The world according to a madman – a poem

Posted: April 18, 2021 in beat generation, fiction, poems, POETRY, Random stuff--read at your own risk!
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Dead at 23.

Rest in pieces,
The time line is broken,
1953, all out of whack,
1989, We don’t know,
We came up for air,
We were never sure.

Aaron was crying,
Standing there,
In the corner,
His red tongue,
Taking the world apart,
Fuck this,
Fuck that,
Give up,
Swear allegiance,
The seeds bloom into rage,
Rage against the machine,
Society grinding us,
Apart, fully naked,
We die, there on the corner,
Death is not beautiful,
Just a sigh,
A dying of the light,
My soul,
Dying in the midnight,
No one sees,
The rage,
Go to the sign,
Give up,
I licked my dry lips,
Taking a shit,
Public restroom,
Hear society,
Moving back and forth,
The urinals over flowing,
Covering the floor,
A mess,
Is this life?
A mess?

We give up,
Moving forward,
Towards an end,
To see the setting of the sun,
Upon our crusaders,
Monkeys thrown into the gears,
Hunters dying,
Shot by their own guns,

The crowd screams,
The world spins,
And in the end,
We shall see,
We shall see…


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