What if – A Poem

Posted: March 18, 2021 in beat generation, poems, POETRY
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(Note: wrote this for another site I’m on, for a special podcast “contest” there. You can listen at my reading of this here! 🙂 )

What if I die,
Right here,
Right now,
No scene,
No final curtain call,
No fan far.

What if I die,
before I wake,
What if,
What is,
Is this, what is?


What if I die,
Here on this bar stool,
Waiting for that lady,
What if,
The peanuts run out,
What if the bomb doesn’t fall.

What if the beer doesn’t flow,
At my wake,
A sober mourner,
Is a sad mourner.

What if I do not die,
What do I do,
If this is all a dream,
What if…
What if…

  1. I was haunted by these thoughts once .
    Very well written.
    I myself wrote a poems on these topics
    Like how being immortal could be a curse.
    And what if there’s no Tomorrow.
    Check it out maybe we’ll inspire each other

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