The Story never ends – a strange read

Posted: April 14, 2021 in depression, fiction, LIFE AND STUFF
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There, in blinding light, I watched the world end, not with a bang but a silent whisper into the howling wind of an approaching storm.

My heart died as well that day, as my love, laid there, no signs of brain function, and I was asked should the plug be undone.

There is no great break than when you let your love go, to that place, you cannot follow at the time, though how you wanted to, but Jesus had other plans for you, you heathen!

No, you don’t get to see what the plan is, the movie has to keep going, the road keeps going on, even as you pilot yourself in a car with no steering wheel, no brakes, a hundred miles an hour, screaming as the storm begings to take ahold of you.

So, here it is, ten years later, you are still the Devil, that let your love slip from that grasp, you know deep inside, she was already gone, but the hate is still there, hate against yourself.

The times keep going on, story never ends, even when the world dies at your feet.

This story never ends…

  1. Natalie says:

    I like this one

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