A Soft Good night – A Poem

Posted: June 23, 2021 in depression, poems, POETRY
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I saw her face in unusual places,
Clippings shuffled off to mislabeled boxes,
It was here,
I found the way,
Back up the rabbit hole,
To that bright moon,
She would be standing there.

I was drinking,
Hoping death would come soon,
It wouldn’t,
But there I was on my knees,
Puking to Jesus,
Where he stood,
In a picture,
Over the commode.

On the road,
With a guy,
From Tulsa,
Where have you gone America,
Where have you gone, today,
To lay,
To be laid,
Falling from the sky,
Oh make way.

A million miles away,
Trying to find a way,
To dream,
To sleep,
Where has all the new wine gone?

Fire rain,
Falling from the sky,
Do you see,
Do you see?
I didn’t mean,
To cause you any sorrow,
Any pain,
A million miles away,
And still a lot to gain.


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