inside.

Welcome to the madness,
Welcome to the story,
That never ends,
Built on sand,
Near the sand,
Waves come on crashing down.

I might be high,
And this all a lie,
I am standing here,
A boy in love with a girl,
Or maybe it just me,
In love with my TV,
It’s HD!

Could this be real,
Or are we alive,
In a video game,
With no theme,
But a black screen?

The Angel is crying,
Lines running as if rain,
We were standing there,
All alone,
The Matrix was broken,
A fly died,

Transmission from outer space,
Do not attempt to adjust your life,
This is only a test,
We are not real,
Neither are you.
Against the dying of the machine,
Reboot again,
Too weird to live,
Too rare to die,
Welcome to the Danger Zone!


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